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12,000 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Cool/Heat Pump Ductless Split System with R-410A Refrigerant, 5 Operating Modes and Remote Control (KFTZHP12ID Indoor / KFTZHP12OD Outdoor)
12,000 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Cool/Heat Pump Ductless Split System with R-410A Refrigerant, 5 Operating Modes and Remote Control (KFTZHP12ID Indoor / KFTZHP12OD Outdoor)

Brand: Soleus
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Welcome To Soleus Air!
At Soleus Air, their goal is your comfort in the home and office. Under different brand names, you have enjoyed and trusted their products for many years. They are now introducing their own line. Soleus Air to retail. On the commercial side, contractors and builders know Soleus Air and their quality and dependability. They have become the #1 portable A/C supplier in the US. Many unique features start exclusively on their products and then disseminate to other brands. Theirr R and D is second to none. They only offer the best in terms of quality and innovation. Their product line includes portable air conditioners, split air conditioners, window air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, party coolers, and wine coolers. Available at AJ Madison.

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient
Soleus Air takes ductless split systems above and beyond the mandated 13 SEER efficiency standards with up to 16 SEER split systems. All Soleus Air Mini-Split systems utilize the more eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Quick and Easy Installation
Soleus Air systems are pre-charged with R-410A to keep moisture out and protect the system during shipping.


Heat Pump Technology

5 Operating Modes
° Feel
° Cooling
° Dry
° Fan
° Heating

4 Fan Settings

Lineset Included

Oscillating Louvers

Programmable Settings
° Timer Mode
° Temperature Mode

Adjustable Digital Thermostat

Remote Control with LCD Display

Multi-Color Air Handler Display

Removable and Washable Air Filters

Available At AJ Madison
Model: KFTZHP-12-ID / KFTZHP-12-OD
Function: Cooling/Heating
Rated Voltage: 115V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Cooling/Heating Capacity (BTU): 12,500 / (12,000 + 3,070)
SEER: 13.0
Declared EER/Actual EER: 12.3 / 11.3
Declared COP/Actual COP (W/W.h): 2.6 / 3.5
Cooling/Heating Power Input: 1,000 / (1,000 + 900) Watts
Cooling/Heating Rated Current: 4.6 / (4.6 + 4.1) Amps
Air Flow Volume: 430/420/400 CFM
HSPF: 7.7
Dehumidifying Volume: 2.11 Pt/H
Auto Restart: Yes
Breaker Size: 10 Amp
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 6.35
Fan Motor Speed (r/min) (L/M/H): 1,280/1,180/1,080
Output of Fan Motor (w): 23
Fan Motor Capacitor (uf): 1.5
Fan Motor RLA (A): 0.17
Coil (WxHxD) (inch): 27 19/25 x 12 2/5 x 1
Evaporator Fan Motor (W): .14
Fuse (A): 6
Noise Level dB (A) (L/M/H): 42/40/38
Dimension (WxHxD)(inch): 35 7/20 x 11 x 7 19/20
Dimension of Package (WxHxD)(in.): 39 17/100 x 14 37/100 x 11 73/100
Net Weight/Gross Weight (LB): 24.2/30.8
Operating Range: 24F to 110F
Condensor: Aluminum Fin-Copper Tube
Row-Fin Gap (in.): 2-0.059
Coil (LxHxW) (in.): 30.51x20.08x1
Fan Motor Speed (rpm): 860
Output of Fan Motor (w): 31
Fan Motor RAL(A): 0.23
Fan Motor Capacitor (uF): 1.5
Fan Type-Pipe: Axial Fan
Fan Diameter (in.): 15.8
Defrosting Method: Auto Defrost
Noise Level dB(A): 52
Isolation: 1
Design Pressure High (PSI): 465
Design Pressure Low (PSI): 452
Dimension (WxHxD)(in.): 29 23/25 x 21 73/100 x 10 1/10
Dimension of Package (WxHxD)(in.): 33 49/50 x 23 41/50 x 14 4/5
Net Weight/Gross Weight (lb): 74.8/81.4
Refrigerant Charge (lb): R410A/2.38
Connection Pipe
Design Length (ft): 24.6
Design Pressure High/Low (PSIG): 465/252
Extra Refrigerant Charge Per feet Above Design Length (oz/ft): 0.22
Outer Diameter Liquid Pipe (inch): 1/4
Outer Diameter Gas Pipe (inch): 3/8
Max Distance Height (ft): 16.4
Max Distance Length (ft): 49.2
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Line Set Specifications
Service Manual
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