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22 Inch SuperSteam Oven with 1.1 cu. ft. Convection Steam Oven, 700 Watt Microwave, Steam Clean Cycle, Sensor Cook, Automatic Cooking, LCD Display, Pull Down Door and Optional Built-in Trim Kit
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22 Inch SuperSteam Oven with 1.1 cu. ft. Convection Steam Oven, 700 Watt Microwave, Steam Clean Cycle, Sensor Cook, Automatic Cooking, LCD Display, Pull Down Door and Optional Built-in Trim Kit

Brand: Sharp SuperSteam Oven
AJ SKU: AX1200
Color Options
Black N/A
Stainless Steel N/A
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Stainless Steel


With Built-In Trim Kit

Dot Matrix LCD Display with Visual Prompts

Installed As Countertop

Installed In Wall Oven Cabinet

Installed with Sharp Microwave Drawer

Installed with Sharp Microwave Drawer and Warming Drawer
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SuperSteam Oven
Today, more and more people aspire to a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that includes healthy eating - and healthy food preparation. Sharp's new multi-purpose oven offers a unique combination of the healthiest ways to cook, all in one versatile appliance: SuperSteam Convection, Steam, Convection and Microwave.

One of the best ways to eat healthy is to take control of what you eat by cooking more meals at home. That means starting with wholesome, fresh, flavorful ingredients and using cooking methods that don't require the addition of large amounts of extra fat or sauces - and that results in fewer calories. With the Sharp's SuperSteam Oven you won't have to compromise on taste or appearance. It can help you change the way you eat by changing the way you cook!

The AX-1200 can also be used for traditional steaming, for microwave cooking or as a convection oven for baking or roasting.


° The SuperSteam Oven offers a unique combination of the healthiest ways to cook all in one oven:
    •It cooks a wide variety of foods without compromising taste or appearance.
    •SuperSteam technology actually browns and crisps foods while retaining moisture and natural flavors.
    •Meats, poultry, fish and seafood are exceptionally moist and tender
° Microwave option provides speed and convenience
° LCD display and automatic settings assure excellent results
° Balanced Meals setting automatically cooks complete meals in 25 minutes
° It's the perfect second oven or second microwave

° Foods that are good for you will look and taste better than you ever expected.
° It's not just what you cook, it's how you cook it. Now you can get moist, flavorful results without the addition of fats and oils.
° No other oven cooks in so many healthy ways, giving you more control over what you eat and how you cook it. It can help change the way you eat by changing the way you cook.
° The SuperSteam Cookbook includes healthy recipes, cooking tips and nutritional information to encourage healthier cooking and eating.

Steam is Hot
° Consumers want foods that are fresh and flavorful.
° They know that steam is a natural, gentle cooking method, preserving nutrients and taste.
° Now Sharp offers the benefit of steam cooking along with superheated steam that browns and crisps.
° Steam is being used in many applications: cooking appliances, washers and dryers, dishwashers, microwave frozen foods and steaming bags for microwave cooking.

Flexible Placement
° Build into a 30" wall oven cabinet with Sharp's deluxe built-in kit.
° Built-in design coordinates with other Sharp Insight and Insight Pro appliances. To create a unique cooking center, build the Sharp SuperSteam Oven above a Sharp Microwave Drawer and/or Warming Drawer.
° Place on the countertop or cart if built-in options are not an option.

Consumer Trends
° The SuperSteam Oven is ideal for empty nesters, retiring baby boomers and smaller households, some of the fastest growing consumer segments.
° Smaller meals are being cooked at home.
° Families often eat different foods, even when they dine together, fueling the need for smaller, specialized cooking appliances.
° The "Wellness Consumer" wants to eat healthier, to be more physically active and to take action to lower health risks.

Display: Dot Matrix LCD Display with Visual Prompts
Control Panel: Right Side
Controls: Easy to Use Dial For Food Selection
Cooking System: SuperSteam Convection, Convection, Steam, Microwave
Convection Mode: 100°F - 450°F Temperature Range, Two-Level Baking
Oven Capacity: 1.1 Cu. Ft.
Microwave Output Wattage: 700 Watts
Microwave Distribution System: Antenna System, Bottom Feed
Microwave Sensor Cook: Yes
Automatic Cooking Categories - SuperSteam/Convection: Balanced Meals, Poultry Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Pizza, Convenience Foods
Automatic Cooking Categories - Steam: Vegetables, Fish/Seafood, Poached Eggs
Automatic Cooking Categories - Microwave: 6 Sensor Cook Settins, Reheat, Popcorn
Reheating Options: Microwave Sensor or Manual Steam
Defrosting Options: Automatic Microwave Defrost
Manual Cooking: SuperSteam Convection, Convection, Steam, Microwave, Reheat, Defrost, Proof
Cleaning: Steam Clean Cycle
Door Opening: Pull Down Door For Flexible Placement
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Clock: 24 Hours
Microwave Variable Power Levels: 11
Sound On/Off: Yes
Demonstration Mode: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes
Oven Interior: Non-Stick Finish
Handle: Curved Open Handle
Built-In Kit: Optional
Porcelain Enamel Baking Trays: 2 Included
Racks with Non-Stick Finish: High and Low: 2 Included
Steam Basket: 1 Included
SuperSteam Cookbook: Included
Touch Guide: Included
AC Line Voltage: 120V, 60Hz, AC Only
AC Power Required: Microwave: 1.04 kW, 9.0A, Convection: 1.50 kW, 12.5A
Microwave Power System: Inverter
Safety Compliance: FCC, DHHS, UL Listed
Installation: Can be installed above any electric wall oven, warming drawer or Sharp Microwave Drawers.
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 21 3/4"
Overall Depth: 18 3/8"
Overall Depth with Handle: 20 1/4"
Overall Height: 17 1/4"
Interior Oven Width: 14 1/8"
Interior Oven Depth: 13 3/8"
Interior Oven Height: 10 1/8"
Cutout Width: 30"
Cutout Depth: 23 1/4"
Cutout Height: 19 1/2"
Net Weight: 51 Lbs.
Shipping Weight: 64 Lbs.
Operation Manual