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46 Inch Built-in Ironing Center

Garments Bar Electrical Cord Cover Premium Hot Iron Storage
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Door: White Raised Panel Door
White Raised Panel Door
quick specs
Width: 15 Inch
Depth: 6 7/8 Inch
Height: 60 5/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 1/4 Inch
Cutout Depth: 3 7/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 59 7/8 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: Iron-A-Way
Model: A4610A
Color: White
Accepts Panels: Yes
Width: 15 Inch
Depth: 6 7/8 Inch
Height: 60 5/8 Inch
Cutout Width: 14 1/4 Inch
Cutout Depth: 3 7/8 Inch
Cutout Height: 59 7/8 Inch
Ironing Board Size: 46 Inch
Internal Power Socket: Yes
Internal Light: Yes
Iron Rest: Yes
Technical Details
Amps: 15
Voltage: 115 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

Top of the line, Model A-46 is professionally designed to include the most premium set of features, allowing for the utmost ease and comfort when ironing. The telescoping steel support legs provide the rugged stability necessary when ironing with the superlative 46-inch length board. A 4-inch height adjustment lets you choose the most comfortable work position. A sixty minute LED digital timer turns on power to the built-in work light and the electrical outlet. The electrical cord cover and restraints help guide the cord over the board, eliminating potential snags. You can leave your iron plugged in at all times, even when the door is closed. A built-in safety switch disconnects all power when the board is returned to the upright position.

The oversized hot iron storage compartment, iron rest, storage shelves, garment bar, and indicator light are the standard accessories completing this supreme ironing center. For the optimal freedom in board usage add the optional swivel board. The premium length board coupled with the adjustable swivel creates the overall maximum flexibility.
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Dimensions & Weights
Outside Width:  
Outside Depth:  
6 7/8"
Outside Height:  
60 5/8"
Rough-in Opening Width:  
14 1/4"
Rough-in Opening Depth:  
3 7/8"
Rough-in Opening Height:  
59 7/8"
Outside Door Width:  
Outside Door Depth:  
Outside Door Height:  
60 5/8"
Box Carton Width:  
17 1/2"
Box Carton Depth:  
9 7/8"
Box Carton Height:  
Box Capacity:  
6.5 cu. ft.
Approximate Shipping Weight:  
75 lbs.
Ironing Board:  
46" Ventilated Steel with 4" Vertical Adjustment
Interior Color:  
Cool Gray
Exterior Finish:  
Hot Iron Storage Compartment:  
Storage Shelf:  
Full Length Piano Hinge:  
Ironing Board Cover and Pad:  
Electrical System:  
Motor Timer, Safety Door Switch, Appliance Outlet, Indicator Light
Hot Iron Rest:  
Electrical Cord Cover:  
Electrical Cord Wrap:  
Not Available
Garment Bar:  
Garment Hook:  
Not Available
Adjustable Swivel Board:  
Not Available
Spotlight (Less Bulb):  
Steam/Dry Iron:  
Sleeve board:  
Surface Mount Trim:  
Door Options (Birch Model Only)
White Metal Door Overlay:  
Bisque Metal Door Overlay:  
Carbon/Charcoal Metal Door Overlay:  
Black Metal Door Overlay:  
Stainless Steel Metal Door Overlay:  
Door Hinge Hardware:  


Standard Features
42" Ventilated Board with 4" Vertical Adjustment
  • The metal ventilated board differentiates itself from the earlier wooden ironing boards.
  • The traditional built-in wooden board only needed to be hard for the dry irons of the day.
  • Today's advanced steam irons are designed to project bursts of steam to penetrate deep into the fabric.
  • Using them on a wooden ironing board causes condensation on the board and hot spots when ironing.
  • The metal ventilated board allows this steam to pass through the fabric keeping the surface dryer and providing a more even-heated ironing surface.
Premium Hot Iron Storage
  • Not only is it convenient to store your iron inside the unit, but the location keeps the iron out of children's reach.
  • There's no reason to let your iron cool down, the insulated heat shield allows for immediate shelving.
  • The hot iron storage area has been designed to accept the majority of steam/dry irons available at retail, including many premium models.
60 Minute LED Digital Timer
  • The new LED Digital Timer offers safety and convenience on Models A-46 and AL-42.
  • When the button is touched the electrical power turns on giving immediate power to your iron.
  • The 60 minute read out counts down, once the minutes have expired power shuts off automatically or once you return the board to the upright position, the electrical safety switch disconnects power instantly.
Additional Storage Shelves
  • All models will include an additional storage shelf, the premium A-46 cabinet will include two storage shelves.
Full Length Piano Hinge
Ironing Board Cover and Pad
Electrical System
Hot Iron Rest
  • Place the iron in this handy heat resistant iron rest.
  • This allows for more useable space on the ironing board while making your garment adjustments.
Electrical Cord Cover & Restraints
  • These features allow for only the amount of cord required to iron by using the electrical cord cover or wrap.
  • You can easily guide the iron and eliminate the excess cord from getting in your way.
UL listed
Garment Bar
  • The garment bar can hold multiple clothes hangers, making it more convenient to perform continuous ironing.
Spotlight/Less Bulb
  • The spotlight will enhance your ability to iron out those sometimes hard to spot creases and crevices not found when ironing garments in insufficiently lit areas.
Unfinished Flush Birch Door
Built-In Safety Switch
Fully assembled and ready to install
Additional Door Options
  • All wood doors come unfinished and can be stained or painted to match your decor.
  • White doors do not require finishing.
  • Mirror is full length, 1/4" plated glass with polished edge. Mirrored door is shipped separate for added protection.
  • No door option is available to match your cabinetry: Hardware not included. Hardware available for purchase.
Matching Appliance Door Overlays (Options)
  • Metal Door Overlays come painted and ready to install over the standard birch door.
  • Metal Door Overlay attaches to front of birch door with permanent mounting tape.
Iron (Steam/Dry)
  • The sleeveboard is placed on top of the main board and used when you want to iron sleeves or smaller garments that won't fit over the nose of your regular ironing board.
  • When in use, the sleeveboard rests on top of the main ironing board, nothing holds it in place.
  • Please note, when not in use the sleeveboard is not stored inside the unit, it must be stored in another location than inside the unit itself.
Surface Mount Trim Kit
  • Kit necessary if planning to surface mount rather than installing in between studs
  • 60" Trim Kit used for Model A-46 & AL-42
  • 48" Trim Kit used if purchasing Model A-42, E-342, NE-342
  • No trim kit necessary for Model NE-242
  • Trim kit finishes out sides of unit for flush finish
  • Trim pieces can be stained or painted to match cabinet
  • Unit will protrude approximate 7" to 8" rather than 3" - 4" depending on which model purchased
Spring Activated 90 degree Left/Right Swivel Option
Rough-In Kit
  • The rough-in kit is available for use prior to drywall being installed.
  • Great for new construction or open wall reconstruction when remodeling.
  • When drywall and trim have been completed, this kit also simplifies installation of your ironing center for your installer.
  • Installation of your template can be completed in just a few easy steps.
  • Your wall finisher is then ready to install drywall and can finish right up to the template.
  • At a later date, the installer just removes the template and slides in the ironing center into the predetermined opening. It's that easy!

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