Hoover UH70015

Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with12 Amp Power, HEPA Filtration, WindTunnel Technology, Embedded Dirt Finder and 8 ft Stretch Hose


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The Hoover story begins in 1907. Murray Spangler, an inventor who worked nights as a janitor, had an asthma problem. He called upon his inventor's creativity to find a solution to the dust that aggravated his asthma as he swept up at night. Spangler gathered a tin soap box, a fan, a sateen pillow case and a broom handle, and assembled an odd-looking, cumbersome contraption that managed to pull the dust away from the air he breathed. He quickly realized that this "suction sweeper," as he called it, had enormous sales potential, and he began seeking financial backing. W.H. "Boss" Hoover, owner of a leather goods manufacturing shop, bought the patent from Spangler in 1908, retained him as a partner, and soon had six employees assembling six units a day in a corner of the leather goods shop. Now that's truly a humble beginning.

The Hoover Platinum Collection Cyclonic Bagless Upright vacuum removes more dirt from carpet than other lightweight bagged uprights tested, so you can achieve the clean results you expect with less effort. The Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum combines WindTunnel technology and multi-stage cyclonic filtration to remove more dirt from carpet than other bagless & cyclonic uprights. The WindTunnel technology does its job diligently, as dirt is extracted from your carpet in less time, so you can move on to more important tasks. This patented technology features three distinct air tunnels to lift and remove dirt from carpets. Windtunnel technology also prevents dirt from scattering back onto your clean floor, so you can remove dirt in less time. For you, achievement is cleaning completely, not completing the cleaning task. Achievement is using innovative technology and design to get the best results - in less time, with less effort. It's the feeling of satisfaction knowing you did it right. The Hoover Platinum Cylonic Bagless Upright- A greater cleaning achievement.
Motor Amps: 12 amps
Filtration: HEPA Media
Bagless: Yes
Full Bag Indicator: No
Auto Cord Rewind: No
LED Headlight: Yes
Brush Type: Motorized
Brushroll Shutoff: Yes
Bumper Type: SG
Color: Silver/Black
Brushed Edge Cleaning: No
Handle: Grip
Height Adjustment: 4
Hose Type: S
Nozzle Type: WT
Ready to Use Hose: Yes
Swivel Casters: No
Crevice Tool: Yes
On Board Tools: Yes
Replaceable Filter: Yes
Upholstery Brush: Yes
Wand: Yes
Dusting Brush: Yes
Cleaner Dimensions
Width: 13 9/10"
Length: 15 9/10"
Height: 43 1/2"
Cord Length: 40 ft.
Hose Length: 96"
Nozzle Width: 14"
Product Hand Weight: 21 3/5 lbs
Product Working Weight: 19 lbs
  • Removes More Dirt
  • In one pass,the Hoover Platinum Collection Cyclonic Bagless Upright removes more dirt from carpet than other bagless & cyclonic vacuums, so you can efficiently achieve the clean results you expect in fewer passes.
  • Windtunnel Technology
  • Hoover's patented Windtunnel Technology features three distinct air tunnels to lift and remove dirt from carpets. Windtunnel Technology prevents dirt from scattering back onto your clean floor, so you can remove dirt in less time
  • No Loss of Suction
  • Multi-stage cyclonic filtration system means that the air going through the filter is cleaner than the air that was pulled into the vacuum so that the filter will stay clean longer, and the vacuum will have no loss of suction when cleaning
  • HEPA Media
  • Filter made with HEPA media. HEPA media traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns, for cleaner air than standard or allergen media
  • Lifetime Filter
  • An easy, integrated reminder tells you when to clean your lifetime washable filter, and automatically registers your next cleaning date.
  • Embedded Dirt Finder
  • Embedded Dirt Finder (EDF)
  • Uses real time sonic technology to tell you when dirt is being removed from your carpet. Once the dirt has been removed from your carpet, the Embedded Dirt Finder indicator turns from red to green, indicating that your carpet is clean.
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Power button located conveniently in the handle, right where it is needed.The push button floor selector adjusts your vacuum to the ideal height setting for maximum cleaning effectiveness
