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Broan Elite XE Series
Fully Integrated Trash Compactor

3000 lbs. Compacting Force 1.55 cu. ft. Capacity 3/4 HP Motor
Color: Flat Stainless Steel Door
Flat Stainless Steel Door
quick specs
Width: 14 7/8 Inch
Depth: 21 1/2 Inch
Height: 34 1/8 Inch
Capacity: 1.55 Cu. Ft.
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Product Information
Brand: Broan
Series: Elite XE Series
Model: 15XESS
Style: Convertible
Accepts Panels: No
Color: Stainless Steel
Width: 14 7/8 Inch
Depth: 21 1/2 Inch
Height: 34 1/8 Inch
Capacity: 1.55 Cu. Ft.
Odor Control System: Yes
Bag Storage Compartment: Yes
Control Type: Touchpad
Technical Details
Compaction Ratio: 6:1
Amps: 15
Voltage: 120 Volts
UPC: 026715182633

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From the Manufacturer

Six bags reduced to one. And five fewer trips to the garage.

No one really talks about it. The waste can under the kitchen sink. It's a necessary evil, or so they say. But that all changes with a Broan Elite Trash Compactor.

Broan has been designing these convenience appliances for nearly 40 years, refining the product while defining the category. And the result A new line of products that is the perfect complement to today's high-style appliances, and environmentally-conscious homeowners. Broan Elite XE and Broan Elite trash compactors take convenience, hygiene and style to a new level. But beautiful lines, rich finishes and automatic cycling features are just part of the story.

Inside is a clean compartment, a crushing mechanism with 3,000 pounds of continual force, electronic controls, and odor reduction systems. But what you take outside is what really makes a difference.

Broan helps reduce your waste volume by 75%, and while that's fewer steps to the garage, it's also less volume at the curb, and a smaller bundle in the truck that hauls it away. And that's when it all makes sense: if everybody reduced volume, fewer trips would be needed to the landfill, which means less fuel, less traffic, and a cleaner environment all the way around. Who would have thought it all started under the kitchen sink

Broan Elite XE - Beauty. Brawn. And intelligence, too.

Broan Elite XE. Beauty that performs - automatically. Broan makes everything about trash removal easier. It starts with a reversible door that opens like a refrigerator, simplifying access to an easy-to-reach and clean compartment. To handle the load, ball-bearing slides enable the trash bucket to glide out effortlessly. Their unique drop-down bucket front means there's no awkward lifting over the side, and conveniently placed electronic controls and our auto-delay function let you program the compactor to start when you're away. Then, the touch of a single button sets it for duty, and you can forget about it - you'll never come home to an overflowing waste receptacle again. But best of all, Broan Elite XE compactors keep odors in check. Their exclusive system actually helps eliminate odors by neutralizing them, rotates a fresh segment into place automatically every month, and lets you know when it's time for replacement.

Personalize your style.
Broan trash compactors let you make your own design statement. If you prefer to have appliances blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry, select a trash compactor designed to accept a wood insert door front. Your cabinetmaker simply creates an insert with a profile that matches your doors or drawers.

To accent tile backsplashes or to carry the rich textures of the floor vertically, consider a compactor with a tile insert door front.

Of course, the coordinated look can be achieved as well with appliance matching solids in rich gloss black or white, or classic stainless steel. Whatever you choose, Broan has you covered.
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Dimensions & Weights
Product Width:  
14 7/8"
Product Depth (Not Including Handle):  
21 1/2"
Product Height:  
34 1/8" min.
Packaged Weight:  
165 lbs.
Compaction Force:  
3,000 lbs. Continual
Compaction Ration:  
6:1 (Equivalent of Six 13 Gallon Trash Containers)
3/4 HP
Programmable Compaction Cycle:  
Battery Backup:  
Compacting Plate:  
Stainless Steel
Microban Antimicrobial Protective Coating:  
Trash Bucket Capacity:  
1.55 cu. ft. (30 lbs. of Trash)
Trash Bucket Drop Down Door:  
Trash Bucket Drawer Slides:  
Full Extension Ball Bearing
Start Button:  
Ram Status LED:  
Removable Key Switch:  
Safety Interlock:  
Bag Storage Compartment:  
Yes (3 Bags Included)
Advanced Odor Control System:  
Automatic (6 Month Disk Provided)
Magnetic Door Gasket:  
Reversible Doors:  
Textured Cabinets:  
Leveling Legs:  
Accessories (purchased separately)
Toe kick kit (required for freestanding installations).
Sixty (60) trash bags (black).
Set of ten (10) odor control disks. Each disk lasts up to six (6) months.
Hardwood cutting board (rests on top of compactor when not installed under a counter top)
Electrical Requirements


  • 3000 lbs. of continual compaction force.
  • 3/4 horsepower motor drives dual screw compaction system.
  • Dedicated 15 Amp circuit recommended.
  • Six to one (6:1) compaction ratio. Compact the equivalent of six (6) 13 gallon trash containers into one bag.
  • Programmable compaction cycle for automatic compaction.
  • Battery backup prevents loss of electronic settings in the event of power interruption.
  • Stainless steel compacting plate with Microban antimicrobial protective coating designed to crush cans and bottles.
  • 1.55 cu. ft. bucket trash bucket holds 30 lbs. of trash.
  • Trash bucket has drop down door for easy trash removal.
  • Full extension ball bearing trash bucket drawer slides for smooth action.
  • Start button with ram status LED.
  • Removable key switch prevents unauthorized compaction.
  • Safety interlock prevents compaction when door is open.
  • Bag storage compartment. Unit comes with three (3) bags.
  • Automatic advance odor control system with disk replacement indicator. First six (6) month disk provided with trash compactor.
  • Insulated door with magnetic gasket for quiet cycling and odor control.
  • Reversible doors with 170° range of motion offered in different finishes.
  • Model 15XEBL - Black door and trim
  • Model 15XEWH - White door and trim
  • Model 15XESS - Stainless steel door and stainless-look trim
  • Model 15XESSA - Arched stainless steel door and stainless-look trim
  • Model 15XEWT - Wood door kit with stainless-look trim
  • Model 15XETT - Tile door kit with stainless-look trim
  • Textured cabinet features a durable baked epoxy finish in black (all models).
  • Two (2) adjustable height leveling legs (front) and two (2) adjustable height rollers (rear) provide one (1) inch of height adjustment.
  • Accessories (purchased separately)
  • Model 15TCTK - Toe kick kit (required for freestanding installations).
  • Model 15TCBL - Sixty (60) trash bags (black).
  • Model 15TCOD - Set of ten (10) odor control disks. Each disk lasts up to six (6) months.
  • Model 15TCBB - Hardwood cutting board (rests on top of compactor when not installed under a counter top).

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