Hoover FH50220

Carpet Cleaner with 10 Amp Power, MaxExtract Technology, DualV Nozzle, SpinScrub 60, Heated Cleaning and Auto Conversion Tools


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The Hoover story begins in 1907. Murray Spangler, an inventor who worked nights as a janitor, had an asthma problem. He called upon his inventor's creativity to find a solution to the dust that aggravated his asthma as he swept up at night. Spangler gathered a tin soap box, a fan, a sateen pillow case and a broom handle, and assembled an odd-looking, cumbersome contraption that managed to pull the dust away from the air he breathed. He quickly realized that this "suction sweeper," as he called it, had enormous sales potential, and he began seeking financial backing. W.H. "Boss" Hoover, owner of a leather goods manufacturing shop, bought the patent from Spangler in 1908, retained him as a partner, and soon had six employees assembling six units a day in a corner of the leather goods shop. Now that's a humble beginning.

This MaxExtract deep cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean carpets and rugs. This easy-to-use machine removes water, dirt and grime with pressurized cleaning, and has heated drying for a fast dry time. Features a double chamber nozzle to power wash surfaces with even suction across a wide path, while the automatic detergent system provides the right ratio of detergent and water for the best cleaning results. Patented Hoover SpinScrub brushes gently loosen dirt and clean all sides of carpet and upholstery fibers, with an adjustable speed control for various floor surfaces, including a Spill Pick-Up mode so you don't scrub in spills.
Detergent Mix: Yes
Heated Cleaning: Yes
Premier Product: Yes
Product Family: Max Extract
Motor Amps: 10 Amps
Dual V: Yes
Assembly Required: Screw Driver
Cleaning Solution Included: Yes
On Board Tools: Yes
Upholstery Brush: Yes
Cord Length: 20'
Hose Length: 9'
Nozzle Width: 13"
Clean Water Capacity: 147 Oz
Product (Hand) Weight: 21.85 Lbs
  • MaxExtract DualV Nozzle Technology
  • Pulls up a lot of dirty water so your floors dry fast and you'll be back to living on those deep-cleaned floors quickly.
  • Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning
  • A wall of pressurized water that loosens and lifts stubborn stains with constant and relentless spray.
  • SpinScrub 60
  • Counter-rotating brushes engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle. It's like treating your carpet to a deep, massaging salon shampoo.
  • Heated Cleaning
  • Powerful motor with forced heated air to help speed dry time.
  • Auto Conversion Tools
  • Conveniently positioned where they should be - right at your fingertips.
  • SmartTanks System
  • Separate tanks for clean and dirty water, so you can easily fill, empty and rinse each tank individually!
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Product Reviews
Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 349 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth the Investment! Love the Max Extract® 60 Pressure Pro™ Carpet Deep Cleaner! Cleaning the carpets is a breeze and I no longer have to run out and rent a steam cleaner when we have company coming over. Setting up the MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner was very easy and only consisted of taking out a screw, placing the handle in the slot, and placing the screw back in. After wrapping up the hose neatly, the MaxExtract60 was ready to use, just add water and solution. The carpet cleaner is easy to handle and use. The SpinScrub® brushes gently loosen the dirt from all angles of the carpet and the forced hot air helps to quickly dry the carpet. There is nothing worse than having wet carpets all day and trying to keep the kiddos off of them. When you are finished washing your carpet or you run out of clean water, the dirty water tank is fully removable, and can easily be poured. It has a large opening to allow you to easily clean it. If you still have areas that need to be cleaned you simply fill up the clean water tank and add more solution if needed and continue cleaning the carpets. It is a little bulky to store, but the clean results and not having to run to the store everytime to rent a steam cleaner is worth it. I was surprised how clean the Max Extract® 60 left our carpet and area rugs, they all look brand new besides one little mark that I was unable to get out that has been there for years. It is so nice to be able to grab the carpet cleaner from the closet then having to run to a store to rent one. Well worth the investment. If you are looking for a durable and affordable carpet cleaner to clean up those accidental spills or dirt and grime from the bottom of your shoes, you should definitely look into the Max Extract® 60. I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. 8/14/12
Rated 5 out of 5 Awesome Cleaner! We had an older Hoover carpet cleaner and while it worked good, there were things we just didn't like. When we got our Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner, we immediately noticed a difference in weight. The Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner is lighter and easier to push back and forth. We also love the longer hose and especially the separated tank. A small tank within the water tank holds the cleaner allowing you the option of rinsing the carpet before or after you clean. The clean/dirty tanks are also so much easier to remove. The dirty water tank slides in and out easily, without extra latching. The only thing we don't care for, and it's minor in our opinion, is the dirty water tank can leak as you're emptying it. If you're careful, it's not bad but you do have to be aware not to tip it otherwise it will run out. Overall, we are thrilled with this new model and we'd definitely recommend it! I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. 8/14/12
