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3/4 HP Batch Feed Waste Disposer with 1725 RPM Dura-Drive Induction Motor, SoundSeal Plus, MultiGrind, Magnetic CoverStart Activation and 7-Year In-Home Service Warranty
3/4 HP Batch Feed Waste Disposer with 1725 RPM Dura-Drive Induction Motor, SoundSeal Plus, MultiGrind, Magnetic CoverStart Activation and 7-Year In-Home Service Warranty

Brand: InSinkErator Evolution Series
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Grind More. Hear Less.
Over the past 79 years InSinkErator has been known for building the world's best food waste disposers. Today, the new Evolution Series disposers represent the highest standard in performance. Simply put, they are the best grinding, quietest line of disposers they have ever made.

New Technolgies:
The Evolution Series disposers introduce new technologies, MultiGrind and SoundSeal, that address the two most common requests they've heard ove the years. Improved grinding ability. Reduced noise.

The Evolution Cover Control delivers the new standard in sound and grind performance with the extra assurance of covered operation.

Why Have A Disposer
There's a place for kitchen garbage, and it's not underneath your sink or beside your countertop. In fact, no matter where you keep a garbage can, getting rid of food waste can be a messy, smelly chore. Bagged garbage can also attract animals and insects, and create unsanitary conditions around your home. With an InSinkErator disposal in your kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds and more can go right down the drain and into the garbage disposal -- where they're virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. You'll enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, less cans and bags cluttering your home, and fewer trips carrying garbage to the curb.

Environmental Benefits
By putting an InSinkErator disposer in your kitchen, you're doing your part to help reduce a growing problem. That's because when food waste is dumped in landfills, bacteria and other harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate our water. With an InSinkErator disposer, food waste is ground into fine particles and safely flushed into your sewage system. Decades of scientific studies have shown this to be a sound ecological alternative. At wastewater treatment facilities, the food waste can be converted into useful energy, or recycled into agricultural fertilizer.

° Two grind stages let you quickly grind difficult food waste you wouldn't put in a standard disposer, like celery and potato peels.

SoundSeal Plus
° Makes the Evolution Cover Control at least 60% quieter than standard disposers.

Magnetic CoverStart Activation
° Offers an extra margin of assurance by running only when the cover is on.
° Operates using batch feed process.

40-Ounce Stainless Steel Grind Chamber and Grind Component
° Handles more volume than standard disposers.

3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor
° Gives you more horsepower than standard disposers.

Removable Sink Baffle

° "7-Year We Come to You" In-Home Service Warranty.
° Covers parts and labor.
Type of Feed: Batch Feed
On/Off Control: Cover Control
Motor: Single Phase
HP: 3/4
Volts: 120
Reversing: No
Hz: 60
RPM: 1,725
Amp. (Avg. Load): 8.1
Time Rating: Intermittent
Lubrication: Permanently Lubricated Upper and Lower Bearings
Unit Finish: Gray TEN-1706
Grind Chamber Capacity: 40 Oz.
Motor Protection: Manual Reset Overload
Average Water Usage: 1/4 Gallon Per Person Per Day
Average Electrical Usage: 1/2 KWH Per Month
Drain Connection: 1 1/2" Anti-Vibration (Hose Clamp)
Diswasher Drain Connection: Yes
SoundSeal Plus Technology
Anti-Vibration Mount: Yes
Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount: Yes
Sink Baffle: Yes
Multi-Layer SoundLimiter Insulation: Yes
MultiGrind Technology
GrindShear Ring: Yes
Tri-Action Lug System Feature: No
Undercutter Disk: No
Jam-Sensor Circuit: No
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Diameter: 10"
Overall Height: 13 1/3"
Shipping Weight: 23.5 Lbs.
Installation Care and Use Manual