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30" Induction Cooktop with 4 Cooking Zones, Stainless Steel Trim and PreciseSelect Direct Cooking Level Selection
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
30" Induction Cooktop with 4 Cooking Zones, Stainless Steel Trim and PreciseSelect Direct Cooking Level Selection
30" Induction Cooktop with 4 Cooking Zones, Stainless Steel Trim and PreciseSelect Direct Cooking Level Selection

Brand: Bosch 500 Series
Replaced By NIT8066SUC
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From the simple elegance of the ceramic-glass cooking surface to the exciting performance features, Bosch electric cooktops are the very image of understated sophistication for the kitchen. Bosch cooktops offer a range of exclusive performance and convenience features that give you more control and more functionality with superior safety, making every meal easier and more fun to prepare. Whether you choose the sophisticated touch-control models featuring built-in timers, or the familiarity of the conventional rotary dial units, you're certain to find a model that suits your design aesthetic and cooking style. Available at AJ Madison.

The 500 Series Induction Cooktops offer advanced Bosch technology for those who prefer the level of precision with touch controls. Features include an Anti-Overheat System and OverFlow detection.

° Sleek Touch Control Panel Offers a Choice of 17 Settings for Unprecedented Temperature Control.
    •Features PreciseSelect: Touch Controls with Direct Cooking Selection.
° Front and Back Stainless Steel Strip for a Premium Look

° 11" Heating Element with Powerful 3600W
° SpeedBoost
    •Boils Water Twice as Fast as Conventional Electric Cooktops, Saving Time and Energy.

° CountDown Timer
    •Built-In Timers for Each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer.
° Clean Lock
    •Prevents Unwanted Changing of Settings while Cleaning Spill-Overs.

° Overflow Detection
    •Sounds Alarm and Shuts off Cooktop in Case of an Overflow
° ChildLock
    •Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched on. Locks Temperature Settings if in Use.
° SafeStart
    •Ensures that Element is Only Activated, if Suitable Cookware is in Position; no Activation When Other Metal Objects are Placed on Element
° Anti-Overheat System
    •Shuts off Cooktop, if Surface Temperature Exceeds a Set Value
° 2-Level Heat Indicator
    •Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot

° PotSense
    •Automatically Adjusts Cooking Element to the Size of the Pan Bottom
Energy input: Electric
Total number of burners/elements that can be used at the same time: 4
Number of electric cooking zones: 4
Number of induction elements: 4
Location of 1st heating element: front left
Power of 1st heating element: 2.2 kW
Location of 2nd heating element: back left
Power of 2nd heating element: 1.4 kW
Location of 3rd heating element: back right
Power of 3rd heating element: 2.4 kW
Location of 4th heating element: Cooking zone front right
Power of 4th heating element: 1.4 kW
Dimension of 1st heating element: 9"
Dimension of 2nd heating element: 6"
Dimension of 3th heating element: 11"
Dimension of 4th heating element: 6"
Sealed Burners: No
Burners with booster: All
SERIES: 500 Series
Weight and Dimensions
Appliance Width: 31"
Appliance Depth: 21 1/4"
Appliance Height: 4 5/16"
Packed Width: 26.65"
Packed Depth: 36.61"
Packed Height: 7.08"
Required Width: 28 7/8"
Required Depth: 19 7/8"
Required Height: 4"
Minimum distance from counter front: 2 1/4"
Minimum distance from rear wall: 2"
Net weight: 39 lbs
Gross weight: 48 lbs
Electrical Requirements
Electrical connection rating: 7,200 W
Current: 40 A
Voltage: 208-240 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Approval certificates: CSA
Length of electrical supply cord: 37"
Plug type: No plug
User Manual
Installation Instructions