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Portable Air Conditioners

AJ Madison carries a wide selection of top name-brand portable air conditioners by trusted names in the HVAC industry such as Freidrich, OceanAire, LG and Movincool. We furnish exemplary products, including small, easily-transported units and larger portable models suitable for cooling a wide area. Recently, the complexity and popularity of air conditioning technology expanded significantly. A variety of portable units now promote rapid spot cooling. Just consider some appealing features:

Design Options
With a rapidly
changing inventory and well over 70 different selections, we offer products in a variety of innovative styles. Some models require venting to the outdoors through a window. Others can work as standalone non-venting portable units with self-evaporative systems suitable for enclosed locations.

High Tech Features
Today, portable air conditioners frequently enable customers to program the device to turn on and off at designated times. Some models also operate with remote controls. Depending upon the unit, customers may designate desired temperature ranges. Sophisticated digital control systems enable operation in energy-conserving "sleep mode".

Lightweight and Compact Shapes
We carry mobile air conditioner models in a variety of weight categories and dimensions. Compact models such as the Friedrich ZoneAire Series or the Frigidaire Portable Air Conditioner will transport readily from room to room, and fit within hallway or bedroom closets. Smaller than most vacuum cleaners, these diminutive AC units won't monopolize valuable storage space. Our inventory includes product ranging in height from 18" to a maximum of 66.9 inches, with the vast majority of portable air conditioners standing well under 4 feet in height.

Match Voltage Requirements
Choose portable air conditioners suitable for the domestic U.S. residential marketplace (operating between a standard 110 and 120 Volts), or products designed for use in countries where building codes allow more powerful residential voltages. You can obtain well-manufactured products from us meeting your specific regional electrical grid requirements.

Mobility Features
Most popular portable air conditioners include wheels and casters enabling relocation throughout the home without disrupting carpets or scuffing hardwood floors. Simply roll the AC into preferred locations!
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