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Maytag Neptune Series MCE8000AYW

34" Electric Drying Center with 7.3 Cu. Ft., 4 Dry Cycles and BreezeCare Drying System: White


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Extended Warranties

Extended Warranty
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Appliance Warranty Plan: This Plan is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty and may be sold when purchasing qualifying appliances. This Plan provides in-home service. Coverage only applies to Products used non-commercially, unless a Commercial Service Agreement has also been purchased. Accessories and/or add-on options purchased separately and not essential to the basic function of the Product are not eligible for coverage.

Extended Warranty: New Leaf ServicePRO Service Plan provides additional coverage from the end of the manufacturer's warranty. This plan is an economical way to extend the terms of your product's manufacturer's parts and labor warranty. By purchasing a New Leaf ServicePRO Service Plan, you won't have to hassle with unexpected repair bills.

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  • In-Home Repair
  • Repair or Replace Promise
  • No Deductibles or Hidden Charges - 100% Coverage of Parts and Labor
  • Plan is Transferable
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  • Multiple Repair Safeguard
  • Food Loss Protection
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Up to $250 Laundry Reimbursement

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1 Year Extension Warranty for a Single Appliance Under $1,500 remove plan $49.00
2 Year Extension Warranty for a Single Appliance Under $1,500 remove plan $99.00
3 Year Extension Warranty for a Single Appliance Under $1,500 remove plan $159.00
3 Year Date Of Delivery Warranty for a Single Appliance Under $1,500 remove plan $79.00
5 Year Date Of Delivery Warranty for a Single Appliance Under $1,500 remove plan $169.00
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27" Pedestal Designed For All Neptune Washers and Dryers: White

