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24 Inch Single Electric Wall Oven with European Convection, 8 Cooking Programs, Celeris Fast Preheat and Manual Clean: Stainless Steel
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
24 Inch Single Electric Wall Oven with European Convection, 8 Cooking Programs, Celeris Fast Preheat and Manual Clean: Stainless Steel
24 Inch Single Electric Wall Oven with European Convection, 8 Cooking Programs, Celeris Fast Preheat and Manual Clean: Stainless Steel

Brand: Fagor
Replaced By 6HA196BX
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Fagor believes in designing appliances that consistently perform when you need them to. They strive to offer appliances that are ultra reliable and energy efficient, giving you the freedom to spend less time worrying about your chores and more time living your life.

They are a leader in home appliances manufacturing, using the most cutting edge technology and modern design innovations with an ever-constant focus on eco-friendly living.

The new generation of Fagor ovens includes screens or digital displays that allow you to control the process and make baking and roasting easy as pie. The Genuine European Convection System features a third heating element that surrounds the two-speed fan at the back of the oven, circulating pre-heated air around the oven. And for dishes requiring a pre-heated oven, the Celeris function ensures the ideal cooking temperature is reached sooner.


8 cooking programs.

New illuminated retractable controls.

Stainless Steel finish.

Display for time control.

New enameled easy to clean "Top Slide".

Safety door (double glazed).

Safety lock display (child safety).

Ventilated steam outlet.

Special function: Fast Preheat (Celeris).

Convection defrosting.
° The defrosting function can be used to thaw any type of frozen food: meat, fish, or vegetables, in minimal time.

Convection pizza (two low heating elements).
° The intensive heat that comes from the bottom part, and the fan that distributes it evenly, obtain a crusty pizza base.

° Recommended for broiling meats, chops, lamb, steaks, hamburgers, browning toast and in general, small-sized foods.
° Only the central part of the broiler is used.

Convection Maxi-broil.
° Special program for cooking large roasts and also ideal for cooking and broiling at the same time: red meats, legs, pot roast, poultry, etc.

° This program is recommended for cooking the same foods as with the Mini-broil, but covering the entire tray surface.

Turbo Plus.
° The oven is heated up by the central round heating element.
° The fan distributes the heat evenly all over the oven.

General Features
Useful Oven Cavity: 1.80 Cu. Ft.
No. Cooking Programs: 8
Cooling Fan System: Yes
Illuminated Push Buttons: Yes
Fix Knobs: No
Inner Glass Door: Yes
Fix Up Heating Element: No
Fall Down Up Heating Elements: Yes
European Convection System: Yes
Pizza Function: Yes
Celeris Function (Fast Preheat): Yes
Self-Clean Function (Pyro System): No
Electrical Cable: Yes
Interior Oven Light: Yes
Special "Top Slide" Enamel: Yes
Self-Clean Enamel: No
Electronic Programmer Start/Stop: Yes
Electronic Clock Timer: Yes
Delay Start Cooking: Yes
Operating Control
Display with Temperature: No
Display with Time Control: Yes
Function / Temperature Selector: Yes
+ / - Buttons: No
Temperature Thermostat: Yes
Electronic Temperature Pre-Selection: No
Oven Pilot Light: Yes
Thermostat Pilot Light: Yes
Pre-Heat Pilot Light: No
Door Lock Light (Self-Clean Function): No
Safety Thermostat: Yes
Safety Lock of Display (Child Safety): Yes
Automatic Safety Switch-Off: Yes
Cold Door (No. of Glasses): 2
Technical Specifications
Total Power (kW): 2.6
Maxi-Broiler Element (kW): 2.6
Mini-Broiler Element (kW): 1.4
Convection Element (kW): 2.1
Single Bottom Element (kW): 1.5
Double Bottom Element (kW): 1.0
Self-Clean Function (kW): N/A
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz): 240/60
Intensity to 208/240 V (A): 16
Enameled Deep Tray: 1
Enameled Tray: 1
Chrome Rack with Safety Position: 1
Removable Tray Kit: 1
Pull-System Rack: 1
Overall Width: 23 5/16"
Overall Height: 23 27/64"
Overall Depth: 21 47/64"
Cutout Width: 22"
Cutout Height: 23 5/8"
Cutout Depth: 21 13/16"
Product Specification Sheet
User Manual