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48" Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range with 6 Sealed Brass Burners, 3.4 cu. ft. Main Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Electric Griddle and Telescopic Glide Shelf: Red, Natural Gas
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48" Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range with 6 Sealed Brass Burners, 3.4 cu. ft. Main Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Electric Griddle and Telescopic Glide Shelf: Red, Natural Gas
48" Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range with 6 Sealed Brass Burners, 3.4 cu. ft. Main Convection Oven, Self-Clean, Electric Griddle and Telescopic Glide Shelf: Red, Natural Gas

Brand: Bertazzoni Professional Series
Today's  Price:  $9,099.00
Color Options
  Stainless Steel, Natural Gas $7,599.00
  Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane $7,719.00
  Black, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  Orange, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  Red Wine, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  Red, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  White, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  Yellow, Natural Gas $9,099.00
  Black, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
  Orange, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
  Red Wine, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
  Red, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
  White, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
  Yellow, Liquid Propane $9,219.00
Introduce your home to the authentic delights of Bertazzoni cooking. These machines from the heart of Italy give you the assurance of fine engineering and the smile of real style.

Whether your kitchen is compact or spacious, contemporary or traditional, Bertazzoni has the cooking machines to suit. Mighty 48" rages, beautiful built-in ovens, clever cooktops and high performance ventilation solutions come with thoughtful options, accessories and enchanting color choices.

Bertazzoni cooking machines are equipped with the latest gas, electric, induction and control technologies. With their high-end fit and finish, they are specified and precision engineered for exceptional reliability and durability. They are also designed for the new energy-conscious age with excellent fuel efficiency and proper respect for the environment.

A Bertazzoni becomes your versatile and reliable kitchen friend, built with the fullest appreciation of food and its importance in your life.

Professional Series Ranges
Bertazzoni Professional Series ranges bring the authentic experience of Italian cooking to the heart of your home. They are available in stainless steel and six beautiful colors inspired by the wonderful produce of Emilia, the heartland of Bertazzoni.

These cooking machines are available in 24, 30, 36 and 48" widths. The 36" model is available in 5 burners and 6 burners configuration.
Professional Series ranges are equipped with extra-wide European convection ovens, providing balanced air flow and even heat distribution for single and multi-level roasting and baking with no flavor crossover. The oven can be gas or electric, the latter including the convenient self-clean cycle. Ovens feature extra-wide broilers, telescopic glide shelves, soft-motion door hinges for easy one-hand operation, and quadruple-glass windows to minimize heat loss.

The beautiful worktops are precision-molded off of one sheet of stainless steel. They are configured with different-sized gas burners in brass, including Bertazzoni's signature dual-ring power burner with independently controlled flames for high power to delicate simmer. Each burner is equipped with the thermocouple gas shut-off safety system for maximum safety. The 48" range also includes a convenient electric griddle in stainless steel. The worktop is designed for high-efficiency in heat delivery without energy waste.

Professional Series ranges are controlled with the signature Bertazzoni ergonomic design knobs and metal handles and can be matched with any oven of the Professional series line for the most sophisticated kitchen look.

Complete your Bertazzoni range with any of the available ventilation and backsplash solutions, as well as low profile trim, toekick and other beautiful accessories.

High-Efficency Worktop Design
° Bertazzoni range worktops are precision engineered to deliver best-in-class heat-up times.
° This performance is the result of the perfect calibration of burner power and shape, worktop shape and distance of flame from pots.
° Worktops are molded off of one sheet of stainless steel without gaps, joints or screws for easier cleaning.
° Continuous pan supports ensure easy moving of pots and pans across the entire worktop.

Brass Burners
° Bertazzoni's exclusive brass burners are designed and manufactured in Italy with precision engineering qualities.
° Each burner is equipped with a brass body that creates crisp individual flames for the most precise heat delivery.
° In the dual ring power burner, the center brass cap is embossed with the beautiful winged-wheel corporate brand for a sophisticated and unique look.

Dual-Ring Power Burner 18,000 BTUs
° Bertazzoni signature power burner has 2 separate rings of flame individually controlled for maximum flexibility and versatility.
° Use the same burner for powerful searing or low delicate simmer, from 18,000 to 700 BTUs.

