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36 Inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 4 VSH Pro Sealed Burners, 5.6 cu. ft. Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Griddle/Simmer and Electronic Controls: Black
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36 Inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 4 VSH Pro Sealed Burners, 5.6 cu. ft. Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Griddle/Simmer and Electronic Controls: Black
36 Inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 4 VSH Pro Sealed Burners, 5.6 cu. ft. Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Griddle/Simmer and Electronic Controls: Black

Brand: Viking Professional Custom Series
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Viking introduced professional cooking to the home when their first range shipped in 1987. Now that same exceptional performance extends into every corner of the kitchen - even the backyard. Refrigerators. Wine Cellars. Dishwashers. Grills. Cookware. Cutlery. Small appliances. It's enough to turn any cook into a chef.

When people think of Viking, the bold, commercial look of the Professional Series range is the image that most likely pops into their heads. Ultra-premium features like high-performance burners, convection baking, and infrared broiling easily handle everything from crème brûlée to rack of lamb. The legendary Viking range is available in gas and electric models, as well as an array of sizes and finishes to fit any kitchen.

And for those who want professional performance without the professional look, there is the Designer Series. Clean lines and contours meld gracefully into cabinets with style, offering a striking new look for Viking. Fully equipped with outstanding features and power, this complete line of built-in products doesn't sacrifice any of the world-renowned Viking performance for fashion's sake. Haute couture meets haute cuisine.

Viking doesn't see the kitchen as a collection of products, but a complete cooking environment. Cooking isn't a chore - it's an art form. Everything must work together in form and function. Both the Professional and Designer lines deliver the ultimate in performance with a cohesive look for the kitchen. Each line offers a full range of products, so you don't have to resort to mixing and matching brands and styles. Viking offers the truly consistent ultra-premium kitchen. The complete Viking kitchen is complete perfection. Available at AJ Madison.

The electronic control range harnesses professional power with a new user-friendly control system. A combination knob and push-button interface provides easy, precision control as well as a sleek look. Mirrored displays reveal temperature, function, and timer information when activated, then disappear when not in use. The dual fuel system also provides maximized convenience and performance with a large-capacity electric oven and sealed gas burners - including the TruPowerPlus 18,500 BTU burner.


**SPECIAL ORDER** Allow 8 weeks for delivery.

*** Power Cord Not Included ***

Commercial-Type Cooking Power
° New! - Custom designed electronic controller and digital display combine professional cooking features with the sleek styling and design.
° Additional features and functions associated with new custom designed electronic controls.
    •Digital Clock - digital clock can be displayed when range is not in use or can be set to disappear when not in use.
    •AutoRoast - automatically sears the outside of meats and then returns to the pre-set temperature in the standard Convection Roast mode, perfectly cooking meats to lock in juices and flavor.
    •Meat probe - monitors baking/roasting of fine meats so you never have to worry about undercooking.
    •Timed bake - set the oven to begin cooking up to 24 hours later and then drop into a 150°F HOLD mode when cooking time is complete.
    •Timer - independent timer function can be used for timing items independent of the range oven.
    •Oven Lock - This child safety function prevents the oven controls from being activated when the oven is not in use.
° Custom Settings
    •Clock Format - choose between 12 hour or 24 hour clock format for the display.
    •Degree Format - choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature setting.
    •Brightness - increase or decrease the brightness of the electronic display.
    •Sabbath mode - allows users belonging to religions with "no work" restrictions to program their oven to comply with the Sabbath requirement.
° Exclusive VSH (VariSimmer-to-high) Pro Sealed burner System
    •Burners equipped with 15,000 BTU's.
° Exclusive VariSimmer setting for all burners.
° Exclusive - all burners equipped with SureSpark Ignition System for consistent and reliable ignition.
    •Automatic re-ignition.
    •Surface burners light at any position on the knob and re-light if extinguished even on lowest setting.
° New! - Heavy duty metal knobs with stainless steel finish shipped standard.
° Exclusive - largest oven cavity in the industry.
    •5.6 cu. ft. overall.
    •4.9 cu. ft measured to AHAM standards.
° Exclusive patent pending Vari-Speed Dual Flow convection system has the largest convection fan in the industry.
    •The 8-1/2" fan works bi-directionally for maximum airflow and excellent cooking results.
° Concealed 10 pass dual bake element provides precise temperature control.
° Extra large GourmetGlo glass enclosed infrared broiler provides superior broiling performance.
° Rapid Ready Preheat provides one of the fastest preheat times - so your oven is ready to being cooking when you are.
° Oven has six porcelain coated rack supports.
    •Comes standard with two standard oven racks and one TruGlide full extension oven rack.
° Three strategically located oven lights provide maximum visibility.
° Heavy-duty broiler pan and tray with rack provide more roasting and broiling options.
° High performance cooking modes.
    •Includes Bake, Convection Bake, TruConvec Convection Cooking, Convection Roast,
    •Hi, Med and Low Broil, and Convection Broil.

