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Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 17-Place Settings, 15 Wash Cycles, 10Spray Wash System, Turbo Drying Express System, 4 Rack System and 44 dBA: Stainless Steel
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 17-Place Settings, 15 Wash Cycles, 10Spray Wash System, Turbo Drying Express System, 4 Rack System and 44 dBA: Stainless Steel
Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 17-Place Settings, 15 Wash Cycles, 10Spray Wash System, Turbo Drying Express System, 4 Rack System and 44 dBA: Stainless Steel

Brand: Asko XXL Series
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ASKO products have been marketed throughout North America by ASKO Appliances, Inc. for over 23 years. As an Energy Star Partner, ASKO is a leader who consistently exceeds Energy Star standards. They develop innovative dishwashers, washing machines and dryers that save water and energy while providing superior performance and revolutionary design. In addition, all ASKO residential products offer an industry leading 2 Plus 1 Warranty - two years of coverage with an additional one year of coverage upon product registration. No other warranty provides parts and labor protection like the ASKO 2 Plus 1 Warranty.

ASKO Dishwashers
At ASKO, they care about the environment as much as they do about clean dishes. That's why they make some of the most water and energy efficient dishwashers in the world. They are proud that all of their current dishwashers have earned the ENERGY STAR label!

XXL Dishwashers
ASKO XXL dishwashers have extreme loading capacity. A quality dishwasher should save you time in the kitchen, which is exactly what their large dishwashers do. Their larger dishwashers have a flexible basket system that handles just about any sized dish, so you can do more with every wash.

Towel Bar Handle

Hidden Control

Full LCD Display

Status Lights

Exclusive Turbo Express Drying System

3 Level Drying

SensiDry Sensor

10Spray Wash System

15 Wash Programs

PowerZone Pots and Cutlery

PowerZone Plate

Crockery Warmer


Time Wash with Time Set

China Guard

Super Rinse

Plastic Wash

Mixed Wash

Time Saver

Upper / Lower Wash

Delay Start - 24 Hr

6 Wash and Rinse Temps (160°)

4 Level, 7 Basket Rack System

9" - 7-1/2" Clearance In Upper Rack

Exclusive Upper Rack

Exclusive Middle Rack with 2 Baskets

15-1/4" Clearance In Lower Rack

Exclusive Lower Rack

Adjustable Tines Upper/Lower Rack

Height-Adjustable Upper Rack

Racks Handles (Upper/Lower)

Adjustable Split Stemware Shelf

Wine Glass Shelf (Lower)

Cutlery Plus Basket

Knife Rack with Dedicated Wash System

17 Place-Setting Capacity

Tab (Bypasses Rinse Aid)

Interior Light - Halogen

Quiet Operation - 44 dB(A)

Front Adjustable Rear Level Leg
Capacity: 17 Place Settings
Energy Star Qualified: Yes
ADA Compliant: No
Environmentally Certified - ISO14001: Yes
Quality Certified - ISO9001: Yes
Quiet Operation: 44 dBA
Standard Features
Exclusive EasyInstall Installation System: Yes
Exclusive Super Cleaning System (SCS): Yes
Exclusive 8Steel Quality Construction: Yes
Exclusive PowerZone Cleaning Zones: Yes
Exclusive AquaSafe Leak protection: Yes
Exclusive 2 Plus 1 Warranty Protection: Yes
Exclusive World's Most Usable Space: Yes
Exclusive Tallest Loading Height: Yes
Exclusive Industry's Largest Capacity: Yes
Wash System: 10Spray
Filtration: Triple Filtration - Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning
Anti-Jam Technology: Auto-Reversing Pump
Control Systems: User-Friendly
Display: Full LCD
Status Lights: Yes
Program Memory Recalls Last Program: Yes
Turbo Drying Express System: Yes
SensiDry Sensor: Yes
Drying Level: 3
Wash Programs: 15
Wash and Rinse Temperatures: 6 (160°)
PowerZone Pots and Cutlery: Yes
PowerZone Plate: Yes
CoolTouch: Yes
Crockery Warmer: Yes
Upper / Lower Wash: Yes
Time Wash: Yes with Time Set
Super Rinse: Yes
Plastic Wash: Yes
China Guard: Yes
Mixed Wash: Yes
Time Saver: Yes
Delay Start: 24 Hr
SteamSafe: Yes
Knife Guard: Yes
KidSafe: Yes
4 Level Rack System: Yes with 7 Baskets
Upper Rack: Exclusive
Middle Rack: Exclusive with 2 Baskets
Lower Rack: Exclusive
Upper Rack Clearance: 9" - 7 1/2"
Lower Rack Clearance: 15 1/4"
Racks Handles: Yes (Upper/Lower)
Adjustable Tines: Yes (Upper/Lower Rack)
Adjustable Upper Rack: Yes
Knife Rack: Yes with Dedicated Wash System
Wine Glass Shelf: Yes (Lower)
Cutlery Plus Basket: Yes
Split Stemware Shelf: Adjustable
Tab: Yes (Bypasses Rinse Aid)
Interior Light: Halogen
Dual Pump and Motor System: Yes
18:9 Stainless Steel Tank, Filters and Spray Arms: Yes
Seam Welded Stainless Steel Tanks: Yes
One-Piece Galvanized Steel Base Pan: Yes
Front Adjustable Rear Level Leg: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 24"
Depth: 22 7/8"
Height: 34 3/8" - 36 1/2"
Weight: 106 Lbs.
Operating Instructions