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23,500 BTU Low Temperature Portable Air Cooled Air Conditioners with Electronic Control Panel and 1,100 CFM Air Flow
Call an Expert: 1-800-570-3355
23,500 BTU Low Temperature Portable Air Cooled Air Conditioners with Electronic Control Panel and 1,100 CFM Air Flow
23,500 BTU Low Temperature Portable Air Cooled Air Conditioners with Electronic Control Panel and 1,100 CFM Air Flow

Brand: OceanAire ArcticAire
AJ SKU: 2OAC2412
Today's  Price:  $4,479.00
When larger computer and server rooms need cooling, the ArcticAire 2OAC2412 Low Temperature Commercial Air Conditioner can take you all the way down to 55°. The 2 ton unit gives you more capacity than the 2OAC1811. Made in America and built for continuous duty cycling, the powder coated heavy duty metal cabinet will deliver many years of reliable service. Protect your electronic equipment from excessive heat. Fully self contained, just plug it in, set the thermostat to your desired temperature, add any required accessories and feel the temperature come down.

Convenient, space saving, ultra quiet, high efficiency powerful cooling delivered directly to the area that needs it. Just ROLL... into place, PLUG-IN.... the power cord, ATTACH.... any accessories and enjoy cooling IN MINUTES!

Why Use a Low Temperature Air Conditioner Unit
  • The ArcticAire "LOW TEMP" portable air conditioner can cool to 55°F. Most other units can only cool to 65°F.
  • The low temp unit delivers colder air without increased cost.
  • Micro Computer control system maintains steady temperatures down to 55°F.
  • Available in 5 sizes, from 1 to 5 tons. (12,000 BTUs to 60,000 BTUs).
  • Units are available in all voltages from 115 to 460, three phase.
  • Very quiet, 6 speed, reversed-curved, motorized impeller evaporator blower system. Delivers just the right amount of air.
  • ArcticAire has 2 blower systems, one for the condenser and one for the evaporator. Saves money when operating the unit.
  • You can remote mount thermostat for special or custom applications.
  • "Moisture Control Mode" maintains areas with excessive humidity by cycling compressor as needed.
  • Electronic hour meter records compressor "ON" time. Great for planning maintenance schedules.
  • All units are equipped with a high pressure switch and compressor short cycle system for increased reliability and longer life.
  • Full line of accessories to support a variety of cooling applications.
  • UL and C/UL listed for safety.
  • Designed and built in the USA.
  • Room or unit discharge temperatures can be displayed on the unit's control panel.
  • Unit delivers low temperature air quietly by utilizing reverse curved motorized impeller blower systems.
  • Great in summer for after hours, weekend and early morning cool down as main AC unit is in set-up mode.
  • Added value in summer when rooms with southern exposure, lots of windows and high levels of sun drive room temperatures up.
  • Their low temp cooler is a compact unit, easy to handle and transport, and built with a heavy duty cabinet.
  • Commercial or industrial processes like plastic extrusion, welding/soldering, and lab applications may require lower temperatures to be effective.
  • Attractive, strong, 18 gauge steel, powder coated, high gloss cabinet.
  • Low temp units provide peace of mind and confidence that the job will be cooled properly.
  • Supported by a national sales and distribution network.
  • Engineering assistance is available for unconventional or unusual applications.
  • Units come with a 5 year compressor warranty.
° 6 speed automatic blower delivers just the right amount of air.
° Moisture Control Mode can lower humidity level by compressor cycling.
° Electronic hour meter records compressor "ON" time. Great for maintenance planning.
° Cools to 55°F (most other units cool to only 65°F) with 23,500BTU/HR.
° Compressor short cycle protection and manual reset high pressure switch.
° UL Listed for safety, operates on 208/230/1 power.
° 5 year compressor warranty.
Dimensions & Weights
Width: 24"
Depth: 30"
Height: 45"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 290 lbs.
Cooling Capacity
BTU/hr. @ ARI 80° - 67° at 52% Relative Humidity: 23,500
Electrical Characteristics
Power Supply: 208/230 Volts/ 60 Hz/ 1 Phase
Power Consumption: 2.2 Kilowatts Cooling
Current Consumption: 12.3 Amperes Cooling
Fuse Size: 20 Amperes
NEMA Plug Configuration: 6-20P
Min-max Voltage: 197 - 253 Volt
Power Cord Gauge: 14AWG (3 Core)
Power Cord Length: 10 ft.
Compressor Characteristics
Compressor Type: Hermetic Rotary
R22 Charge: 40 Ounces
Operating Conditions: Min-Max°F: 55° - 105°F, 50% RH
Fan Characteristics - Evaporator
Fan Type: Reverse Curved
Air Flow High/Low: 810/680 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure (Inches of Water Gauge): 0.25
Fan Characteristics - Condenser
Fan Type: Reverse Curved
Air Flow High/Low: 1,100 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure (Inches of Water Gauge): 0.25
Safety Devices
Compressor Overload Relay: Yes
Fan Motor Protection: Yes
Anti-Freeze Thermostat: No
Automatic Tank Shut-off: Yes (Adjustable Level)
Condensate Tank Capacity: 5.0 Gallons
High-Pressure Switch: Yes
Compressor Short-Cycle Protection: Yes
Fan Mode Switch: Yes
Automatic Restart: Yes
Thermostat: Digital
Miscellaneous Features
Operating Cost: $0.23 Approximate/Hr.
Humidity Removed @ 60% RH: 1.7 Gallons/Hr.
Accommodates Condensate Pump: Yes
Sound Level High/Low: 64/62 dB
Max. Evaporator Ducting Length: 25 ft. (subtract 10 ft. for every 90° Bend)
Max. Condenser Ducting Length: 50 ft. (subtract 10 ft. for every 90° Bend)
Operation Manual
Parts Manual
Quick Specs/Dimensions