Siemens avantGarde TK68E57UC
24 Inch Built-in Coffee System with flavorSwirl Brewing System, Precise Temperature Control, Thermo Block Pressure System, Automatic Cleaning/Descaling and Digital Display


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The Future Moving In
In the fall of 2003, Siemens home appliances became available to U.S. consumers for the first time through Best Buy stores nationwide. Globally, Siemens is one of the major forces in the home appliances industry. Sold in more than 55 countries around the globe, Siemens stands for innovative thinking, precision engineering and pure style to millions of people worldwide.

Siemens is the number one appliance brand in Germany, the number two appliance brand in Europe and the third largest appliance manufacturer worldwide. In the United States, they're just getting started, and they're excited that U.S. consumers appreciate the technological superiority and stylish design of Siemens appliances.

Siemens, the great name in technology, stands for intelligent innovations and consistent orientation toward the future, and a modern approach to the technical features and design of home appliances. Visionary approach and the use of cutting-edge technologies aimed at improved functionality gives rise to pioneering products and solutions that allow the user to perceive and experience progress in a fascinating manner.

Home appliances from Siemens are characterized by clear, functional design and optimum precision. Siemens products set standards in the marketplace. They are the result of progressive ideas, a consistent system- and performance-based approach and perfection in the way this is put into practice.

A calm, rational morning. Brought to you by the Siemens avantGarde professional-style built-in coffee system.
You can set the timer so that it's ready and waiting when you stumble into the kitchen. You can brew one of 12 sizes, from an espresso to two extra-large coffees. You can choose one of six different coffee strengths. You can steam and froth milk like a professional barista. You can set the temperature to exactly the temperature you want, from I-need-to-suck-the-whole-thing-down-right-now, all the way up to if-this-were-a-fast-food-restaurant-I-would-sue-myself hot.

And of course, none of this amazing convenience would matter if the coffee didn't taste good. But rest assured, if you wanted to, you could put on an apron, give yourself a bad haircut, play some eclectic music and charge $3.50 a cup. The Siemens flavorSwirl brewing system precision-grinds beans to the perfect consistency with a powerful burr grinder. The grounds and filtered water are then swirled in a patented, pressurized chamber, to extract the maximum amount of richness and subtlety out of every coffee ground. Then, with the push of a single button, the Siemens built-in coffee system rinses residual water out of the pipes, and stands ready to make a fresh-tasting, full-flavored cup of your favorite after-dinner decaf.

Another thing you'll appreciate is the fact that the Siemens built-in coffee system is self-plumbed. That means that even though the avantGarde coffee system is designed to be built into your kitchen cabinets, you don't need a plumber to install it. Easy. And of course, once it is built in, its sophisticated design will enhance your kitchen's design. It's clean, European design at its finest.
flavorSwirl Brewing System: Yes
Precise Temperature Control for Optimum Flavor: Yes
Thermo Block Pressure System: 15 Bar
Automatic Rinsing: Yes
Quiet Operation: Yes
Adjustable Water Hardness: Yes
Programmable Digital Display: Yes
Brewing for One or Two Cups Simultaneously: Yes
Removable Drip Tray: Yes
Removable Grounds Container: Yes
Easy-Fill Removable Water Tank: Yes (60 oz. Capacity)
Automatic Cleaning: Yes
Automatic Descaling: Yes
Choice of Languages: 8
Easily Replaceable Water Filter: Yes
Brewing Cycles Counter: Yes
Separate Chambers for Coffee Beans (14 oz.) and Ground Coffee: Yes
Individual Adjustable Settings for Strength and Size Preference: Yes
Adjustable Coffee Temperature: Yes
Timer Functions: Yes
Time of Day: Yes
Built-In Design: Yes
Stainless Steel Finish: Yes
Power Rating: 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Amps: 16A
Width: 23 3/8"
Depth: 20 1/2"
Height: 18 1/16"
  • Built-in
  • The Siemens coffee system integrates perfectly with built-in Siemens appliances and your kitchen, without taking up a single square inch of counter space.
  • Self-Plumbed
  • Even though it's built in, it doesn't take a plumber to install.
  • It's a single, self-contained, intelligent unit.
  • Easy-to-use Digital Display
  • Automatic Cleaning / Automatic Descaling
  • flavorSwirl Brewing
  • Beans are ground to the perfect consistency.
  • The grounds and filtered water are then swirled in a pressurized chamber, to extract maximum flavor from every coffee ground.
  • Complete Versatility
  • Use ground coffee or beans.
  • Brew one of 12 sizes, from an espresso to two extra-large coffees.
  • Brew to one of six coffee strengths.
  • And steam and froth milk like a pro.
  • Automatic Ease
  • Grind, brew, dispense and clean residual water from the pipes for perfect taste each time, all with the push of a single button.
  • And you need things easy first thing in the morning.
  • Fully Programmable
  • You can pour the beans in the night before, then your coffee can be waiting for you precisely at 6:43 a.m.
  • You might still be late, but at least it won't be your coffee's fault.
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Quick Specs


  • Style : Built-in
  • Control Type : Digital and Knobs
  • Color : Stainless Steel


  • Width : 23 3/8 Inch
  • Depth : 20 1/2 Inch
  • Height : 18 1/16 Inch

Technical Details

  • Amps : 20
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
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