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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AJ Madison Preferred Account? The AJ Madison Preferred Account offered by GECAF is a revolving line of credit that provides an easy way to finance your appliance purchase (up to your credit limit) at any time for any order of $999 or more.

Why didn't I receive the lowest interest rate? GECAF determines the annual percentage rate for each account based on its underwriting guidelines.

I need to update my personal information. How do I do that? Contact GECAF Financial Services at 877-794-8400.

What's the minimum monthly payment? The amount of your monthly payment depends on your account balance. Monthly payments must be more than $10 or 3% of your account balance.

I have a question about one of the charges on my account. What should I do? If you have questions about charges on your GECAF account, please contact customer service immediately at 877-794-8400.

GECAF Credit Card

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