Easy Operation and Cleanup
° Exclusive one piece tooled and porcelainized cooking surface for easy clean up.
° Burner caps are easily removable for quick cleaning.
° Heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron removable surface grates.
    •Provides continuous front-to-rear, left-to-right surface for easy movement of large pots.
° Concealed 10-pass dual bake element makes for easy clean up of the oven cavity.

Griddle/Simmer Plate
° Commercial-grade, machined steel construction with Blanchard finish to retain cooking oils for stick-resistant cooking.
° Thermostatically controlled for precise temperatures.
° New! - grease trough holds 2-1/2 cups of liquid and can be easily removed from the front of the griddle for cleaning.

Exclusive Finishes
° Available in Stainless Steel (SS), Black (BK), White (WH), Metallic Silver (MS), Graphite Gray (GG), Stone Gray (SG), Taupe (TP), Biscuit (BT), Cotton White (CW), Oyster Gray (OG), Golden Mist (GM), Lemonade (LE),
° Sage (SA), Mint Julep (MJ), Sea Glass (SE), Iridescent Blue (IB), Viking Blue (VB), Pumpkin (PM), Racing Red (RR), Apple Red (AR), Burgundy (BU), Plum (PL), Chocolate (CH), Cobalt Blue (CB)

Included Accessory
° Island Trim - P36TII (Shipped Standard with 36" Range)

Optional Accessories
° 8" Height Backguard - P36BG8
° High Shelf - B36HS24
° Countertop Side Trim - P24CST
° Countertop Rear Trim - P36CRT
° Curb Base and Custom Curb Base Front - P36CBF4

Warranty Highlights
° One-year full covers complete unit.
° Five-year limited - surface/tube burners.
° Ten-year limited - porcelain oven.
° Ninety-day limited - cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items and decorative items.

Burner Ratings
Surface Burners: 15,000 BTU Nat./12,500 BTU LP (4.4 kW/3.7 kW)
One Griddle: 15,000 BTU Nat./12,500 BTU LP (4.4 kW/3.7 kW)
Electrical Requirements: 240-208 VAC, 60 Hz Electrical Connection Box on Product, Connect with Locally Supplied 3-Wire, Flexible Cord or "Pigtail" Rated 40 Amp 125-250 VAC Minimum. Cord Must Be Agency Approved for Use with Household Electric Ranges.
Maximum Amp Usage: 240V - 28.5 Amps, 208V - 24.7 Amps
Gas Requirements: Shipped Natural Gas Standard; Convert to LP/Propane Factory Installed; Accepts Standard Residential 1/2" ID Gas Service Line
Gas Manifold Pressure: Natural 5.0" W.C.P. / Liquid Propane L/P 10.0" W.C.P.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 510 Lbs. (229.5 kg)
Overall Dimensions
Overall Width: 35 7/8" (91.1 cm)
Overall Depth To End of Side Panel: 24 5/16" (61.8 cm)
Overall Depth To Front of Door: 25 3/4" (65.4 cm)
Overall Depth To End of Landing Edge: 28 1/16" (71.2 cm)
Overall Depth To End of Door Handle: 28 11/16" (72.9 cm)
Overall Height to Top of Side Trim: 35 7/8" (91.1 cm) to 37" (94.0 cm)
Legs Adjust: 1 1/8" (2.9 cm)
Additions to Base Height to Top of Island Trim: Add 1" (2.5 cm)
Additions to Base Height to Top of Backguard: Add 8" (20.3 cm)
Additions to Base Height to Top of High Shelf: Add 23 1/2" (59.7 cm)
Oven Interior Dimensions
Oven Interior Width: 30 5/16" (79.5 cm)
Oven Interior Depth (AHAM): 16 13/16" (42.7 cm)
Oven Interior Depth (Overall): 19 1/2" (49.5 cm)
Oven Interior Height: 16 1/2" (41.9 cm)
Oven Interior Size (AHAM): 4.9 Cu. Ft.
Oven Interior Size (Overall): 5.6 Cu. Ft.
Installation Instructions
Use and Care Manual
Cleaning Tips
Quick Reference Guide