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AJ Madison provides a great selection of Miele vacuum cleaners. Since 1899, the German company has manufactured well-designed, innovative home products. The brand carries the Good Housekeeping Seal. It has garnered other prestigious awards, too, including recognition in 2015 from RedDot for high design quality. Miele produces several types of vacuums. They run the gamut from conventional upright machines to canister vacuums to a new high-tech robotic floor sweeper. Consider these attractive features:

Mb>Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vaccum cleaners such as the popular Miele Dynamic U1 Series AutoEco collect debris through powerful suctioning mechanisms. These high quality models transmit dirt particles into convenient vacuum cleaner bags for easy, sanitary disposal. They blow suctioned air through HEPA filters to prevent dust from re-entering the room.

Miele offers this cleaning equipment with multiple settings, enabling customers to control the intensity of suctioning. A long swivel neck enhances the maneuverability of the vacuum, facilitating cleaning under beds, around furniture and along carpet rims. You can adjust the sweeper height to remove embedded dirt from carpeting. Miele includes a detachable cleaning wand and multiple suction attachments to facilitate vacuuming of upholstery and hard floor surfaces. The length of the electrical cord impacts the frequency of outlet changing while vacuuming.

Miele Cannister Vacuums

Miele also produces some excellent models of lightweight, highly mobile cannister vacuums. Unlike upright styles, these cleaning machines physically separate the floor sweeper from the vacuum collection bag location, permitting enhanced maneuverability. Clean carpeted stairways and elevated locations easily!

Canister vacuums by Miele utilize a motor-driven suctioning system for extracting dust particles from living areas, plus safety-promoting HEPA filters to clean suctioned air before releasing it back into the room. The capacity of the dust bag will determine how frequently customers should replace this accessory.

Innovative Robotic Vacuum Discs from Miele

Miele manufactures an innovative RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. This disc-shaped machine promotes maintenance floor cleaning in designated locations, including hard-to-reach areas beneath dining tables.

Sensors prevent the robot from colliding with furniture. Program your vacuum to circulate within a specified zone, cleaning autonomously.

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