Gaggenau RB491700
36 Inch Built-in Fully Integrated Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with 4 Glass Shelves (1 Height-Adjustable Motorized), 19.6 cu. ft. Capacity, Cool Door/Multi-Flow Air System, Aluminum Door Bins and Ice Maker


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Door Panel Sets with Handle Included


Stainless Steel Door Panel Set with Handles

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Optional Door Handles


Stainless Steel Short Door Handle

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45 Inch Stainless Steel Long Door Handle

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Screen Filter (If Use Of Supplied Water Filter Is Not Necessary)

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Water Filter

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Connecting Kit For Front Panels For Bottom-Freezer (If Panel Doesn't Come In One Piece)

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Stainless Steel Ventilation Grill

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The Difference is Gaggenau
Gaggenau is the world's preeminent brand of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home. Specializing in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, its sleek portfolio includes ovens, modular gas, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators, dishwashers, specialty appliances such as steamers, grills and deep fryers, and the Asian-influenced Teppan Yaki.

Gaggenau stands for exceptional convenience and intuitive operation, just as in professional kitchens. Products contain high-quality, rugged surface finishes, easy to navigate panels and the most durable of materials, including shot-blasted aluminum surfaces that do not show fingerprints and sturdy control knobs that are a pleasure to use.

Professionals know what they want. They desire clear designs and instinctive controls. The professional kitchen exemplifies the belief that form follows function, and this is the model that Gaggenau has developed its design from. Gaggenau kitchens are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and inspiring. The quality of built-in kitchen appliances begins with the design. Gaggenau builds beautiful ovens, elegant dishwashers, ventilators, cooktops and refrigerators that far exceed expectations. With Gaggenau, form truly follows function.

Gaggenau creates small revolutions in design and technology. Explore their full range of home appliances, and discover how their innovative products combine to help you create the ultimate cooking experience.

The New Modular Refrigerator and Freezer Columns From Gaggenau
Modular design supports unique kitchen layout and design choices that allow the creation of a personalized refrigeration system. Fully integrated or visually striking with aluminum or stainless steel doors. The combination options are endless - mix and match, and place the columns anywhere in the kitchen depending on individual needs.

Bottom Freezer (2-Door and 3-Door)
One 36-inch unit with all the sensible technology of two. Refrigerator and freezer are combined in one space but separated with individual compressor units. No air exchange for ideal food storage conditions in both refrigerator and freezer unit. One large door (RB) or French doors (RY) for a grand display. Both with a fully expandable freezer drawer for the full view.
Energy Info
This refrigerator uses 435 kWh/yr and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $46.33.

