Amana DigiSmart PTH073G25AXXX
7,600 BTU Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with 6,800 BTU Heat Pump, 2.5 kW Electric Heat Backup, 11.7 EER, 1.7 Pts/Hr Dehumidification and 230/208 Volts

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Amana PTH073G25AXXX

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Amana - An Industry-Leading Brand
From the beginning, every Amana brand product has been made with the same core philosophy: to provide their customers with high-quality products that are reliable, meet their needs, and last longer than the rest. And they keep that philosophy firmly in mind as they build their industry-leading Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and other heating and cooling products. Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry or provide assisted living services, Amana brand PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, while helping you to create the best environmental experience possible for your customer. Keeping these promises is top-priority through all stages of the production of Amana brand PTACs, from idea development through to finished product production. While they update the look of their Amana brand PTACs periodically, the components and internal assembly represent the result of a gradual evolution from the first Amana brand PTAC manufactured over 30 years ago. They focus on continual product improvement; the only new product concepts that make the cut are those that deliver valuable customer benefits. Available at AJ Madison.

How to Choose a Room Air Conditioner
Compared to large capacity central units, room air conditioners have several advantages. The initial cost of a room air conditioning unit is significantly lower than the cost of central air. Because room air conditioners are designed for cooling small spaces, operating costs are reduced. And, room air conditioners can provide personalized temperature and humidity controls that central systems cannot.

Calculating Cooling Capacity
Cooling capacity is the critical factor in properly selecting a room air conditioner. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and typical models will range in capacity from 5,000 BTUs to 28,500 BTUs.

Choosing an undersized unit will overwork the unit and it will not cool properly. Choosing an oversized unit will cost more to buy and operate and it will not dehumidify properly.

We can help you to calculate capacity. Be prepared to provide specific information on:
  • Room Dimensions
  • A simple floor plan to show the location of doors and north-facing windows
  • The number of people it will serve
  • Sources of heat such as lamps, TV and appliances
  • An explanation of what's above the intended room
  • Your insulation provisions

Cooling Capacity by Room Size
Measure the length and width of the area to be cooled. Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage or square meters. When cooling rooms with uninsulated ceilings, great rooms, or southern or western sun exposures - step up to the next BTU size.

Room SizeBTU
Sq. Ft.Sq. m
15014 up to 5,000
16515 5,200
Energy Info
This air conditioner has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 11.7 and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $54.03.

Your operating costs will depend on your utility rates and use. The estimated yearly operating cost is based on the 2011 national average cost of $.1109 cents per kWh for electricity and an estimated number of operating hours of 750 hours.

For more information, visit
Voltage: 230/208 Volts
Capacity: 7,600 BTU/h
Amps: 3.9 Amps
Watts: 650 Watts
EER: 11.7/11.7
Min. Circuit Amps: 4.7 Amps
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - High: 340 CFM
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - Low: 245 CFM
CFM (Dry Coil) - High: 370 CFM
CFM (Dry Coil) - Low: 270 CFM
Ventilated Air, CFM (Fan Only): 65 CFM
Ventilated Air, CFM (Comp and Fan): 40 CFM
Dehumidification: 1.7 Pints/Hr.
Electric Heat Performance
Electric Heater Size: 2.5 kW
No. Of Stages: 1
Nominal Heating: 8,500/6,800 BTU/h
Total Watts: 2,570/2,115 Watts
Total Amps: 11.2/10.1 Amps
Min. Circuit Ampacity: 14.1 Amps
MOD: 15 Amps
Power Cord: 6-15P
Reverse-Cycle Performance
Heating Capacity: 6,800/6,800 BTU/h
Amps: 3.9 Amps
Watts: 585/570 Watts
COP: 3.4/3.5
CFM (Dry): 370 CFM
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 42"
Overall Width - Chassis: 40"
Overall Depth: 21 1/2"
Overall Depth - Wall Sleeve: 14 1/8"
Overall Height: 16 1/16"
Net Weight: 108.0 Lbs.
Ship Weight: 123.0 Lbs.
  • 7,600 BTU/h Capacity
  • 6,800 BTU/h Capacity Heat Pump
  • 2.5 kW Electric Heater
  • 11.7 EER
  • 3.5 COP
  • Equipped with DigiSmart Control
  • New, Quiet Indoor Tangential Fan
  • Fits Standard Wall Sleeve
  • Pull-Out Filter For Easy Cleaning
  • 5 Years Parts Limited Warranty
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Width : 42 Inch
  • Depth : 21 1/2 Inch
  • Height : 16 1/16 Inch


  • Type : Wall
  • Chassis Type : Thru the Wall
  • Wall Sleeve Included : No
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU) : 7,600 BTU
  • Maximum Cooling Amps : 3.9 Amps
  • Maximum Cooling Watts : 650 Watts
  • Heating Capacity (BTU) : 6,800 BTU
  • Maximum Heating Amps : 3.9 Amps
  • Maximum Heating Watts : 585 Watts
  • Heat : Heat Pump with Electric Heat Backup
  • CFM Room Circulation : 370 CFM
  • Energy Efficiency Rating : 11.7
  • Control Type : Digital
  • Remote Control Included : No
  • PTAC : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Star Rated : No
  • ADA Compliant : No
  • Plug Type : 6-15P
  • Voltage : 230/208 Volts
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