Gas Shutoff Safety System
° Special thermocouple safety system mechanically stops the gas flow when the flame goes out.
° This system is the only fail-safe system in any condition, including during loss of power to the appliance.
° The system also prevents flow of gas if knobs are turned without proper ignition.
° All gas and oven burners can be easily and safely operated in case of power loss to the appliance.

Self-clean Electric Convection Oven
° Bertazzoni dual-fuel self-clean ranges are equipped with extra-wide European convection ovens with heat-assisted convection fan.
° Provides balanced air flow and even heat distribution for single and multi-level roasting and baking with no flavor crossover.
° The oven is programmed with 9 cooking modes and can be operated with and without convection.
° The useful self-clean cycle incinerates all grease and dirt residues in the oven cavity and returns the oven to its original shine.

Extra-Wide Electric Broiler
° Bertazzoni electric broiler extends across the width of the oven cavity and projects heat across a wide area, allowing you to grill fish and meat in the oven with confidence.

Soft-Motion Hinges
° Bertazzoni exclusive soft-motion hinges are perfectly calibrate to ensure smooth one-handed opening and closing of the oven door.
° The door is carefully balanced and can be opened at any angle without inadvertent closing or dropping.

Telescopic Glide Shelf
° The sturdy telescopic glide shelf fully extracts for easy handling of heavy pots and dishes.
° Additional telescopic shelves can be added at any time by purchasing the telescopic glide shelf kit available as accessory.

4" Backguard
° Each Bertazzoni range is equipped with a 4" high backguard ensuring the best ventilation of the appliance.
° Low profile trim is also available as accessory.

Gas Conversion Kit Included
° Each Bertazzoni range is shipped with a gas conversion kit for field conversion of the appliance to a different type of gas (LPG to NP or vice versa).
Gas Zones: 6
Burners Type: Brass
Griddle: Electric
Design Worktop: Stainless Steel Squared
Worktop Control: Knobs
Knobs: Metal Coated
Pan Support: Cast Iron
Backguard: Yes
Thermocouple Safety Device: Yes
One Hand Ignition: Yes
Work Adapter: Yes
Simmer Ring: Yes
Cooking Zones
Dual Wok: 750 - 18,000 BTU/h
Rapid: 11,000 BTU/h
Semi-Rapid: 6,500 BTU/h
Auxiliary: 3,400 BTU/h
Simmer Rate: 750 BTU/h
Griddle: 1,100 Watts, Drip Tray
Oven Cavity
Main Oven: Electric Convection Self-Clean with Electric Broiler
Main Oven Volume: 3.4 Cu. Ft.
Auxiliary Oven: Electric with Electric Grill
Auxiliary Oven Volume: 1.7 Cu. Ft.
Temperature Gauge: No
Inner Oven Door: Quadruple Glass
Cooling Fan: Yes
Telescopic Glide Shelf: 1
Baking Tray: 1
Heavy Gauge Wire Shelves: 2
Grill Trivet For Tray: 1
Stainless Steel Legs: Yes
Height-Adjustable Legs: Yes
Main Oven Functions
Oven Light: No
Upper Bake: No
Bottom Bake / Gas Bake: No
Bake: Yes
Large Broiler: No
Broiler: Yes
Turbo / Gas Convection: Yes
Convection Bake: Yes
Convection Broiler: Yes
Convection: Yes
Defrost / Dehydrate: Yes
Warming / Sabbath Mode: Yes
Proofing: Yes
Self-Clean: Yes
Microwave: No
Convection / Microwave: No
Broiler / Microwave: No
Auxiliary Oven Functions
Oven Light: Yes
Upper Bake: Yes
Bottom Bake / Gas Bake: Yes
Bake: Yes
Broiler: Yes
Electrical Requirements
Voltage: 120/208 VAC - 120/240 VAC
Frequency: 60 Hz
Max Amp Usage: 32 Amps - 6,700 Watts, 37 Amps - 8,500 Watts
Certifications and Warranty
Certification: CSA
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor
Overall Width: 48"
Overall Depth: 25 1/8"
Overall Depth Of Side Panel: 24"
Overall Height: 35 1/2" - 37 1/4"