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Miele FashionMaster Series
Ironing Center

4.0 Bar Steam Pressure Iron with Non-Stick Honeycomb Soleplate Handheld Steamer Attachment
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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Series: FashionMaster Series
Model: B3847
MPN: 13384721USA
Color/Finish: White
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Volts: 120 Volts
EAN: 13384721USA

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From the Manufacturer

Miele has a long, rich history in laundry care - not just cleaning, but also ironing. Over the course of decades Miele rotary ironers have developed a loyal following for their versatility and excellent results. With the introduction of FashionMaster to the market in 2012, Miele took the next step in creating a complete laundry care system.

Now, Miele proudly introduces the latest generation of the FashionMaster to the U.S. market. This height-adjustable clothing care center features an iron with a Honeycomb Soleplate, which is gentle on sensitive fabrics. 3.5 bar steam pressure gives you an extra boost of heat and cleansing power to dewrinkle and freshen up your clothing items. For cleanliness, automatic descaling removes lime scale build up in the iron. The Auto-Off feature ensures safety by turning the ironing center off after a while if it's accidentally left on.

This premium ironing system distinguishes itself through speed, versatility, convenience and perfect results. From washing to ironing to steaming, the Miele laundry system will provide the best possible care for all fabrics.

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Iron Color:  
Lotus White
Ironing Board Cover Color:  
Steamer Attachment:  
Steam Pressure:  
4.0 Bar
Steam Quantity:  
100 g/min
Steam Burst:  
Continuous Steam:  
Inflation Function:  
Non-Stick Soleplate:  
Water Container Volume:  
1.25 Liters
Removable Water Container:  
Multi-Layer Ironing:  
Storage Compartment:  
1-2 Lift System:  
Guided Descaling:  
Guided First-Time Use:  
Automatic Descaling:  
Automatic Rinsing:  
CoolDown Function:  
AutoOff Function:  
Steam Hose Holder:  
Test Strips for Determining Water Hardness:  
Descaling Tablets:  
Electrical Specifications
Electrical Requirements:  
AC 120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz
Total Width:  
18 1/2"
Total Height:  
Total Depth:  
58 1/4"
Width When Folded:  
18 1/2"
Height When Folded:  
50 2/5"
Depth When Folded:  
14 14/25"


Steamer Attachment
  • Get rid of unsightly creases and wrinkles in your jacket, blazer, evening gown or curtains with the steamer. It weighs only half as much as the iron but uses the same steam pressure and steam quantity.
  • The brush attachment raises the textile fibres and maintains a distance to the garment.
  • The steamer can also be used when the FashionMaster is folded up to save space.
Ironing Table Cover
  • Particularly robust Miele ironing board cover is distinguished by its heat-resistance and durability. The cover absorbs moisture perfectly and can be washed up to 40°C.
Honeycomb Structure Soleplate
  • Achieves best ironing results combined with gentle fabric care. Unlike conventional irons, steam is distributed quickly and evenly along the channels between the hexagons across the entire soleplate.
  • This creates a film of steam which allows the hand iron to glide effortlessly, but at the same time effectively, over the textile.
  • With up to 4 bar steam pressure and constant steam volume of 100 g/min, you can achieve professional ironing results with FashionMaster. The dry steam penetrates even the thickest material and consequently reduces ironing time.
  • You decide whether to work with bursts of steam or continuous steam by pressing the steam button on the iron.
Inflation Function
  • For everything that is to be smoothed but not flattened, the FashionMaster ironing board offers a blower function. The fan creates an air pocket between the garment and the ironing table so that frills, cashmere, etc. keep their shape.
  • This also helps to prevent seam impressions.
Suction Function
  • The extraction function built into the ironing board ensures deep penetration of the clothing with steam and reduces the formation of condensate.
  • Another effect is the textiles are secured on the ironing board and remain fixed in position during ironing.
Non-Stick Soleplate
  • For extra gentle care, use the attachable anti-stick soleplate, which can be used directly on fashionable adornments like sequins and prints.
  • It protects dark textiles from shiny spots with its Teflon coating without the necessity of ironing the textiles inside out.
CoolDown Function
  • Safety is a priority for Miele: consequently, movement sensors and monitoring of controls ensure that the iron switches off automatically if it is not used for about three minutes. It switches on again automatically when it is moved.
AutoOff Function
  • The entire appliance switches off automatically if the iron or steamer is not used for approximately 15 minutes. No need to worry whether you remembered to switch the iron off.
  • There is a substantial advantage with the Miele rotary ironer: you can save 30% to 50% time, depending on the laundry, compared to a conventional steam iron. Valuable time which you can use for the better things in life.
Water Container
  • The user-friendly, flat design of the water container allows refilling even under low taps. The 1.25 litre capacity allows you to iron for approximately one hour non-stop.
Ironing Multi-Layered Items
  • Save physical effort and time. With the FashionMaster, multi-layered and bulky items now only need to be ironed on one side, not on both.
  • The large quantities of steam and high steam pressure mean that even thicker materials such as denim only have to be ironed on one side whilst still being smoothed perfectly.
Storage Compartments
  • There are two accessory compartments: the iron and cable holders are stored under the iron rest. The second compartment is in the appliance base. The connection cable, non-stick soleplate, steamer and other accessories are stored there.
  • When the FashionMaster is folded together, you do not see cables, the iron, etc., but instead its strikingly elegant design.
1-2-Lift System
  • Two steps, zero effort. With the patented 1-2 lift system, the complete appliance consisting of iron, steam generator and ironing board is set up in very simple steps.
  • Unlock and let it slide into a horizontal position - almost like magic. FashionMaster not only smooths your laundry, but it also takes the strain off your back.
Infinite Height Adjustment
  • With convenient and infinite height adjustments, you can set the ironing board exactly to your individual working height. Supported by a built-in gas-pressure stay, you can set a comfortable working height of 83 to 102 cm.
  • Mobile and nimble: The FashionMaster stands firmly without requiring additional support even when folded-up, and can be positioned anywhere in your home.
  • With its soft castors, the FashionMaster can be moved effortlessly and follows you wherever you go. It takes door thresholds, carpet edges and even the odd step or two in its stride.
Comfort Zone
  • Measuring 120 x 40 cm, the ironing board even provides sufficient space for long trouser legs. It's designed for you to iron the entire front of a blouse or shirt in a single process without having to re-position the yoke.
Automatic Descaling
  • Once you have selected the water hardness before the first use, the appliance automatically determines the required descaling cycle and reminds you in a timely manner. The descaling process is started simply at the touch of a button.
  • The display asks you to add a suitable descaler and then starts automatically.
Automatic Rinsing
  • Mineral residue left behind by the evaporation process must be regularly removed by rinsing the steam generator to ensure consistent performance.
  • The FashionMaster calculates rinse intervals automatically based on the volume of water evaporated. When it is time to do so, rinsing takes place immediately after you switch on the FashionMaster.
  • The only matter to take care of is to empty the residual water container.
Guided First Use
  • Prior to the first use of the FashionMaster, the appliance will guide you through the most important settings. You only select the language for the appliance information and set the water hardness.
  • The appliance now automatically selects the optimum descaling cycle. This maintains your FashionMaster in the best possible manner and ensures a long service life.

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