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27 Inch Front Load Steam Washer with 3.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 14 Automatic Cycles, Deep Clean Steam Option, Smooth Spin Technology and CEE Tier III Energy Star Qualified: White
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27 Inch Front Load Steam Washer with 3.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 14 Automatic Cycles, Deep Clean Steam Option, Smooth Spin Technology and CEE Tier III Energy Star Qualified: White
27 Inch Front Load Steam Washer with 3.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 14 Automatic Cycles, Deep Clean Steam Option, Smooth Spin Technology and CEE Tier III Energy Star Qualified: White

Brand: Whirlpool Duet Steam
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Whirlpool is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to extend the life of your clothes and make laundry less of a chore. In fact, each week the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science: Washes over 23,800 loads of laundry, tests almost 400,000 pounds of textiles, uses 4,200 pounds of detergent and dries over 40,000 loads of laundry.

Help save water, energy and money with this ENERGY STAR qualified and CEE Tier III rated steam washer. The 27-inch Duet steam washer saves 74% water and 80% energy and is able to wash up to 18 pairs of jeans in a single load. Wash a load in just 17 minutes, the Industry's Fastest Wash Time! The FanFresh option prevents odors in wet clothes for up to 10 hours. Dynamic Venting Technology circulates air in the washer, keeping clean clothes fresh and free from odors so you can wash on your schedule. Find it at AJMadison.com.

° Meets government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills.

CEE Tier III Qualified
° Based on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency qualified product listings - with Tier III being the most efficient.
° This model features advanced water & energy savings and may qualify for rebates from local utility companies.

3.9 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Wash Basket

1,400 RPM Maximum Spin Speed

Direct Inject Wash System
° Penetrates stains and pretreats soils with a concentrated burst of detergent virtually eliminating the need to pretreat.
° The wash cycle begins only after the entire load has been treated.

Smooth Spin Technology
° Shock absorbers, springs and electronic controls help redistribute the load automatically and minimize movement of the wash drum during the spin cycle.
° The result is less noise and vibration for laundry without disruption.

Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction System
° Keep operational sounds inside the washer and out of living areas with sound-absorbing materials around the wash basket.

FanFresh Option
° Uses industry-changing Dynamic Venting Technology to circulate air in the washer after cycle's end, keeping your clean clothes fresh and free from odors for up to 10 hours so you can wash now and dry later.
° No other manufacturer offers this technology.

NightQuiet Option
° Uses a lower spin speed to further reduce operational sound for quieter operation when you need it.
° This is a handy option for those whose laundry rooms are located closer to main living area.

NSF Certified Sanitary Cycles
° Certified by NSF International to remove 99.9% of certain household bacteria without using bleach.
° Bacteria tested were K.Pneumonia, P. Aureginosa, S. Aureus.

6th Sense Technology
° Measures the size of the load and determines how much water is needed to clean it.
° Sensors monitor the inlet temperature, gradually warming water to keep cleaning enzymes at optimal effectiveness.
° Plus, sensors prevent oversudsing in low-water systems.

Oxi Dispense Option
° Enhances whitening performance with an eco-friendly alternative to bleach.
° An automatic dispenser distributes the oxygenated additive at the appropriate time, sending oxygen through the load to brighten fabrics.

Internal Water Heater

14 Automatic Cycles

Clean Washer Cycle with Affresh
° Deep fills the washer to clean areas that low-water systems don't typically reach.
° All it takes is one cup of bleach.

Deep Clean Steam Option
° Penetrates deep into fabric fibers, breaking down and dissolving stains like grass and grease without pretreating.
Drum Material: Stainless Steel wash basket
Washer Top Finish: Powder Coat
Dispenser Type: 3-tray dispenser drawer(Detergent, bleach and fabric softener)
Temperature Control System: Care Control Temperature Management
Number of Temperatures: 5
Number of Chambers: 4
Detergent Dispenser: Yes
Tier Level: 3
Sound Package: Quiet Wash Plus
Number of Cycles: 14
Whitest Whites Cycle: Yes
Heavy Duty Wash: Yes
Normal Wash: Yes
Quick Wash: Yes
Delicate Wash: Yes
Hand Wash: Yes
Rinse/Spin Cycle: Yes
Delay Start: 18 hour delay start
Estimated Time Remaining: Yes
Add A Garment: Yes
Control Lockout: Yes
Height: 38"
Width: 27"
Install Depth Minimum: 32 9/16"
Owners Manual