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GE Washing Machines / Washers

GE Washing Machines provide a number of attractive high-tech features. They offer several models including top-loading, front-loading and portable varieties. Each style demonstrates unique strengths. For example, top-loading machines enable easy clothes insertion and extraction, without requiring stretching or bending. Customers with front-loading equipment enjoy the opportunity to watch the washing process through a glass window in the door. Lightweight portable washing machines fit into compact spaces more easily. Today all of these styles operate comparatively quietly in household settings.

A Speed Wash Cycle
A GE washing machine that includes a "speed wash" cycle cleans rapidly. It may help conserve water because the laundry typically cycles at high rates through a reduced number of spins. Many households completing light laundry loads prefer this feature.

Digital Controls
Many GE washers use single push-button digital electronic controls and display these inputs in an LED panel. These machines don't require a lot of hand strength to program. Additionally, consumer don't have to worry about turning manual knobs on the washing machine too far and accidentally breaking the mechanism!

A Heavy-Duty Agitator
This feature enables some GE washing machines to vigorously churn laundry. The process contributes to the removal of embedded stains and debris from clothing fabric. Especially if you frequently wash heavily soiled loads, you may want to consider machines supplying this option!

Deep Rinse Capabilities
GE washing machines offering deep rinse capabilities will use extra rinsing action to help extract fabric softening agents and soaps from the wash. Households including people with a high level of sensitivity to soap residues appreciate the use of deep rinse cycling.

Energy Efficient
Many of the models manufactured by GE carry the coveted Energy Star Label. Since Energy Star-tested appliances help conserve resources, in some cases customers who purchase these green products realize significant cost savings in terms of lower water and electrical bills. Energy-efficient appliances also frequently represent a responsible environmental choice!

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