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5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, 165 sq. ft. Cooling Area, 24-Hour On/Off Timer and Remote Control
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, 165 sq. ft. Cooling Area, 24-Hour On/Off Timer and Remote Control
5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio, R-410A Refrigerant, 165 sq. ft. Cooling Area, 24-Hour On/Off Timer and Remote Control

Brand: Frigidaire
Replaced By FFRE0533Q1
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Frigidaire offers consumers a complete line of room air conditioners , dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners and ductless mini-split air conditioners designed with the latest in technology to meet every need. The products provide consumers with fresh designs and features that work with any decor and meet the highest of expectations in both functionality and quality.

From small bedrooms and bonus rooms to large, semi-commercial areas, Frigidaire is committed to providing quiet, efficient and reliable air conditioning products for years of trouble free comfort.

All Frigidaire Mini air conditioner models come equipped with 2-speed fan control, 2-way directional air flow control and a pleated, quick-mount window kit for easy installation.

How to Choose a Room Air Conditioner
Compared to large capacity central units, room air conditioners have several advantages. The initial cost of a room air conditioning unit is significantly lower than the cost of central air. Because room air conditioners are designed for cooling small spaces, operating costs are reduced. And, room air conditioners can provide personalized temperature and humidity controls that central systems cannot.

Calculating Cooling Capacity
Cooling capacity is the critical factor in properly selecting a room air conditioner. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and typical models will range in capacity from 5,000 BTUs to 28,500 BTUs.

Choosing an undersized unit will overwork the unit and it will not cool properly. Choosing an oversized unit will cost more to buy and operate and it will not dehumidify properly.

We can help you to calculate capacity. Be prepared to provide specific information on:
  • Room Dimensions
  • A simple floor plan to show the location of doors and north-facing windows
  • The number of people it will serve
  • Sources of heat such as lamps, TV and appliances
  • An explanation of what's above the intended room
  • Your insulation provisions

Cooling Capacity by Room Size
Measure the length and width of the area to be cooled. Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage or square meters. When cooling rooms with uninsulated ceilings, great rooms, or southern or western sun exposures - step up to the next BTU size.

Room SizeBTU
Sq. Ft.Sq. m
15014 up to 5,000
16515 5,200

Ready-Select Controls
° Easily select options with the touch of a button.

Effortless Temperature Control
° The air conditioners maintain the preset room temperature, so you will remain comfortable at all times.

Remote Control
° Allows you to precisely control the temperature and fan speed from across the room.

Effortless Clean Filter
° The anti-microbial filter cleans the air, removing harmful bacteria and alergens.

Energy and Cost Savings
° The unit operates at a low voltage - conserving energy and saving you money.

Quickly Cools
° Quickly cool a room on hot days.

Effortless Restart
° Automatically resume operating at its previous settings when power is restored to your unit.

Power Cord
° Comes with an extra long three-prong cord - makes extension cords unnecessary.

SpaceWise Adjustable Design
° Optional side panels extend so you can adjust your unit to fit your window.

24-Hour On/Off Timer
° Keep things cool on your schedule.
Dimensions & Weights
Product Width: 16"
Product Depth: 15 1/2"
Product Height: 12"
Required Window Width: 23" min./36" max.
Required Window Height: 13" min.
Approximate Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.
Cooling Capacity: 5,000 BTUs
Dehumidification: 1.1 Pints/Hour
Cool Area: 165 sq. ft.
Energy Efficiency Ratio: 10.7 EER
Volts: 115
Cooling Amps: 4.5
Cooling Watts: 465
Length of Power Cord: 6 ft. min./6.5 ft. max.
Plug Type (NEMA): LCDI (A) - 5-15P
Electronic Controls: Ready-Select Controls
Fan Speeds (Cool/Fan): 2/2
Low Voltage Start-Up: Yes
Auto Cool Function: Yes
Energy Save: Yes
Sleep Mode: No
Filter Check: No
24 Hour On/Off Timer: Yes
Clean Air Ionizer: No
Remote Control: Full Function
Air CFM (High/Med/Low): 146/132/125
Air Direction Control: 2-Way
Fresh Air/Exhaust Vent/Closed: No/No/Yes
Filter Type: Antimicrobial Mesh
Filter Access: Slide-Out
Slide-Out Chassis: No
Cabinet Louvers: Yes
Rear Grille: No
Window Mounting Kit: Included - Pleated Quick Mount
Performance: AHAM
Refrigerant: R-410a
Owners Guide
Wiring Diagram
Installation Instructions
Specification Sheet
Energy Guide