  • Easy Cleaning
  • High intensity LED headlight illuminates your cleaning path
  • Non-marring wheels ensure floors won't get scratched
  • Extra long 40' cord gives you the freedom of uninterrupted cleaning.
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Product Reviews
Rated 3.8 out of 5 by 59 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Buyer Beware I needed a new vacuum and was torn between this vacuum and a dyson. What appealed to me was the long cord, the quiet vacuum, the suction and the washable filters. I decided to go with this vacuum because of the Hoover name. My vacuum is not even 3 years old and all the little things are falling apart on it. I came home one day to find the cord on the floor because the cord wrap had broke. Took it to the repair shop and was charged as this is normal wear and tear. Ok, whatever not gonna break me. Then the rubber bumper which is one piece split and separated from the machine this was covered under warranty and replaced. Then one of the silver hub caps fell off no biggy, vacuum still works. Now the other has fallen off, the cord kinks and now has split. Again vacuum still works no biggy, put a little electric tape on it and just kept on going. Now the comfort grip on the handle is coming apart. I thought to myself this is ridiculous considering the amount of money for this vacuum. I emailed Hoover to be told to take it to a service center. Why? I will have to pay for it considering this will be considered normal wear and tear so they tell me to phone in and talk to customer service who tells me again to take it to a service center and the only thing that may be covered is the cord. All in all the vacuum performance is wonderful if you don't mind picking up the pieces that are constantly falling off the unit. Hoover I expected more from you and next time I wont be going off reputation alone. 1/24/13
Rated 1 out of 5 by You will be disappointed. I lke the way it cleans carpets, but only so-so on bare floors. Only two attachments, and light weight ones at that. No wand extention availble so if you have drapes or spider webs on the ceiling you can't reach them. Also unit is too large to fit under and around furniture, so the lack of an extension for the hose, and a smaller power brush is a very large negative. Apparently the accountants who cut manufacturing costs on this unit never consulted the engineering department about its lack of standard cleaning applications that every home owners uses. For the price and the name I expected a premium Hoover vacumn cleaner, but my older $100.00 Hoover out performed this model, and is built out of more heavy duty and metal parts, with more cleaning tools and a longer hose. I don't advise this unit for anyone who wishes to clean their home. Its like a car with no doors, seats, window glass, or hood or trunk lid. The basis rug cleaning works, but nothing else works properly because of lack of good design. 12/3/12
Rated 5 out of 5 by Working Great after 2 years This Vacuum has been great over the course of the past 2 years. Kept up with regular cleaning of the filters and such it's been a very good vacuum. Just broke the first belt the other day... The parts are hard to come by as i had to order them direct from Hoover but they are reasonably priced so no big deal, slightly inconvenient though. 12/26/12
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love this vacuum!!!! I have a cat and a dog so it is important for me to have a good vacuum. The suction on this thing is great! I love how my carpets look after I;ve vacuumed! They're older carpets but they're brought to life with this vacuum!!! 4/2/12
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Type : Upright
  • Color : Black


  • Usage : Residential
  • Pets : No
  • Allergens : Yes
  • Wet & Dry Surfaces : No
  • Stairs/Multi-Floor : No
  • Steam Cleaner : Yes
  • Dust Bag : No
  • Allergy/HEPA Filter : Yes
  • Swivel Casters : No
  • Corded : Yes
  • Cord Type : Standard
  • Cord Length : 40
  • Flooring : High/Plush Carpet
  • Smooth Floor : No
  • Carpet : Yes
  • Low Carpet : Yes
  • Medium Carpet : Yes
  • High Carpet : Yes
  • High/Plush Carpet : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Efficient : No
  • Carrying Weight : 21 Lbs.
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