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36" Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners, Automatic Reignition, Illumina Burner Controls and 2-12" & 1-10" Platform Grates: Black/Liquid Propane/High Altitude
36" Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners, Automatic Reignition, Illumina Burner Controls and 2-12" & 1-10" Platform Grates: Black/Liquid Propane/High Altitude

Brand: Dacor Renaissance
Today's  Price:  $1,799.00
Color Options
  Black/Liquid Propane $1,799.00
  Black/Liquid Propane/High Altitude $1,799.00
  Black/Natural Gas $1,799.00
  Black/Natural Gas/High Altitude $1,799.00
  Stainless Steel/Liquid Propane $1,799.00
  Stainless Steel/Liquid Propane/High Altitude $1,799.00
  Stainless Steel/Natural Gas $1,799.00
  Stainless Steel/Natural Gas/High Altitude $1,799.00
Cooking is an important part of family tradition at Dacor. In 1933, Stan Joseph opened a small appliance store in Northern California. Supported by his devoted wife Florence, his innovative thinking led to the invention of the first complete kitchen ventilation system and the first indoor electric barbecue. Dacor has been a family operation committed to designing and building exceptional appliances. Working together to redefine the modern kitchen, the Dacor family has produced an impressive array of industry firsts. Patented features abound throughout their full line of cooking appliances. Following in the footsteps of the Stan Joseph tradition, they are true pioneers. Their flair for innovation is evident in everything they create.

A classic beauty of timeless design, their newest Renaissance Gas Cooktops go beyond all others in the category to deliver professional-grade features. For ultimate precision, the SimmerSear Burners give you up to 18,000 BTUs to simmer and sear at ultra-low and ultra-high temperatures. These new gas cooktops also have Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners for exceptional simmering. For an ultra cool look, their Illumina Burner Controls glow Dacor signature flame-blue when the burners are on. Extra-Wide Continuous Platform Grates provide plenty of room for oversized pots and pans so you can cook up a storm with ease. And Dacor's exclusive bead-blasted finish on the spill tray and sealed burners make cleaning up easier than ever.
° 1-18,000 to 750 BTU SimmerSear Burner
° 1-12,500 to 650 BTU SimmerSear Burner
° 1-12,500 BTU Dual-Stacked Burner
° 2-9,500 BTU Dual-Stacked Burners
° Illumina Burner Controls
° Bead-Blasted Spill Basin (Stainless Model); Sealed Spill-Basin (Black Model)
° SimmerSafe Indicator Lights
° Perma-Flame Automatic Reignition
° Smart Flame Technology
° 2 12" Extra-Wide Continuous Platform Grates
° 1 10" Extra-Wide Continuous Platform Grate
° Protected Igniters
° Brass Valves
° Raised Vent Compatible
Overall Width: 36"
Overall Depth: 21"
Chassis Height: 4"
Cutout Width: 33 3/4"
Cutout Depth: 19 7/8"
Illumina Burner Controls: Yes
Sealed Spill Basin: Yes/No
Bead-Blasted Spill Basin: No/Yes
SimmerSafe Indicator Lights: Yes
Perma-Flame Automatic Reigniton: Yes
Smart Flame Technology: Yes
12" Extra-Wide Continuous Platform Grates: 2
10" Extra-Wide Continuous Platform Grate: 1
Protected Igniters: Yes
Brass Valves: Yes
Raised Vent Compatible: Yes
Burner Ratings
1 SimmerSear Burner (BTU's): 750 - 18,000
1 SimmerSear Burner (BTU's): 650 - 12,500
1 Dual-Stacked Sealed Burner (BTU's): 12,500
2 Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners (BTU's): 9,500
Electrical: 120V, 15A
Parts and Labor: 1 Year
Use and Care Manual
Installation Instructions
Planning Guide
Specification Sheet