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GECAF Credit Card

Monthly Payment Calculator Disclosure
The information is an estimate of your minimum required monthly payment (which includes both principal and finance charges), and assumes that you do not make additional purchases, that you make the minimum payment on the due date each month, that the applicable interest rate does not change and that you do not incur any additional fees (e.g. voluntary credit insurance, late fees, dishonored check fees, etc.). You can always pay more than the minimum payment; the more you pay each month, the quicker the balance will be repaid and the lower your finance charges will be. Of course, subject to your credit limit and other terms in your Credit Card Agreement, you can make additional purchases.

The AJ Madison Preferred Account is offered by Synchrony financial services to qualified U.S. residents. Taxes, fees and shipping and handling charges are extra and vary. Financing is only offered on purchases $999.99 or more.

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