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Brand: Whirlpool Laundry 1-2-3 Series
AJ SKU: XW29000X
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Converts Your Washer and Dryer Top Into a Seamless Surface to Sort, Treat and Fold.
Organizing laundry by color, location or owner is more convenient than ever before. Utilize the 5-foot wide workspace to sort everything from socks to sweaters.

Examining garments for stubborn stains has never been easier. The moisture resistant rubber work surface provides a spacious and easy to clean area to treat stains before washing them.

Unload and fold items fresh from the dryer without leaving the laundry room. The work surface provides plenty of space to fold and stack all you laundry in one place, allowing laundry to be organized by owner or final destination.

Scratch and Chemical Resistant Mat
° The main textured area of the work surface is a chemical and scratch resistant mat that wipes clean easily.
° The innovative mat design assists in containing spills, preventing a small spill from becoming a large mess.

Supply Trays
° Three rear channels keep small items contained, and provide a handy spot to keep sticks, detergents, and dryer sheets at arm's reach.
° Easily wiped clean, the channels also prevent small items from falling between or behind the machines.

° The backsplash prevents items from falling behind the washer and dryer.

Vibration Pads