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Fire Magic Premium Doors
14 Inch Double Drawer

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Product Information
Brand: Fire Magic
Series: Premium Doors
Model: 43802
MPN: 43802
UPC: 061965504123

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From the Manufacturer

Grill Like a Professional Chef...
That's right, the secret weapon of the top Professional Chefs in New York is their Fire Magic Barbecue Grill. Most were introduced to Fire Magic as guest chefs on the Today Show - Yes, those are Fire Magic Grills that Matt, Al and Meredith are beside. Available at AJ Madison.

Once you have cooked on a Fire Magic, you are hooked. You see, while not the best known brand (at least not outside California) they have been making Professional Quality Grills right in LA since 1937. 70 years of experience - and it shows.

Fire Magic grills are the hottest grills available, this sears the meat, sealing in the natural juices - so your steaks just taste better!
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  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Width: 14 1/2"
  • Height: 15 3/4"
  • Shipping Weight: 48 Lbs.

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