(MAL1800AXW) preview
+ $268.00 
The Neptune® Drying Center combines a 7.0 cu. ft. dryer with a unique 17.3 cu. ft. drying cabinet on top that gently dries, prevents shrinkage, reduces wrinkles, eliminates clutter, and saves time. You get a tumble dryer as well as the new upper drying cabinet featuring a revolutionary gentle drying system that helps reduce shrinkage and damage. New drying technology helps eliminate the unavoidable shrinkage that occurs from tumble-drying. So after drying, your favorite clothes still fit.
Width: 33 1/2"
Height: 74"
Depth: 29"
Upper Motor: 65W, 120-Volt, 60Hz, Single-Phased, Thermoprotected against overload, Automatic reset
Lower Motor: 245W, 120-volt, 60Hz, Single-Phased, Thermoprotected against overload, Automatic reset
Upper Heating Element: Tubular Heater, 1,200W, 10A
Tumble Dryer Heating Element: Open Coil
Electrical Rating: 240-Volt, AC, 60 Hz
Fuse Requirements: 30A
Leveling Legs: Adjustable
Weights (Crated/Uncrated): 273 lbs./241 lbs.
Upper Drying Cabinet Features
Capacity: 17.3 Cu. Ft.
Controls: LED
BreezeCare Drying System: Yes
Dry Clothes Cycle: Yes
Refresh Cycle: Yes
Low Temperature: Yes
Extra-Low Temperature: Yes
Wrinkle Release Option: Yes
Remove Odor Option: Yes
Add Fragrance Option: Yes
Time Remaining Indicator: Yes
Cycle Status Indicator: Yes
Adjustable Time: Yes
WrinkleRelease Rod: Yes
Removable Mesh Shelves: 5
ShapeSaver Hangers: 3
Accessory Door Hooks: 4
Dryer Sheet Caddy: Yes
Water Bottle: Yes
Interior Cabinet Light: Yes
Shelf Storage Hanger: Yes
End-of-Cycle Signal: Adjustable
Tumble Dryer Features
Capacity: 7.0 Cu. Ft.
Controls: LED
GentleBreeze Drying System: Yes
IntelliDry Dryness Control: Yes
Temperature Settings: 4
Sensor Dry Cycle: Yes
Time Dry Cycle: Yes
Air Fluff Cycle: Yes
Wrinkle Release Cycle: Yes
Wrinkle Prevent Option: Yes
Damp Dry Signal: Yes
Time Remaining Indicator: Yes
Cycle Status Indicator: Yes
End-of-Cycle Signal: Adjustable
Reversible Door: Yes
High-Capacity Blower: Yes
Drum Light: Yes
DuraCushion Dryer Drum: Yes
Electric Dryer Venting Directions: 2
Sound Package: EQ Plus
  • Upper Drying Cabinet
  • BreezeCare™ Drying System - air circulates around and through every item; gentle temperatures are easy on fabrics
  • Dry Clothes Cycle - safely dries special-care items; eliminates shrinkage and damage
  • Refresh Cycle - freshens "dry clean only" items using optimum temperatures, humidity and air circulation
  • Low Temperature - offers a low temperature for gently drying delicate items
  • Extra-Low Temperature - circulates lower-temperature air for extra-gentle drying
  • Wrinkle Release Option - activates steam and Wrinkle Release rod\'s motion to help reduce wrinkles from hanging clothes.
  • Remove Odor Option - grabs and removes odors from clothes by using the right combination of temperature, humidity level and air circulation
  • Add Fragrance Option - circulates air through the Dryer Sheet Caddy; just use your favorite dryer sheet
  • LED Controls - activate easily with the touch of a finger
  • Adjustable End-Of-Cycle Chime - alerts you when the cycle is complete
  • Time Remaining Indicator - tells you when the cycle will end
  • Cycle Status indicator - shows at-a-glance status of your load
  • Adjustable Time - puts you in control of how long you dry your clothes
  • 17.3 cu. ft. capacity - dries or refreshes up to 13 items at once on hangers, shelves and hooks
  • Five removable mesh shelves - for safely flat-drying special-care items; store on the side of cabinet when not in use
  • WrinkleRelease Rod - waves clothes through soft breezes; helps reduce wrinkles from hanging clothes
  • ShapeSaver™ hangers - help eliminate bumps caused by traditional hangers in the shoulders of shirts
  • Interior cabinet light - makes it easy to see everything inside the drying cabinet
  • Accessory hooks - perfect for hanging hats, shoes, lingerie and other small items
  • Upper cabinet liner - seamless, one-piece design offers a smooth finish and long-term protection
  • Full-swing doors - make it easy to load or unload, even when removing clothes from a top-load washer
  • Tumble Dryer
  • GentleBreeze drying system - uses powerful airflow for fast, efficient drying and lower temperatures for gentle care
  • Four cycles - including Sensor Dry, Time Dry, Air Fluff and Wrinkle Release
  • Four temperature settings - improve drying by selecting the appropriate temperature for each load
  • IntelliDry® Dryness Control - dries laundry to the precise moisture level you choose
  • Wrinkle Release Cycle - helps release wrinkles from dry clothes by offering heated tumbling followed by a five-minute cool-down
  • Wrinkle Prevent Option - helps prevent and release wrinkles, so you have less ironing to do
  • Damp Dry Option - automatically stops when clothes are damp; prepares garments for better hang-drying results
  • EQ™ Plus™ Sound-Silencing System - for ultra-quiet performance
  • LED Controls - easy-to-use LED touch-pad controls
  • Adjustable End-Of-Cycle Chime - alerts you when the cycle is complete
  • Time Remaining Indicator - tells you when the cycle will end
  • Cycle Status indicator - shows at-a-glance status of your load
  • Oversize Capacity Plus - 7.0 cu. ft. capacity enables you to dry bigger loads and bulky items like bedspreads and rugs
  • Drum light - makes it easy to see inside the dryer when loading or unloading
  • Four-point cushioned drum suspension - heavy-duty front and rear suspension handles the heaviest loads
  • DuraCushion™ dryer drum - chip- and scratch-resistant and withstands a lifetime of tumbling
  • Backed by the Dependable Performance Warranty
  • Priority One Service - toll-free assistance and priority service scheduling
  • Reversible door - puts the door opening where you want it for optimum accessibility
Product Reviews
Rated 2.6 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fantastic This has been the best investment ever made in an appliance. The upper cabinet dries our clothes without the damage done in a normal dryer. 12/18/09
Rated 1 out of 5 by stay away Top portion is useless. A standard dryer with a tray (or rake) will do the same thing. Top dryer is not vented. Mine is about 3 years old and the control board needs to be replaced. Controls are touch pads and the paint has worn off the buttons that I use most. Lint filter is too small for the size of the bottom dryer and therefore needs to be cleaned often as well as the vent line which fills with lint. 8/6/10
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Dryer Ever! I love this dryer. I would recommend it to anyone that has the room for it. Does thing no other dryer can do! 9/25/10
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor choice To use the upper cabinet it takes 3.5-4.5 hours! My dryer is less than 6 years old and now the heating element does not work. There is no solution, as Maytag no longer makes this product!! SO frustrating. Will never buy Maytag/Kitcheaid/Whirlpool again. (They change names every other day!) 4/10/11
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