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15 Inch Built-in Ice Maker with 30 lbs. Ice Storage, 34 lbs. Daily Production, Stainless Steel Ice Cutter, Cleaning Mode and Low Noise Ice Deflector
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15 Inch Built-in Ice Maker with 30 lbs. Ice Storage, 34 lbs. Daily Production, Stainless Steel Ice Cutter, Cleaning Mode and Low Noise Ice Deflector

Brand: Marvel Professional Series
Left Hinge Door $2,399.00
Right Hinge Door $2,399.00
Left Hinge Door with Pump $2,599.00
Right Hinge Door with Pump $2,599.00
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15" Ice Maker - Left Hinge Model

Built-in Open View
Marvel: The perfect choice for professional-style kitchens.
Quality... you know it when you see it. Clean lines. Elegant styling. Attention to detail and smart design. It just feels right.

This new line of premium, professional-style products is the result of 120 years of leadership in the refrigeration market. You'll see it in accents like the striking stainless steel drawer fronts. You'll feel it in Marvel's flawless fit and finish and the smooth, solid mechanics of their drawer glides and door hinge systems. And you'll experience it with advanced cooling systems and controls that keep your wines, beverages, and food at just the right temperature.

Marvel's household products are manufactured to the same stringent standards as those they design for their medical, scientific, and industrial customers. You can be confident that your Marvel is built for long-lasting performance.

Marvel's Ice Machines
Simply freezing water will also freeze impurities, altering the taste of any beverage it touches. That's why Marvel Professional ice machines utilize a specialized process that removes impurities during the freezing process. The result is crystal clear, gourmet ice that chills beverages perfectly and preserves their flavor. Marvel's ice machines produce 34.5 lbs. of ice cubes in 24 hours, and store up to 30 lbs. The stainless steel ice cutter sizes and shaped cubes that cool your beverage quicker while taking less room in your glass.

They've also engineered their Clear Ice Machines to be extremely quiet and dependable. Their newly designed drain pump motor and impeller reduces startup and operational noise, and their sound buffering ice deflector makes Marvel Professional the quietest ice maker on the market.

Stainless Steel Ice Cutter
° For Best-in-class Clear Ice with Consistent Cube Size and Shape

High Efficiency, Low Maintenance Condenser Design for Built-in Installations

Produces Up to 34 lbs. and Stores 30 lbs. of Clear Ice Cubes in 24 Hours

Ice Scoop Included

Adjustable Temperature from 42 °F to 34 °F

Equipped with Cleaning Mode

Low Noise Ice Deflector
° Reduces cube impact noise

Full Length Professional-style Handle and Stainless Steel Toe Kick

Solid Stainless Steel Door Front

"Close Door Assist" Hinging System

Three Year Warranty
Storage Size: 30 lbs.
Ice Scoop: Included
Cleaning Mode: Yes
Handle: Full-Length Professional
Door Style: Stainless Steel
Toe Kick: Stainless Steel
Width: 14 3/4"
Depth: 24"
Height: 33 3/4"
Marvel Professional Series Brochure