Bosch Evolution 500 Series SHE47C05UC
Full Console Dishwasher with 4 Wash Cycles, Platinum Mid Racks, 24 Hours Delay Start & Silence Rating of 50 dB: Stainless Steel


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First and foremost, a dishwasher needs to get your dishes clean. Really clean. Bosch dishwashers are engineered to perform at the highest levels, to spotlessly remove even the toughest soiling. Think baked-in spinach. At the same time, smart technologies ensure that Bosch power is directed in a way that smartly manages energy and water consumption, and protects delicate items, preserving their brilliant shine wash after wash, year after year.

Bosch dishwashers are the quietest. When in action, it's noise factor, or rather the lack of it, that'll draw your attention. Our dishwashers are the strong, silent type. They outperform your expectations and the competition- constantly earning top rankings from leading consumer publications and test labs worldwide. With a suspended two-pump motor system, vibrations and noise are drastically reduced.

With this beautifully-crafted dishwasher by Bosch, you are not only getting the quietest and most efficient dishwasher on the market, but you are also creating a personal style all your own.
Additionally, the SHE47C0 models, which are available in white, stainless steel and black, include a variety of convenient features to save you time in the kitchen and protect the environment at the same time. The highlighted features of this model are the top rack wash only feature, which lets you conserve water and energy, as well as the 24-hour delay start, which lets you program exactly when you want your cycle to run, even if you are not home to manually start it yourself.

