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Stiff Bristle Brush

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Brand: Dyson
Model: 91850705

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Stiff Bristle Brush
Stiff Bristle Brush with Stiff Bristles for Removing Mud and Dried-in Dirt. Compatible with all Dyson upright, canister and cordless vacuum cleaners. Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
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Stiff Nylon Bristles
  • Stiff nylon bristles agitate carpet pile to dislodge stubborn and ground-in dirt.
Directs Dirt into the Airflow
  • The bristles are angled to create a flicking action as they work through carpet pile.
  • They pop up dirt into the airflow, where it is sucked away.
Engineered to be Easier to Push
  • Gaps between the bristles make the brush easier to push.
  • Gaps also prevent it from sticking to surfaces.
  • The Dyson Stiff Bristol Brush for vacuum cleaners. Tough and durable. Made from tough polypropylene for strength and durability.
Tough and Durable
  • Made from tough polypropylene for strength and durability.

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