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42 Inch Built-In Ironing Center with Hot Iron Storage Compartment and Storage Shelf: Electrical Outlet Must be Easily Accessible
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
  42 Inch Built-In Ironing Center with Hot Iron Storage Compartment and Storage Shelf: Electrical Outlet Must be Easily Accessible
42 Inch Built-In Ironing Center with Hot Iron Storage Compartment and Storage Shelf: Electrical Outlet Must be Easily Accessible

Brand: Iron-A-Way
Replaced By NE42
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With the new Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center, the everyday hassles of ironing your favorite garments can be eliminated permanently. When it comes to creating and maintaining a professional appearance at work, special events, or otherwise, one of the most important deciding factors is your attire. If youâ€re clothes are not clean and pressed, it doesnâ€t matter how expensive they were or how vibrant the color. This brand new built- in Ironing system provides you with many features to make the process of taking care of your clothes simple, quick, and efficient.

The Model NE342A is just what you need if an electrical outlet is easily accessible. Built with all the same quality materials as the electric models. The NE342A features a premium sized hot iron storage compartment, storage shelf, and a rugged 42" Ironing board made of ventilated steel.

° 42" Ventilated Metal Board
° 90 Degree Left/Right Swivel Option Available
° Garment Hook
° Premium Hot Iron Storage
° Additional Storage Shelves
° Flush Birch Door (Options)
° Matching Appliance Door Overlays (Options)
° Full Length Piano Hinge
° Cover and Pad Included
° Iron Optional
° Sleeveboard (Optional)
° Trim Kit (Optional)

Additional Information
° Unit may be surface mounted (unit extends approximately 7 3/8" into room) or recessed (unit extends approximately 3 1/2" into room) into any wall with standard 16 inch center studs.
° See table to the right to determine desired ironing board height above the floor.
° Unit can be provided with a left hinged door upon request. Right hinge is standard.
° Comes standard with birch veneer door.
° Electrical requirements for E-342: 115/120v, 15amps. Pigtails are provided in bottom of wire way for hookup to supply line. Make entrance into knockouts provided in top and bottom of wire way through heft-hand vent hole.
° Electrical requirements for NE-342: The unit does not require electricity, it is non-electric.
° Recommended to attach 2" x 4" cleats to studs, level with the bottom of opening (for support when recessing unit.)
° Door opens approximately 180° . Allow at least 16" to the side of the unit for door to swing open (door hinges on full length piano hinge.)
° E-342 and NE-342 options include: Surface mount trim, oak raised panel door, maple raised panel door, pine raised panel door, white raised panel door, flat white door, plate glass mirrored door, no door at all, hot iron rest, electric cord wrap, garment b
Overall height: 47 7/8"
Overall width: 15"
Overall depth including door: 7 3/8"
Dimension from wall to outer edge of Door (when recessed): 3 1/2"
Penetration into opening: 3 7/8"
Wall opening height: 47 1/8"
Wall opening width: 14 1/4"
Wall opening depth: 3 7/8"
Overlap distances when using wall opening dimensions listed above
Top overlap: 3/8"
Bottom overlap: 3/8"
Right side overlap: 3/8"
Left side overlap: 3/8"
Ironing Board: 42" Ventilated Steel
Hot Iron Storage Compartment: Standard
Storage Shelf: Standard
Full Length Piano Hinge: Standard
Ironing Board Cover and Pad: Standard
Electrical System: Not Available
Hot Iron Rest: Optional
Electrical Cord Cover: Not Available
Electrical Cord Wrap: Optional
Garment Bar: Optional
Garment Hook: Standard
Adjustable Swivel Board: Optional
Spotlight (Less Bulb): Not Available
Rowenta Iron: Optional
Steam/Dry Iron: Optional
Sleeveboard: Optional
Surface Mount Trim: Optional
Mirror and Brackets: Optional
Birch Veneer Door: Standard
Oak Raised Panel Door: Optional
Maple Raised Panel Door: Optional
Pine Raised Panel Door: Optional
White Raised Panel Door: Optional
White Flat Door: Optional
No Door: Optional
Interior Color: Cool Gray
Exterior Finish: Unfinished
Outside Dimensions: 15"x47 7/8"x7 3/8"
Rough-In-Opening Size: 14 1/4"x47 1/8"x3 7/8"
Outside Door Dimensions: 15"x47 7/8"
Box Carton Dimensions: 17 3/16"x55 1/8"x9 5/8"
Box Cubic Feet: 5.28
Approximate Shipping Weight: 50 lbs
Units per Pallet: 12