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Ranges, or "stoves" as they’re also known, come in a variety of sizes, styles and fuel types. There are freestanding ranges, slide in ranges, drop in ranges and professional ranges. Among these stove options you can also have electric ranges, gas ranges or dual fuel ranges. And of course, all stoves come in a multitude of sizes dependant on how many burners they offer or other accessories like a griddle or grill unit. They are often as narrow as 20 inches and as wide as 60 inches.

In order to know which range, or stove, is ideal for your home, you must consider the look, feel and application(s) you desire. For new kitchens, the best way to start is by first selecting the style, fuel type and then size. However, if you are retrofitting a new stove into an existing kitchen you want to start with size and fuel type as these are predetermined. Then you would select the type based on personal preference. Regardless of your needs there are numerous options in each category so you’re sure to find a high quality stove that looks great and has all the features you desire. Use our filtering tools to make it easier to find your perfect range for you.

In contrast to a gas range's use of open flame, electric ranges make use of a heated surface to cook the food. This heated surface is easier to clean than a gas range. The downside, though, is that it takes longer to heat up and cool down, adding a bit of time to cook the food. It also eats up more energy than gas stoves would. But on the upside, there's less risk of fire, making electric stoves perfect for compact kitchens or for chefs hesitant to cook with fire.

Whichever stove a home needs, we keep a catalog of all the best from trusted brands here at AJ Madison.
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