The estimated yearly operating cost is based on the 2007 national average electricity cost of $.1065 per kWh. Your operating cost will depend on your utility rates and usage.
Type: Bottom-Freezer
Fully Integrated: Yes
Door Hinge: Reversible
Door Panels: Requires Custom Panels
Volume / Energy Efficiency
Cooling Mode: Yes
Freezing Mode: Yes
Fresh Cooling Mode: No
Total Net Volume: 19.6 Cu. Ft.
Daily Energy Consumption per 100 (3.5 Cu. Ft.) of Net Volume: 0.21 kWh
Electronic Temperature Control: Yes
Vacation Mode: Yes
Fresh Cooling Zones with Humidity Control: No
Cooling Zones with Humidity Control: No
Temperature Display: Internal
Automatic Defrosting: Yes
Malfunction Visual Warning Signal: Yes
Malfunction Audible Warning Signal: Yes
Door Open Visual Warning Signal: No
Door Open Audible Warning Signal: Yes
Fast Cooling: Yes
Door Bins with Flap or Sliding Door: 1
Door Bins: 2
Glass Shelves: 4
Drawers: 3
Wine and Champagne Bin: No
Aluminum Door Bins: 3
Fast Freezing: Yes
Storage Time After a Malfunction: 22 Hrs.
Interior Compartments: No
Interior Containers: 2
Interior Ice Cube Trays: 1
Total Connect Load: 5.88 kW
Water Connection Inlet: Yes
Connection Cable Length: 78"
Supply Hose Length: 118"
Total Amps: 15 Amps
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Shipping Weight: 419 Lbs.
Energy Consumption: 1.15 kWh/24 Hrs.
Width: 35 3/4"
Depth: 23 15/16"
Height: 83 3/4"
Cutout Width: 36"
Cutout Depth: 24"
Cutout Height: 84"
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth and keeps the refrigerator naturally hygienic, just like in a professional kitchen.
  • Cool Door System
  • A cold air channel behind the door racks ensures that food items on these racks are stored at the same temperature as in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Motorized Glass Shelf
  • A push of a button moves the motorized shelf to the desired height, even when fully loaded, thus making reorganizing the refrigerator comparment easy and time-efficient.
  • New Lighting System
  • Upper halogen spotlights and two halogen light pillars fully illuminate the interior.
  • Multi-Flow Air System
  • A continuous flow of air running along the interior back wall provides an even distribution of air and ensures equal temperature levels on all shelves.
  • Doors Open to a 115-Degree Angle
  • Allowing to completely pull out all drawers for easy access to stored items.
  • Individual Compressors and Evaporators
  • Each column features an evaporator and compressor.
  • The individual columns operate independently, without air exchange, preventing odor transfer.
  • The independent operation creates perfect temperatures - the refrigerator is not cooled by the freezer air - and maintains perfect humidity levels to keep vegetables and fruit crisp and fresh longer.
  • Gaggenau-Exclusive Heavy Load Door Hinge
  • Holds up to 220 lbs. of door weight.
  • Heavy door panels are easy to install with the unique door installation technique.
  • Aluminum Door Bins
  • These adjustable bins offer plenty of storage space and have a variety of uses.
  • They are made of solid, anodised aluminum, which is particulary hygienic and easy to clean, as well as preventing odor transfer from food.
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • With more precise temperature control, food can be stored longer.
  • The keypad with digital temperature display is used for all settings, including special functions.
  • Fast Freezing
  • This maximum power setting reduces the extent to which already frozen items warm up when unfrozen items are added to the compartment.
  • What's more, fast freezing has a beneficial effect on the durability and quality of the frozen food after thawing.
  • The cell structures of frozen foods are not destroyed, and taste and freshness are preserved.
  • The appliance automatically returns to normal operation.
  • Fast Cooling
  • Similar in function and effect to the fast freezing system.
  • Automatic quick-chilling gives maximum chilling power, thus helping to prevent warming of items already stored when new items are placed in the refrigerator.
  • The appliance automatically returns to normal operation.
  • Storage Time After a Malfunction
  • The time in which the temperature in a fully loaded freezer compartment takes to rise to 61°F.
  • When the compartments are not fully loaded, shorter times apply
  • Vacation Mode for Refrigerators
  • This energy-saving program is for when food needs to remain safely refrigerated and frozen while you are away for long periods.
  • At this setting, defrosting is less fequent than normal, which saves both energy and costs.
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Type : Built In
  • Style : Bottom Freezer
  • Size : Full Size
  • Door Style : One Door
  • Counter-Depth : Yes
  • Glass Door : No
  • Undercounter : No
  • Hinge Side : Right
  • Reversible Doors : Yes
  • Door Finish : Smooth
  • Accepts Custom Panels : Yes
  • Door Color : Panel Ready
  • Cabinet Color : Black


  • Refrigerator Capacity : 14.2 Cu. Ft.
  • Freezer Capacity : 5.4 Cu. Ft.
  • Total Capacity : 19.6 Cu. Ft.


  • Width : 35 3/4 Inch
  • Depth : 23 15/16 Inch
  • Height : 83 3/4 Inch

Refrigerator Features

  • Type of Shelves : Glass
  • No. of Shelves : 4
  • Slide-out Shelves : No
  • Spill Safe Shelves : No
  • Cantilever Shelves : Yes
  • Split Shelves : Yes
  • No. of Door Bins : 2
  • Adjustable Door Bins : Yes
  • Gallon Door Storage : Yes
  • Humidity Controlled Crispers : 0

Freezer Features

  • Defrost : Automatic
  • Ice Maker : Yes
  • Ice Dispenser : No
  • Quick Freeze : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Star Rated : Yes
  • CEE Rating : Tier I
  • Approved for Commercial Use : No
  • Approved for Outdoor Use : No
  • Amps : 15
  • Voltage : 120 Volts


  • Digital Temperature Control : Yes
  • Sabbath Mode : No
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