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Gaggenau 200 Series
24 Inch Single Electric Wall Oven

Color & Hinge: Aluminum, Left Hinge
Aluminum, Left Hinge
product highlights
Stainless Steel Handle
Stainless Steel Handle This oven offers a sturdy stainless steel handle, giving your kitchen a clean, professional look.
Viewing Window
Viewing Window Monitor the progress of your cooking without opening the door and releasing valuable heat.
Convection Circulating heat in the oven keeps heat even, concise, and always enveloping the food to lock in flavor. Many models include multiple fans with their own heating elements for maximum heat distribution.
quick specs
Cutout Width: 22 1/16 Inch
Cutout Depth: 21 5/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 23 1/4 Inch
Exterior Width: 24 Inch
Exterior Depth: 21 9/16 Inch
Exterior Height: 23 7/16 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: Gaggenau
Series: 200 Series
Model: BO251630
Fuel Type: Electric
Style: Single
Microwave: No
Color: Stainless Look
Stainless Steel Handle: Yes
Viewing Window: Yes
Drawer: None
Clock: Digital
Cutout Width: 22 1/16 Inch
Cutout Depth: 21 5/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 23 1/4 Inch
Exterior Width: 24 Inch
Exterior Depth: 21 9/16 Inch
Exterior Height: 23 7/16 Inch
Oven Features
Capacity: 3.2 Cu. Ft.
Convection: Yes
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Control Type: Touch Sensor
Broiler Element Location: Top
Delay Bake: Yes
Digital Temperature Display: Yes
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Oven Racks: 1
Proofing: No
Removable Door: No
Sabbath Mode: Yes
Temperature Probe: Yes
Timer: Yes
Technical Details
Undercounter Installable: No
Amps: 20
Voltage: 240/208 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

The Difference is Gaggenau
Gaggenau is the world's preeminent brand of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, its sleek portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers, specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau stands for exceptional convenience and intuitive operation, just as in professional kitchens. Products contain high-quality, rugged surface finishes, easy to navigate panels and the most durable of materials, including shot-blasted aluminum surfaces that do not show fingerprints and sturdy control knobs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionals know what they want. They desire clear designs and instinctive controls. The professional kitchen exemplifies the belief that form follows function, and this is the model that Gaggenau has developed its design from. Gaggenau kitchens are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and inspiring. The quality of built-in kitchen appliances begins with the design. Gaggenau builds beautiful ovens, elegant dishwashers, ventilators, cooktops and refrigerators that far exceed expectations. With Gaggenau, form truly follows function.

Gaggenau creates small revolutions in design and technology. Explore their full range of home appliances, and discover how their innovative products combine to help you create the ultimate cooking experience.

The oven is and always has been the heart of the kitchen. Gaggenau's ovens offer you the perfect combination of form and function with each one crafted to perfection to meet the most exacting professional demands.

Setting The Cooking Standard For The American Kitchen: The New BO 250/251 Built-In Ovens
The ultimate ease in baking and roasting encased in sleek aluminum or stainless steel. This 24-inch oven offers 12 heating modes to assist in the perfect preparation of a wide variety of gourmet meals. It features cool door design to keep all hands safe in the kitchen and Pyrolytic self-cleaning for easy clean-up.

A clear LCD control panel fully integrated into the all-glass door offers an unprecedented unobstructed view of the oven's cavity upon opening the door. No extraneous knobs, touch pads, or buttons remain on the cavity, allowing for a cutting-edge, consistent cooking space for all healthy cooking needs.
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Single Oven
Side-Opening Door:  
Panoramic View:  
Net Volume:  
3.2 Cu. Ft.
Usable Oven Volume:  
3.6 Cu. Ft.
Heating Modes
Temperature Range:  
85 - 570°F
Convection/Eco/Convection + Bottom Heat:  
Top Heat/Bottom Heat/Top Heat + Bottom Heat:  
Convection Broil:  
Baking Stone Function:  
Cast Roaster Function:  
Top Heat + 1/3 Bottom Heat:  
Bottom Heat + 1/3 Top Heat:  
Convection + 1/3 Bottom Heat:  
Economy Broil:  
Electronic Precision Temperature Control:  
Function Display with Digital Clock:  
Cooking Time:  
Switch-Off Time:  
Short-Term Timer:  
Stop Watch:  
Sabbath Mode:  
Thermo-Test Actual Temperature Display:  
Super-Quick Preheating:  
Core Temperature Sensor:  
Settings/Clear Text Display:  
Mermory Recipes:  
Rack Levels:  
Rotisserie Spit:  
Top Halogen Light:  
Side Halogen Light:  
Thermally Insulated Door with Multiple Glazing:  
Child Lock/Safety Lock:  
Cooled Housing with Temperature Protection:  
Enamel Baking Tray:  
Size of Larges Baking Tray:  
186 Sq. In.
Wire Rack:  
Enamel Broil Tray:  
Wire Rack for Broil Tray:  
Glass Tray:  
Cleaning Functions
Air Cleaning Catalyst:  
Total Rating:  
3.7 kW
Total Amps:  
16 Amps
Shipping Weight:  
130 Lbs.
Exterior Width:  
23 1/4"
Exterior Depth without Door:  
21 9/16"
Exterior Height:  
23 7/16"
Interior Width:  
16 5/8"
Interior Depth:  
16 7/8"
Interior Height:  
15 1/16"
Cutout Width:  
22 1/16"
Cutout Depth:  
21 5/8"
Cutout Height:  
23 1/4"


