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LG Washing Machines / Washers

The internationally acclaimed line of LG Washing Machines appeals to consumers seeking energy-efficient products within affordable price ranges. In recent years, LG Electronics gained widespread recognition for developing cutting edge, innovative home appliances directed towards environmentally-aware customers interested in promoting resource sustainability and green living.

The convenience of using a dependable home washing machine enables households to avoid the expenses and time delays associated with visiting a commercial laundry on a regular basis. Today, modern LG Washing Machines also provide a cost savings through their efficient operation.

AJ Madison carries an impressive inventory of outstanding LG Washers. Peruse our product listings to locate the best washer for your household. Whether you seek small, efficiency washers or larger machines capable of tackling full loads on a regular basis, you'll appreciate our great selection of LG laundry products! Just consider a few of the most popular styles of washing machines:

LG Front Loading Washing Machines

Popular front loading LG washing machines fit a variety of household sizes and budget needs. Some models provide turbo wash cycles that clean and re-clean clothing multiple times to help remove clinging stains from the fabric. With an engine capable of cycling the appliance at high rates of speed, these units offer efficient cleaning and tumbling action!

The well-engineered LG front loading models operate more quietly than some previous generations of washing machines. In front loading styles, a glass window inside the door allows you to monitor the progress of different cleaning and rinsing stages very effectively.

LG Top Loading Washing Machines

If you don't enjoy bending over to load and unload a washing machine, then you'll love the convenience offered by top loading washers! Simply open the appliance lid to insert clothes, soap and fabric softeners. Using these types of LG washing machines does not require a lot of stretching or reaching, a feature which pleases many seniors. Additionally, if you've worried about young children or pets playing around the door of a washing machine or crawling inside it, you may prefer a top loading model.

Some top-loading washing machines from LG Electronics today maintain a very sleek conformation, making these appliances a perfect amenity for an efficiency apartment or other site with limited space availability. If you seek a slender machine capable of fitting within a narrow location, you'll appreciate the attractive LG top loading washing machines offered through AJ Madison!

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