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24" Built-in Whole Coffee Bean System with Plumbed-In Water Connection, Dual Dispensing Spouts, Grinder Bypass, Pre-Brew System, Frothing System, Integrated Milk Tank and Multi-Lingual LCD Display
24" Built-in Whole Coffee Bean System with Plumbed-In Water Connection, Dual Dispensing Spouts, Grinder Bypass, Pre-Brew System, Frothing System, Integrated Milk Tank and Multi-Lingual LCD Display

Brand: Miele
Replaced By CVA6805
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At the very core of Miele's technical and production competencies are washing machines. Having more experience than almost any other appliance company on the planet, Miele has taken the washing machine in Europe, and around the world, to the highest level of durability, reliability and convenience while always remembering the product's potential impact on their cherished natural resources.

Miele products are truly built to last. The company is committed to its "vertical integration" philosophy, which means Miele directly oversees the production and quality control on nearly all components used in every machine, from metal stamping and enameling to circuit boards and relays.

A Heritage of Quality and Innovation
The dinner table - where crystal sparkles, fine china glistens and gleaming heirloom silverware reflects treasured memories. Ensuring the quiet, spotless care of cherished tableware is what drives one of the most respected groups of German appliance engineers to continually improve its dishwasher. A 109-year-old Miele family tradition of crafting superior, groundbreaking products that are, in the words of the company's patriarchs, Immer Besser or Forever Better. No other dishwasher brand in the world is more trusted, wins more design awards or leads in technological firsts. The latest generation of Miele residential and commercial dishwashers proudly continues this legacy.

Coffee Systems
Something's brewing at Miele..
Miele's whole bean system delivers espresso, cappuccino, latté or regular coffee easily and with an incredible flavor sure to please even the most critical connoisseur.

Plumbed-In Water Connection

Whole Coffee Bean System

Door Hinged Left

Concealed Handle

Patented Brewing Unit

Conical Grinding System
° Conical grinder precisely and evenly grinds the beans to produce rich flavor tailored to your individual taste.

Grinder Bypass
° The traditional, fresh grind and brew process can easily be bypassed by opening the coffee system door and pouring ground coffee into the designated chamber.
° Oscillating between caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages, for example, makes this system very versatile.

500g Coffee Bean Container

Grinds From 6g to 12g of Coffee Beans Per Cup

Grinder Settings Are Adjustable (Coarse to Fine)

Pre-Brew System (On/Off)

Large-Capacity Container for Used Coffee Grounds

Adjustable Cup Size Settings
° The dispensing spout is height-adjustable to accommodate an array of cup sizes, from the classic petit espresso to the average American mug.

Stainless Steel Finishes Feature Clean Touch Steel

Variable Water Temperature Control

Water Hardness Setting

Integrated LED Lighting

Dual Dispensing Spouts with Tall Height Adjustability
° Dual dispensing spouts allow you to serve two hot beverages simultaneously or cut the preparation time of one cup in half!

Hot Water Spout

Frothing System with Integrated Milk Tank
° The integrated milk tank is a Miele-exclusive feature.
° This insulated reservoir made of double-walled stainless steel keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours without any loss of quality, and guarantees uniformly perfect steamed milk.
° The milk tank is held in the patented swing door and can be removed easily for filling or storing in the refrigerator.
° An automatic fill level monitor shows a timely message on the display when it is necessary to replenish the milk.

Safety Lock

Multi-Lingual LCD Display, 7 Languages

Stand-By Function

Delay Start / Stop Function

Fault Diagnosis

Automatically Prompts You to Add Fresh Water and Coffee Beans

Complimentary Welcome Gift Box

Cleaning Agent Included
Finishes: Stainless Steel Feature Clean Touch Steel
Water Connection: Plumbed-In
Coffee Bean System: Whole
Door Hinged: Left
Concealed Handle: Yes
Grinding System: Conical
Grinder Bypass: Yes
Coffee Bean Container: 500g
Coffee Beans Per Cup: Grinds From 6g to 12g
Grinder Settings: Adjustable (Coarse to Fine)
Pre-Brew System (On/Off): Yes
Large-Capacity Container for Used Coffee Grounds: Yes
Cup Size Settings: Adjustable
Water Temperature Control: Variable
Water Hardness Setting: Yes
Integrated LED Lighting: Yes
Dual Dispensing Spouts: Yes with Tall Height Adjustability
Hot Water Spout: Yes
Frothing System: Yes with Integrated Milk Tank
Safety Lock: Yes
LCD Display: Multi-Lingual with 7 Languages
Stand-By Function: Yes
Delay Start / Stop Function: Yes
Fault Diagnosis: Yes
Add Fresh Water and Coffee Beans: Automatically Prompts You
Cleaning Agent: Included
Overall Width: 23 7/16"
Overall Depth: 21 1/8"
Overall Height: 17 15/16"
Cutout Width: 22 1/16" to 22 3/8"
Cutout Depth: 22 1/16" Min.
Cutout Height: 17 5/8" to 17 3/4"
Operating and Installation Manual