Electronic Precision Temperature Control
  • By precisely regulating the temperature, it is possible, for example, to roast large items at lower temperatures and to keep them warm for several hours without loss of quality.
  • Roasts have never been so tender, pink and juicy.
LCD Function Display with Digital Clock
  • The main functions navigated through the control knobs are always visible on the LCD light display.
  • The additional functions of the touch keys only become visible when needed.
  • The digital clock can be used as a timer independently of the function set for the appliance.
  • The automatic cooking timer allows both the length of cooking and the actual time the oven switches itself off to be programmed up to 24 hours in advance.
Core Temperature Sensor
  • With automatic shut off, the core temperature sensor controls the temperature at the center of the food.
  • Gaggenau ovens switch themselves off once the desired temperature is reached.
  • This ensures food is cooked completely through.
"Thermo-Test" Actual Temperature Display
  • Precise temperature control and monitoring are especially important in the preparation of some dishes.
  • The "Thermo-Test" feature allows you to check the temperature in the cooking compartment at any time.
  • And if, for example, you turn it down, it enables you to see when the new required temperature has been reached.
  • Not even commercial appliances have this feature, which is highly appreciated by discerning home chefs.
Super-Quick Preheating
  • When convection is in operation, the bottom heating element is added automatically, which allows quicker heating up to the desired temperature.
  • For example, a 200 Series oven reaches a temperature of 380°F in approximately 8 minutes.
  • The appliance then switches back to the convection setting automatically.
  • With the new BO 200 Series, Super-Quick Preheating can be used in all heating modes except Eco.
  • Under "Settings", one can choose between "Regular" and "Super-Quick Preheating", depending on the operating mode.
Gaggenau Clean-Enamel
  • Very little food residue bakes onto this special, speckled blue enameling.
  • In most cases a simple sponge soaked in water with detergent suffices for cleaning after normal oven operation.
  • The Clean-Enamel surface of the grill pan and baking inserts are also easy to clean.
Child Lock
  • Prevents the oven from being switched on unintentionally.
Safety Lock
  • Interrupts any heating of the oven after 12 hours if it is not in use and the Sabbath mode is not activated.
Side-Opening Door
  • Appliance doors are fitted with heat-insulated glass fronts so it is always possible to keep an eye on what is cooking.
  • The side oven door handle is protected from high temperatures.
  • The door itself opens to a full 180°.
  • The location of the door hinge must be selected when ordering, since it is not reversible.
Cooled Housing with Temperature Protection
  • Gaggenau ovens feature temperature protection against overheating of the built-in appliance and surrounding kitchen units.
  • Automatic housing cooling switches on as needed, even after the oven is turned off.
  • The fan system is virtually silent.
Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
  • This program, which operates at 905°F, removes any soiling of the oven's interior unavoidably produced by cooking vapors during roasting and broiling.
  • The duration of the program is set by the Gaggenau factory.
  • During cleaning, the oven door is locked and, once the oven has cooled down, it simply needs wiping with a damp cloth.
  • When the autopyrolysis function is in operation, the appliance automatically determines the level of soiling in the interior of the oven.
  • The optimum cleaning time is selected automatically.
Air Cleaning Catalyst
  • Gaggenau is the first manufacturer to produce a built-in air cleaning system for ovens.
  • At all temperatures, the heated catalyst prevents grease and odor particles from escaping when the oven door is closed.
  • The catalytic converter is self-regenerating and has a virtually unlimited service life.
Sabbath mode
  • This function can keep non-perishable dishes warm from 24 to 74 hours without operating the appliance.
  • While using this function, the light in the cooking compartment is switched off.
Eco Plus Program
  • In this operating mode, all energy-dependent functions of the oven are optimized to save as much energy as possible.
  • For example, the light is switched off during cooking and residual heat in the oven interior is utilized in the baking and roasting processes.
Halogen Light
  • The halogen lighting allows plenty of light and a good view of the oven compartment.
  • You can check baking and roasting in all phases.
Heat-Insulated Door with Multiple-Fold Glazing
  • The multiple glazing has four layers of glass.
  • The temperature on the outer pane remains low, even when the pyrolytic process is at maximum power.
Baking Stone (Optional)
  • This oven accessory turns the kitchen into a bread or pizza bakery in no time at all.
  • The baking stone is heated by an element of its own, similar to the cast-iron roatster.
  • The high temperatures the baking stone reaches - up to 570 degrees - are ideal for bread, rolls and pizzas.
Heating Element (Optional)
  • Plugs into the socket in the cavity of all Gaggenau ovens and also heats the baking stone and cast roaster for ovens.

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