In addition, Bosch Evolution 500 Series Dishwashers are recognized for their quality manufacturing and are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
Overall Width: 23 9/16"
Overall Height: 33 7/8" min. adjusts to 35"
Overall Depth: 22 7/16"
Control Height: 3.25 in.
Core Features
Stainless Steel TALLTUB: Yes
Two-Pump Motor System: Yes
Suspension Motor: Yes
Triple Filtration System: Yes
Flow-Through Water Heater: Yes
Five-Level Wash: Yes
Condensation Drying: Yes
Extra Tall Item Sprinkler: Yes
Nylon Coated Racks: Yes
NSF Certified Units and Cycles: Yes
Electronic Controls: Yes
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
Silence Rating
dB: 50 dB
Wash Cycles
Wash Cycles: 4
Power Scrub Plus (161°F): Yes
Scrub Wash (150°F): No
Regular Wash (140°F): Yes
Auto Wash (SENSOTRONIC) (120°/135°F): Yes
Delicate/Economy Wash (120°F): No
Quick Wash (104°F): Yes
Rinse & Hold: No
Auto Super Wash (APEXX) (150°/161°F): No
Auto Wash (APEXX) (120°/135°F): No
Auto Delicate Wash (APEXX) (110°/120°F): No
Extreme Wash (161°F): No
Glass Care (120°F): No
Enviro Wash (120°F): No
Wash Options
Wash Options: 1
Top Rack Only: Yes
Pre-Soak: N/A
Delay Start: 24 Hours
Optimizer: N/A
Wash System
Flow-Control: No
Upper Rack
Upper Rack: Mid
Adjustability: Manual
Flip Tines: 2 Half Flip-Down Rows
Cup Shelf: 2
Lower Rack
Lower Rack: Mid
Flip Tines: 4 Half Flip-Down Rows
Silverware Basket: Flexible
Silverware Basket Cover: Yes
Mezzanine Rack: No
Multi-Function LED: Yes
Multi-Function Text LCD Display (Top): No
Multi-Function Text LCD Display (Front): No
Remaining Time: Yes
Program Sequence Indicator: Yes
Program Status Light (INFOLIGHT): No
Sanitized Indicator Light: Yes
Rinse Aid Indicator Light: Yes
  • Suspension Motor
  • The more isolated a motor is, the less its vibrations can be transferred.
  • So the two-pump motor is suspended to help absorb and minimize any vibration and noise, letting you enjoy your time in the kitchen whether the dishwasher is running or not.
  • Flow-Through Water Heater
  • In traditional heating elements, water falls randomly onto a coil, which warms it inefficiently and creates a hazard.
  • By passing it through a heating chamber instead, Bosch allows the water to reach temperatures of up to 161°F safely and quickly.
  • This means you can place plastic items in the bottom rack without fear of melting or damage.
  • Condensation Drying
  • Unlike other drying systems that use unclean air from the kitchen's back wall, Bosch uses the residual heat from the warm water inside its tub.
  • A sanitizing temperature of 161°F leaves residual heat in the tub, creating condensation along the cooler wall.
  • The condensation is then drained so you'll never have to release steam into the kitchen.
  • NSF Certified Units and Cycles
  • This protocol establishes guidelines to determine sanitization and cleaning performance of residential spray-type dishwashers.
  • It includes minimum requirements to ensure that these machines will deliver wash water, detergent, and rinse water, which will render dishes, glasses, and utensils clean and sanitized.
  • The following Bosch wash cycles are NSF approved:
  • Power Scrub Plus
  • Scrub Wash
  • Regular Wash
  • Delicate/Economy Wash
  • Auto Super Wash
  • Auto Delicate Wash
  • Extreme Wash
  • Enviro Wash
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified and NSF Certified
  • Proving once again that Bosch is committed to efficiency, all of our dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • They also boast NSF certification for 9 out of 12 wash cycles, ensuring your dishes are 99.99% bacteria free at the end of each cycle.
  • An advanced scanning eye examines the level of soil in the wash water and automatically deletes a secondary fresh-water fill if not needed, saving you time and money while cutting energy usage by 20%.
  • An industry exclusive, SENSOTRONIC2 adds a second sensor that examines the levels of particles in the water and adjusts the water temperature and length of your wash cycle for optimal results every time.
  • Two-Pump Motor System
  • By using two small pumps to individually wash and drain instead of a single large one, vibration and noise are dramatically reduced.
  • Smaller parts and a more contained motion contribute an important part to our sound-reduction system, leaving you amazed that it's even on.
  • Extra Tall Item Sprinkler
  • Handwashing large items becomes a thing of the past thanks to this handy innovation.
  • Simply remove the top rack and place you serving platters, baking trays, hood filters and refrigerator shelves up to 22" high in the bottom rack.
  • Start the machine and the sprinkler evenly distributes water across every large item, for sparkling-clean results every time.
  • Simply select the AUTOWASH program and the dishwasher uses its SENSOTRONIC scanning eye to analyze the soil level of your dishes and adjust the wash temperature between 130 and 150 degrees.
  • Analyzing the clarity of the wash water, the sensor system also determines whether or not a second fresh water cycle is needed.
  • Ensuring your dishes get clean while avoiding unnecessary refills to conserve water- the earth's most precious resource.
  • Multiple sensors automatically detect the presence of a rinse agent and measure the level in the dispenser, automatically adjusting the final temperature and wash cycle for spotless drying results with each wash.
  • Stainless Steel TALLTUB
  • Provides you with an extremely efficient use of space.
  • Top and bottom racks can be adjusted for improved clearance, and if you remove the top rack altogether, you're left with an incredible 22" of usable space.
  • Top Rack Only
  • Perfect for times when you don\'t have time for a full load.
  • And because the tub is so tall, you can practically put anything up here, including dishes, stemware and silverware.
  • This convenient feature saves you water and energy, too.
  • This simple device, once activated, prevents children from opening the dishwasher door while allowing easy access for adults.
  • All Bosch dishwashers feature PERFECTDOOR, which stays in a fixed position whenever it is opened more than 10°.
  • This ingenious design automatically closes the dishwasher door in a smooth, silent motion once it is less than 10° from vertical, without any user intervention.
  • 8"/10" Top Rack Clearance
  • 14"/12" Bottom Rack Clearance
  • 22" Usable space with Top Rack removed
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 15A
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Type : Built In
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Accepts Panels : No


  • Width : 23 9/16 Inch
  • Depth : 22 7/16 Inch
  • Height : 33 7/8 Inch


  • Control Type : Digital
  • Electronic Display : Yes
  • Control Style : Full Console
  • Child Lock : Yes
  • Adjustable Upper Rack : Yes
  • Fold-Down Tines : Yes
  • Rack Material : Nylon
  • Cutlery Tray : No
  • Tall Tub : Yes
  • Stainless Interior : Yes
  • Number of Spray Arms : 2
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser : Yes
  • Water Filtration : Yes
  • Water Heating : Yes

Wash Features

  • Cycles : 4
  • Temperature Settings : 5
  • Delay Start : Yes
  • Dry Type : Heated
  • Hard Food Disposer : No
  • High Temperature Wash : Yes
  • NSF Certified Rinse : Yes
  • Quick Wash Setting : Yes
  • China/Crystal Setting : No
  • Sensor Clean : Yes
  • Heavy Duty Wash : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Star Rated : Yes
  • ADA Compliant : No
  • Amps : 15
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
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