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30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 4 Sealed Burners, 3.6 cu. ft. Manual Clean Oven, 16,500 BTU Bake/Broil Burner, Concealed Electronic Control Panel and 350 CFM Exhaust System
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30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with 4 Sealed Burners, 3.6 cu. ft. Manual Clean Oven, 16,500 BTU Bake/Broil Burner, Concealed Electronic Control Panel and 350 CFM Exhaust System

Brand: Heartland Classic Collection
AJ SKU: 9200
Color Options
Black, Liquid Propane N/A
Cobalt Blue, Liquid Propane N/A
Cranberry, Liquid Propane N/A
Ivory, Liquid Propane N/A
White, Liquid Propane N/A
Black, Natural Gas $5,299.00
Cobalt, Natural Gas $5,299.00
Cranberry, Natural Gas $5,299.00
Ivory, Natural Gas $5,299.00
White, Natural Gas $5,299.00
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At Heartland, they have an interesting theory about the people that buy their appliances. They don't try and tell their customers what they want. Rather, they give them what they desire. They truly recognize that individual tastes are just that - very individual. They make every appliance with unrivalled craftsmanship and technical perfection but that does leave you with a difficult decision. Will it be the Classic Collection, the Legend Series or the Metro Series Then again, you probably already know.

Describe the Classic Collection. The word romantic is an obvious choice. It's the romance that draws people who care about fine craftsmanship, detailing such as lustrous nickel plated trim and the option of having butter yellow or vivid red. For those that like to feel the durability of solid cast iron and steel construction as they open and close the oven door. For those who appreciate the curves of nickel plated legs, the shape of the handles, and the way the vintage oven temperature gauge perfects the look. And maybe, just maybe, the Classic Collection is for those who simply want their kitchen to be the true heart of their home.

Prepare for an exciting new level of power and precision with their 30" and 48" Classic Gas Ranges. If you're impressed so far, wait until you turn on the burner. You experience a range of control that most high output burners can't hope to deliver. In fact, their 10,000 BTU main input burner delivers 10% more heat than most 13,000 BTU burners. Take it from the highest searing heat down to a whisper of a flame at 600 BTU. Sauces and soups simmer gently without boiling or scorching. Made in every way for professional cooking performance.
° Natural Gas or Propane
° 4 Powerful Sealed High Efficiency Gas Burners
° 1 - 10,000 BTU, 1,000 BTU Simmer
° 3 - 8,000 BTU, 600 BTU True Simmer
° Electronic Ignition and Automatic Re-Ignition
° Easy Clean, Porcelain Coated Solid Cast Iron Grates/Burner Bowls
° Roomy and Efficient 3.6 Cubic Foot Oven
° Cook Friendly Electronic Timer Behind Decorative Panel
° Handy Broiler in Bottom Drawer (Broil Pan and Rack Included)
° Quiet and Efficient 350 CFM Exhaust System
Cooktop Features
Gas Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Burners: 4 Sealed (1 - 10000 BTU, 1000 BTU Simmer and 3 - 8000 BTU, 600 BTU True Simmer)
Ignition Type: Electronic
Automatic Re-ignition: Yes
Cast Iron Grates: Porcelain Coated
Ventilation: 350 CFM Exhaust System in Overhead Storage Cabinet
Oven Features
Oven Capacity: 3.6 Cu. Ft.
Electric Convection Oven: No
Self-Clean: No
Oven Racks: 2
Rack Positions: 4
Broiler Drawer: Yes
Storage Compartment: No
Electronic Timer: Yes - Concealed
Bake/Broil BTU: 16,500
Broil Pan: Included
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 3 Amps (power cord included)
Gas Requirements: No gas venting is required. Specify which gas you will be using, when ordering.
Installation: Gas hookup must be done by a licensed gas fitter.
Appliance Clearances
Sides of Stove to Adjacent Surfaces: 1/2" Min.
Nickel Trim to Adjacent Surfaces: 0" Right and Left
Rear Clearance: 0"
Closet Right Side to Cabinetry: 0"
Top of Counter to Underside Adjacent Cabinetry: 18"
Cooktop to Underside Overhead Cabinets: 30 1/4"
Edge of Range to Combustible Wall On Either Side: 6"
Cut Out Width for Range's Main Body: 30"
Max. Countertop Depth: 24"
Max. Countertop Height: 36"
Max. Overhead Cabinet Depth: 13"
Note: If unit is installed beside a refrigerator it is important that there be at least 5" between the refrigerator and range for proper air circulation.
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 29 3/4"
Depth: 29 1/2"
Height: 66 1/4"
Oven Width: 20 3/4"
Oven Depth: 20 3/4"
Oven Height: 14"
Shipping Weight: 385 Lbs.
Installation and Operation Instructions