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better Than The Store Rentals! We have finished 3 rooms in our home so far with the Hoover Max Extract 60 and we love it! The Hoover Max Extract 60 comes assembled in the box. The directions are simple to understand. The Hoover Max Extract 60 comes with a small bottle of carpet cleaner. There is one conflicting direction on the Hoover instruction guide. It tells you to use a certain amount of carpet cleaner and the cleaner bottle tells you another measurement. We went with the carpet cleaner (it used less cleaner) measurement. It is easy to add to the water tank. The smell of the included carpet cleaner is strong though. It may be hard on those in your household that have allergies. We were fine here though. Clicking the tank in and out is quick and simple. Because it is a home carpet cleaner it has a small water tank. You have to change it often. Our bedroom took 3 tanks. The changing of the water will vary depending on how many times you go over the carpet. This did not bother us, because a smaller tank makes it more light weight than renting a machine at the local grocery store. Activating the water/cleaner mix is as easy as the touch of a button on the handle of the Hoover Max Extract 60. The dual nozzle then sucks up the water very efficiently. Though our carpet was damp, we opened the windows and turned on two fans and the carpet was dry in about 6 hours. We recommend going over it with the drying suction more than recommended to allow it to dry more quickly. The Hoover Max Extract 60 works well. The tank of used water was so brown, filled with dirt and hair - it was fascinating and gross all at the same time. That was under our feet - and we vacuum our carpet with a standard vacuum quite often! Be careful when dumping out the dirty water. Keep the tank level or you will spill it. The Hoover Max Extract 60 works just as well as those machines we were renting. We prefer it to those machines though because it is our own. No one else is renting it and using it. We don't have to return it in 24 hours. We are so pleased with our Hoover Max Extract 60 and highly recommend it to anyone with carpet in their home. *I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. 8/14/12
Rated 4 out of 5 by Practical and easy to use! I was very pleased to recieve and use my Hoover MaxExtract 60! Pressure Pro We ripped into the box as quick as possible! The first thing I noticed and really liked was how easy it was to assemble! In less than five minutes and after a quick skim through the instructions we were ready to go! Our carpet had not been cleaned in years! It had been on my mind since our baby began to crawl! There is an unease about letting your child roam dirty floors all day. Now that she is more mobile and hard to keep up with a carpet cleaner was pertinant! There are five of us in our home and we are very active! Our home has several high traffic areas that make us cringe! We started by carefully and thouroughly vacuuming our carpet. I was impressed by how easy the MaxExtract was to maneuver! Even more convinced at its ease in use when my baby became timid and needed to be held while the carpet cleaner was running! With a baby on my hip I took to the living room! I noticed instantly the heat, and felt confident in the scrub action taking place! Two swipes down and Two swipes back up! The nastiest area in our living room was noticeable lighter! The next thing I noticed was the murky water in the extraction tank! Gross! I had thought I vacuumed well, only to be surprised by the level of dirt and debris the MaxExtract 60 picked up despite my best effort in vacuuming! It felt victorious! One of the most important and key factors for us was dry time! No one likes wet carpet for days! Our carpets were noticeable brighter and dry within just a few hours! We also really liked that we could use the MaxExtract 60 on the messy backseat of mom's car! There was only one thing we did not feel was favorable, and that was the amount of cleaner needed. My Hoover MaxExtract came with a concentrated bottle of shampoo that was gone very quickly. However, this did not change our overall impression of the MaxExtract 60! We still love it and as we figure out, and use it more, I am open to the possibility of human error when it came to the quick dispersal of the shampoo! If you have an active family, and a tornado toddler this carpet cleaner is a must! It fit easily in our living room closet where it is readily available for all the thrills and spills of life! I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. 8/14/12
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Type : Upright
  • Color : Blue


  • Usage : Residential
  • Pets : Yes
  • Allergens : No
  • Wet & Dry Surfaces : Yes
  • Stairs/Multi-Floor : Yes
  • Steam Cleaner : No
  • Dust Bag : No
  • Allergy/HEPA Filter : No
  • Swivel Handle : No
  • Swivel Casters : No
  • Corded : Yes
  • Cord Type : Standard
  • Cord Length : 20
  • Flooring : Multi-floor
  • Smooth Floor : Yes
  • Carpet : Yes
  • Low Carpet : Yes
  • Medium Carpet : Yes
  • High Carpet : Yes
  • High/Plush Carpet : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Efficient : No
  • Carrying Weight : 21.85 Lbs.
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