Sharp RKOTC120
Optional Accessory Bars


No Longer Available

The Sharp RKOTC120 Accessory Bars for R-1200 and R-1210 Series Over the Counter Microwaves mount underneath your over-the-counter microwave oven and provide an easy and stylish place to hang your utensils and cookware. The Sharp RKOTC120 Accessory Bars set comes complete with 2 bars and 8 stainless steel hooks for hanging your utensils underneath any Sharp over the counter microwave model R1200, R1201, R1210, R1211, or R1214. Please note that the Sharp RKOTC120 Accessory Bars will only fit these models as they are not designed for other models of Sharp microwave nor the microwaves of other manufacturers.
  • Kit includes 2 bars, 8 hooks, and all hardware needed for installation on Sharp over the counter microwaves models R1200, R1201, R1210, R1211, or R1214.
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