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13,500 BTU Portable Cool/Heat Pump Air Conditioner with Electronic Control Panel and 400 CFM Air Flow
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
13,500 BTU Portable Cool/Heat Pump Air Conditioner with Electronic Control Panel and 400 CFM Air Flow
13,500 BTU Portable Cool/Heat Pump Air Conditioner with Electronic Control Panel and 400 CFM Air Flow

Brand: OceanAire Convertible Aire
Today's  Price:  $4,099.00
Oceanaire, Inc. manufactures compact, quiet and technologically advanced products in a 22,000 square foot facility in Morton Grove, IL. All Oceanaire products are carefully assembled by a team of highly experienced HVAC specialists, who take pride in their work. Once built, all Oceanaire units are tested and thoroughly checked before being packed.

The four owners are pleased to announce that Oceanaire, Inc. will be celebrating its 10th year of business in 2007. Throughout the company's history, Oceanaire has provided innovative cooling solutions for the portable air conditioner and heat pump market. Our vision is to utilize our core experience, knowledge and integrity to manufacture the best possible equipment available. With a renewed emphasis on product development and quality improvements, Oceanaire strives to be the preferred portable cooling and heat pump system manufacturer. We are working hard to be your first choice in portable air conditioning equipment.

Total temperature control at your finger tips! If it's too warm ... it will cool you down. If it's too cold ... it will warm you up. Heating and cooling combined in one portable, high tech package. Micro computer control can automatically switch from cooling to heating or heating to cooling. 6 evaporator fan speeds automatically lowers fan speed as space temperature approaches set point. Quiet, efficient reverse curved motorized impellers handle all the air requirements. No pulleys, belts, shafts or set screws that often require service in conventional blowers.
° 6 speed automatic blower delivers just the right amount of air
° Moisture Control Mode can lower humidity level by compressor cycling
° Electronic hour meter records compressor "ON" time. Great for maintenance planning.
° No natural gas, propane or fuel oil required for the heating cycle
° Has all the advantages and features of Low Temperature Air Conditioners
° Cools to 55°F (most other units cool to only 65°F) with 13,500 BTU/HR
° Heats to 85° with 11,685 BTU/HR
° Maintains even temperature great for spring & fall applications (Cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon)
° UL Listed for safety, operates on 115volt power for about 12 cents per hour
° 5 year compressor warranty
Width: 20"
Depth: 25"
Height: 37"
Net Weight: 180 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.
Cooling Capacity
BTU/Hr. @ ARI 80°F - 67° at 52% RH: 1 Ton/13,500
Heating Capacity
BTU/Hr. @ ARI 70°F - 60° at 60% RH: 11,685
Electrical Characteristics
Power Supply: 115 volts/60 Hz/1 Phase
Power Consumption: 1.3 kW Cooling/1.4 kW Heating
Current Consumption: 11.2 Amps Cooling/11.3 Amps Heating
Fuse Size: 15 Amps
NEMA Plug Configuration: 5-15P
Min-max Voltage: 105-125 Volt
Power Cord Gauge: 16AWG (3 Core)
Power Cord Length: 10 ft.
Compressor Characteristics
Compressor Type: Hermetic Rotary
R 22 Charge: 29 oz.
Operating Conditions: Min-max °F: 55°-105°F, 50% RH
Fan Characteristics (Evaporator)
Fan Type 6 Speed: Reverse Curved
Air Flow (High/Low) Evaporator: 400 CFM/340 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure: 0.15 Inches Of Water Gauge
Fan Characteristics (Condenser)
Fan Type: Reversed Curved
Air Flow: 600 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure: 0.20 Inches Of Water Gauge
Safety Devices
Compressor Overload Relay: Yes
Fan Motor Protection: Yes
Anti-freeze Thermostat: No
Automatic Tank Shut-off (Adj. Level): Yes
Condensate Tank Capacity: 5.0 gallons
High-pressure Switch: Yes
Compressor Short-cycle Protection: Yes
Fan Mode Switch: Yes
Automatic Restart: Yes
Thermostat: Digital
Miscellaneous Features
Operating Cost (Approximate/Hr.): $0.12
Humidity Removed @ 60% Rh (Gal/Hr.): 0.85
Accommodates Condensate Pump: Yes
Sound Level (Db) High/Low: 56/54
Max Evaporator Ducting Length (Subtract 10 Ft. For Every 90° Bend): 10 ft.
Max Condenser Ducting Length (Subtract 10 Ft. For Every 90° Bend): 15 ft.
Available in 208/230/60/1 Phase: Yes
Power Supply
Volts: 115
Hertz: 60
Phase: 1
Amperes: 11.3
Operation Manual
Thermostat Operation Manual
Condensate Pump Manual
Heat Pump Accessories
Parts Manual
Product Specifications