8,150 Electric Heat BTU 230/208 Volt 15 Amp Line Cord Power Connection Kit

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Power connection kits are required on all Zoneline chassis

The correct kit for the installation is determined by the voltage and amperage of the electrical circuit and the means of connecting the unit to the building wiring. If the unit is to be plugged into a receptacle, a line cord kit would be used; if the unit is to be permanently connected, a permanent connection kit would be used.

Each line cord kit has an integral Leakage Current Detection and Interruption (LCDI) or Arc Fault Current Interrupter (AFCI) device as required by National Electrical Code (NEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for units manufactured after August 1, 2004.

Units connected through sub-base do not require an LCDI or AFCI device since they are not considered to be line-cord-connected.

Junction box for 230/208-volt chassis must be purchased separately - RAK4002B
Weights & Dimensions
Approximate Shipping Weight: 2 lb
Net Weight: 1 lb
230/208-Volt LCDI Power Connection Kit
Electric Heat BTUH: 8,150/7,900
Electric Heater Watts: 2,400/2,320
Electric Heat Amps: 11.0/11.6
Min. Circuit Protection: 15 Amps
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