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Slide In Ranges

Slide in ranges are like freestanding ranges but they overlay onto the counter for a more built-in look. Featuring unfinished sides and back, this slide in ranges are designed to slide in between two cabinets. The body of a slide in range is typically 30 inches wide and the top of the range is slightly wider so as to overlap the edges of the countertop. This prevents debris from getting in the crevices between the countertop and range while providing a more built-in appearance. The oven and burner controls are located on the front of the range, just above the oven door.

There are many installations for which the slide in design is perfectly suited. When putting a range into an island, a slide-in offers a seamless look with no protruding control panel. The same is true if the range is being installed against a wall with a decoratively tiled backsplash. It is also popular in cases where it is required that all oven & burner controls are located on the front of the range, such as when working with a handicap-accessible design.
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