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If you’re searching for a quality dryer that is cost effective, AJ Madison offers a wide range of efficient dryers that can fit into an apartment or house. Our assortment of sleek designs, colors, and sizes of these dryers give you the opportunity to match your laundry room décor. Our high-performing dryers are equipped and ready to meet your laundry demands. Now you don’t have to exceed your budget trying to maintain your clothes.

Our dryers have full-load capacity making your laundry time easy. Most dryers have four or five temperatures settings. The ability to adjust temperatures ensures that your delicates won’t shrink and your heavier garments will dry thoroughly. For example, certain garments require a cold wash and a low dry temperature, while other garments can withstand extreme heat. Temperature settings can also be customized to treat specific materials such as towels which not only require a higher heat setting but special care to protect fibers.

If you don’t have time to wait for long drying cycles, you can reduce the drying time by selecting the speed dry setting. By doing so, you can expect your clothing to dry quickly without compromising the style or elasticity. While this temperature setting is convenient to have access to on a busy day, you may have garments that need special care. Several of these dryers have steam cleaning and sanitary cycle functions that reduce bacteria. These settings are particularly helpful in freshening up garments that may require dry cleaning. If used in conjunction with a home dry cleaning kit, your permanent press garments should stay in good shape for a long time.

Although these large capacity dryers occupy a significant amount of space, most operate quietly and are ADA compliant. The convenience of owning one of these dryers is like having a mini dry cleaners at home. The savings that are gained from purchasing a dryer from AJ Madison and reducing the need to go to the local dry cleaners are worthwhile. The wrinkle care function also reduces the need to iron clothes which ultimately frees up time for you to do other things especially if you don't have help.

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