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11,900 BTU Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with 9.4 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, Money Saver Setting and Remote Control
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
11,900 BTU Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with 9.4 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, Money Saver Setting and Remote Control
11,900 BTU Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with 9.4 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, Money Saver Setting and Remote Control

Brand: Friedrich WallMaster Series
Replaced By WS12C10C
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Since its founding in 1883, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. has had one manufacturing standard - quality without compromise. Over the years, the company's products have changed, but the commitment to quality has endured.

Today, the fundamental direction of Friedrich is to be the top manufacturer of specialty air treatment products for the worldwide market. Moving the company forward are dedicated employees who are committed to excellence and have a passion to succeed. Friedrich is a company that is respected for a high degree of integrity and professionalism, as well as being recognized as the best in the business. The Friedrich name is synonymous with quality... shaped by the spirit that launched this company over a century ago. Available at AJ Madison.

Friedrich is known for manufacturing some of the world's most durable air conditioners. You won't believe some of the places you'll find them. Friedrich air conditioners are made from higher grade materials and components that delivery dependable operation for years. But don't take their word for it. Some of their customers are business that operate in harsh environments where equipment just has to work. Period. Oil companies rely on them to cool offshort oil rigs, and they can be found on military bases and in government offices all over the world. Friedrich air conditioners are in use at Northrop Grumman, Eastman Chemical and the Kennedy Space Center, just to name a few. If they can handle their jobs, just think how well they will perform in your home.

Comfort and Durability
° Easy-to-reach top-mount controls.
° Remote control.
° 24-hour programmable timer.
° Smart Fan auto-adjusts fan speed to maintain desired temperature.
° 3-speed fan.
° Auto restart.
° Electronic defrost control.
° Rotary compressors provide quiet, dependable performance.
° Premium stamped exterior grille.
° Rifled copper tubing.
° Impact-resistant front cover.

Sound Reduction Technology
° Vibration-isolating design and components.
° Dense blower insulation.

Energy Management and Compliance
° MoneySaver setting saves money by operating the fan only when needed.
° High-tech fins with sine wave lanced louvers increase energy efficiency by increasing the surface area for heat exchange.

Safety and Security
° Insect barrier.
° Premium, stamped galvanized steel grille screws securely to the powder-coated galvanized steel sleeve for kick-in entry prevention (WSD sleeve sold and shipped separately).

Health and IAQ
° Washable, antimicrobial filter.

Maintenance and Installation
° Mounts flush with the exterior wall for a neat appearance.
° Perfect fit for 27"W x 16-3/4"H x 16-3/4"D sleeves, including Friedrich WSD sleeve and Fedders A sleeve.
° Baffle Adapter Kit available to allow installations in Fedders 19-3/4" B sleeves.
° Angled air discharge with reversible louver for an additional air-flow option.
° Mounts flush with exterior wall or closer to the interior wall for a slimmer indoor appearance.
° Optional architectural grille enhances building exterior.
° No side vents allows installations in (exterior) walls as thick as 15-15/16".
° Optional architectural grille, drain kit, interior drain kit, sub base and Baffle Adapter Kit.
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
BTU Cooling: 11,900 BTU
BTU Heat: N/A
EER: 9.4
Estimated Yearly Operating Cost: $101
Cooling Amps: 11.8 Amps
Cooling Watts: 1,266 Watts
Moisture Removal: 3.3 Pints/Hour
Room Air Circulation: 295 CFM
Plug Face: 5-15P
Volts: 115
Circuit Breaker Rating: 125V-15A
Net Weight: 112 Lbs.
Chassis Dimensions
Width: 26 1/2"
Depth: 21"
Depth with Front: 22"
Height: 15 3/4"
WSD Sleeve Dimensions
Width: 27"
Depth: 16 3/4"
Depth with Front: 23"
Height: 16 3/4"
Min. Extension Into Room: 7 1/2"
Min. Extension Outside: 9/16"
Finished Hole Width: 27 1/4"
Finished Hole Max. Depth: 15 5/16"
Finished Hole Height: 17 1/4"
Parts Manual
Service Manual
Submittal Sheet
Installation and Operation Manual
AG Architectural Grille Installation Manual
BAK Baffle Adapter Kit Installation Manual
DK Drain Kit Installation Manual
IDK Internal Drain Kit Installation Manual