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39 Inch Freestanding Electric Cooker

Boiler Hot Plate Simmering Hot Plate Roasting Oven
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quick specs
Width: 38 7/8 Inch
Depth: 29 7/8 Inch
Height: 37 7/8 Inch
Interior Width: 13 5/8 Inch
Interior Depth: 18 3/4 Inch
Interior Height: 9 5/8 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: AGA
Fuel Type: Electric
Style: Freestanding
Color: Pink
Cooktop: Hotplate (Cooker)
Continuous Grates: No
Stainless Steel Handle: No
Viewing Window: No
Clock: No
Width: 38 7/8 Inch
Depth: 29 7/8 Inch
Height: 37 7/8 Inch
Interior Width: 13 5/8 Inch
Interior Depth: 18 3/4 Inch
Interior Height: 9 5/8 Inch
Cooktop Features
Burners / Elements: 2
Cooktop Control Type: Knobs
Downdraft Ventilation: No
Modules Required: No
Hot Surface Indicator Light: No
Induction: No
Grill: No
Griddle: No
Oven Features
Primary Oven Capacity: 1.5 Cu. Ft.
Oven Control Type: Knobs
Digital Temperature Display: No
Timer: No
Convection: No
Self-Cleaning: No
Delay Bake: No
Proofing: No
Sabbath Mode: No
Temperature Probe: No
Interior Oven Light: No
Racks: 3
Removable Door: Yes
Broiler Pan Included: Yes
Technical Details
Star-K Certified: No
ADA Compliant: No
LP Conversion: No
Amps: 30
Voltage: 240 Volts
UPC: 768388071523
EAN: 0768388071523

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From the Manufacturer

AGA Dual Control Cast Iron Electric Cooker
Designed with the AGA traditional cooker in mind, the AGA Dual Control range may be left on at all times giving you constant, indirect radiant heat at your fingertips. The heritage and benefits surrounding a traditional heat storage unit are at your disposal, however, AGA lovers now have the ability to decrease their running costs.

The Electric AGA Dual Control has two hotplates - a boiling plate and a simmering plate - which can be turned on and off and operated separately or together using a multi-function control. If you decide you do not want to use the ovens for a period of time you may simply turn them off all the while utilizing the hotplates independent from the ovens and separate from one another - an energy efficient feature only recently explored.

The roasting, baking and slow cook ovens can be dropped down to a new energy-saving "slumber mode" lowering energy costs while still providing comforting warmth. The benefit to having a slumber mode is you may bring your range to full cooking temperature in just a few hours. A Heat Indicator serves as a guide to the amount of stored heat within the AGA cast iron indicating when your range is ready-to-use or if in slumber mode.

About AGA
Since the 1920s, the AGA has been a treasured possession in kitchens across Europe and throughout the world. Each Cooker is unique in its own fashion, cast in an historic foundry in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire that has been smelting iron since 1709. Today each AGA product is still handmade by gifted craftsmen, with every step of the building and finishing process continuously inspected for quality and excellence. Upon completion, your AGA will be shipped from the United Kingdom to North America, professionally delivered to your home, and carefully assembled by a skilled AGA technician right in your own kitchen.
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  • Features
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Electric 3-Oven:  
ADC3E Dual Control Cast Iron Range
Each Oven:  
1.5 Cu. Ft.
Total Capacity:  
4.5 Cu. Ft.
Hot Plates
Left Plate:  
Boiling Plate to 626°F
Right Plate:  
Simmering Plate to 392°F
Venting System:  
Electric Range with In-Room Venting Flue
Power Rating
Electrical Requirement:  
Oven Dimensions - Roasting, Baking and Slow-Cook
13 5/8"
18 3/4"
9 5/8"
Overall Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width:  
38 7/8"
Overall Depth:  
27 1/2"
Overall Height:  
35 7/8"
Unit Weight:  
860 Lbs.
Shipping Weight:  
1,135 Lbs.


Cast Iron, Radiant-heat Ovens
  • The cast iron ovens of the AGA Total Control are gentle on food and lock in moisture, flavor, and texture. The indirect radiant heat within the ovens comes from all surfaces simultaneously, and won't dry out food like typical range elements or flames.
The Boiling Plate
  • Located on the left, the boiling plate is the hotter of the two at 626°F.
The Simmering Plate
  • Located on the right and the cooler of the two, the simmering plate delivers gentle heat for perfect sauces and soups.
Multiple Ovens with Huge Capacity
  • Because there are no elements or flames, all oven space can be used for cooking. The design allows you to grill at the top of the roasting oven, bake in the middle, and fry on the floor...all while simmering, boiling, or toasting on the hotplates!
Always at the Right Temperature
  • Each oven and hotplate is pre-set to be at the perfect heat for the job, making cooking easy. Like a chef's kitchen, each oven is named by its function - slow cooking, baking, or roasting and is controlled independently by the touch-screen.
10 Cooking Methods
  • There's no food this amazing range cooker cannot prepare to perfection. No other range can accomplish so much with so little fuss.
  • Water boils in approximately two minutes on an AGA. The boiling plate cooks so rapidly that fresh vegetables retain more of their natural flavour, colour, and nutrients. Provides a good rolling boil for making quick jam.
  • The simmering plate is so gentle it allows milk to heat without boiling over. It's perfect for making sauces and simmering soup.
  • Cooked on your AGA boiling plate in the special cast iron grill pan, fierce heat reminiscent of a charcoal grill sears the outside of the meat, sealing in flavour and juices while the meat gently cooks to perfection in the inside.
Stir Fry
  • Tackle Asian cooking with an AGA wok on the boiling plate for fast stir fries and quick cooking.
  • Create crunchier-on-the-outside, moister on the inside fried/sautéed chicken.
  • AGA toast tastes better and even looks better; every slice is branded with the distinctive waffle pattern. Toasted sandwiches can be cooked directly on the simmering plate.
  • Unlike conventional ranges, the heat comes from all directions, not just one. Shrinkage and dryness are reduced because there are no flames or elements inside the ovens to dry out the meat.
  • Like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA roasting and baking ovens provide all-around, consistent heat, to create feathery pastries, moist cakes, and perfectly baked breads.
  • The AGA Total Control can steam a sponge pudding to perfection without turning your kitchen into a sauna, and unpleasant lingering cooking smells are banished.
Slow Cook
  • The slow cooking oven's gently persistent heat helps you create richer, juicier casseroles, stews, and slow roasting or braising cuts of meat. It slow cooks for hours.
Touch-Screen Panel
  • Discreetly housed behind the top left door, the touch-screen panel puts you in charge of how and when the range cooker is used.
Oven Operation Modes
  • Manual, Slumber, Auto and Auto Slumber
Insulated Covers
  • Highly polished stainless steel insulated covers are brought down over the hotplates to help contain the heat when on and protect the hotplate when off.
Remote Control Handset
  • With the remote control, you can program the cast-iron ovens to come on automatically for one or two cooking cycles per day, seven days a week.