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12" Induction Cooktop with 2 Cooking Zones, 12 Cooking Settings, 3 Quick Launch Commands, 7-Point Safety System and Illuminated Touch Controls
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
12" Induction Cooktop with 2 Cooking Zones, 12 Cooking Settings, 3 Quick Launch Commands, 7-Point Safety System and Illuminated Touch Controls
12" Induction Cooktop with 2 Cooking Zones, 12 Cooking Settings, 3 Quick Launch Commands, 7-Point Safety System and Illuminated Touch Controls

Brand: Fagor
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Fagor believes in designing appliances that consistently perform when you need them to. They strive to offer appliances that are ultra reliable and energy efficient, giving you the freedom to spend less time worrying about your chores and more time living your life.

They are a leader in home appliances manufacturing, using the most cutting edge technology and modern design innovations with an ever-constant focus on eco-friendly living.

Fagor is the worldwide leader in built-in induction cooktops. The ultimate cooking experience, induction adds a sleek and streamlined design to compliment any kitchen. Long revered as the number one choice of gourmet cooks and culinary academies, now you can enjoy state of the art performance cooking in your own home. Induction cooktops are powerful, precise, efficient and safe. Flameless cooking and instant heat adjustment are just a few of the well-known advantages of this incredible technology!


2 Cooking Zones

For A Kitchen With Limited Space

Rapid Cooking Precision At Your Fingertips
° FAGOR induction cooktops are equipped with sleek touch controls and are easy to operate.
° For precise cooking needs, you can select from 12 cooking settings.
° Three quick launch commands allow you to select a low, medium or high temperature with a simple touch.
° Power varies from 50 to 3600W, for a premium cooking performance.
° Total power: 3.6 kW

Cooking Versatility
° FAGOR induction cooktops have burners of different sizes to offer you maximum flexibility to enjoy your cooking.

Extrememly Durable Glass Top In A Cooler Kitchen
° FAGOR induction cooktops' glass surface is very resistant to heat variations.
° Since the glass top doesn't conduct heat, cooking with FAGOR induction cooktops allow you to keep not only the top cooler but also your kitchen.

7-Point Safety System
° Fagor has developed a 7-point safety system as its commitment to ensure your safety.
° Overflow Safety: Stops the cooktop if food is spilled over the touch controls.
° Anti-Overheating: Disables temperature at 575°F, so oil and other elements can't catch fire.
° Low Voltage Detection: A signal on the keyboard informs the user about a problem of low voltage on its electrical network.
° Over Voltage Detection: A safety system sets off automatically the cooktop in case of over voltage to protect the electronic boards.
° Improper Connection Protection: In case of improper electrical connection, the cooktop is automatically protected.
° Small Utensil Safety: Surface will not activate unless the pan placed on the cooktop is at least 5" in diameter.
° Cookware Detection: The cooktop will switch off automatically if no cookware is placed on it within one minute.

Illuminated Control Touch Controls

General Features
Number of Heating Areas: 2
Type: Induction
Automatic Operation
99 Min. Operation Timer: No
Beeper: No
Operating Control
Touch Control: Yes
Power Display Indicator: Yes
General On/Off Sensor: Yes
Power Setting Selection Sensor (+/-): 2
Recipient Detection System: Yes
Automatic Safety Cut-Off: Yes
Safety Thermostat for Hiting Area: Yes
Residual Heat Display: No
Safety Lock: No
Technical Specifications
Heating Area - Center Front: 6 1/4" @ 2.2 kW
Heating Area - Center Back: 8 1/2" @ 2.8 kW
Voltage: 240 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Amperage: 15 Amps
Overall Width: 12 3/16"
Overall Depth: 20 3/8"
Overall Height: 3 5/8"
Cutout Width: 10 5/8"
Cutout Depth: 19 1/2"
Min. Clearance From Back Wall: 3/8"
User Manual
Induction Warranty