GE Zoneline Deluxe Series AZ61H07DAC
7,200 BTU Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with 6,400 BTU Heat Pump, 13.2 EER, R-410A Refrigerant, Reverse Cycle Heat and Electronic 7-Step Temperature Limiting


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Additional Options

1. Wall Sleeve Options


Insulated Heavy-Gauge Galvanized Steel Wall Case

(RAB71A) (required) preview
+ $101.00 

Molded SMC Fiberglass-Reinforced Polyester Compound Wall Case

(RAB77A4) (required) preview
+ $110.00 

2. Grille Options


Extruded Aluminum Architectural Outdoor Grille

(RAG67) (required) preview
+ $81.00 

Exterior Architectural Louvers Durable Polycarbonate: Bittersweet

(RAG63) (required) preview
+ $60.00 

Exterior Architectural Louvers Durable Polycarbonate: Maple

(RAG62) (required) preview
+ $60.00 

Exterior Architectural Louvers Durable Polycarbonate: Beige

(RAG61) (required) preview
+ $60.00 

Stamped Aluminum Exterior Rear Grille

(RAG60) (required) preview
+ $24.00 

3. Power Connection Kits


16,000 Electric Heat BTU 230/208 Volt 30 Amp Line Cord Power Connection Kit

(RAK3303A) preview
+ $39.00 

11,200 Electric Heat BTU 230/208 Volt 20 Amp Line Cord Power Connection Kit

(RAK3203A) preview
+ $39.00 

8,150 Electric Heat BTU 230/208 Volt 15 Amp Line Cord Power Connection Kit

(RAK3153A) preview
+ $41.00 

4. Sub-Base Connection Kits


16,000 Electric Heat BTU 230/208 Volt 30 Amp Sub-Base Power Connection Kit

(RAK204D30P) preview
+ $112.00 

5. Retrofit Kits


Air Deflector Kit

(RAK40) preview
+ $15.00 
GE Consumer and Industrial spans the globe as an industry leader in major appliance, lighting and integrated industrial equipment systems and services. They provide solutions for commercial, industrial and residential use in more than 100 countries which uses innovative technologies and "ecomagination." It's a GE initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that help customers and consumers meet pressing environmental challenges to deliver comfort, convenience and electrical protection and control. GE brings imagination to work. Available at AJ Madison.

Selecting a GE air conditioner is not only good for the occupant and guests, it's a decision that will leave you resting comfortably as well. All GE air conditioners are engineered to give many years of dependable service with a full complement of standard features and a variety of exclusive GE features. They're designed for hassle-free installation and easy maintenance.

How to Choose a Room Air Conditioner
Compared to large capacity central units, room air conditioners have several advantages. The initial cost of a room air conditioning unit is significantly lower than the cost of central air. Because room air conditioners are designed for cooling small spaces, operating costs are reduced. And, room air conditioners can provide personalized temperature and humidity controls that central systems cannot.

Calculating Cooling Capacity
Cooling capacity is the critical factor in properly selecting a room air conditioner. Cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and typical models will range in capacity from 5,000 BTUs to 28,500 BTUs.

Choosing an undersized unit will overwork the unit and it will not cool properly. Choosing an over-sized unit will cost more to buy and operate and it will not dehumidify properly.

We can help you to calculate capacity. Be prepared to provide specific information on:
  • Room Dimensions
  • A simple floor plan to show the location of doors and north-facing windows
  • The number of people it will serve
  • Sources of heat such as lamps, TV and appliances
  • An explanation of what's above the intended room
  • Your insulation provisions

Cooling Capacity by Room Size
Measure the length and width of the area to be cooled. Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage or square meters. Locate the room size in the chart below to select the appropriate BTUs. Then use the product information to select the unit for your room. When cooling rooms with uninsulated ceilings, great rooms, or southern or western sun exposures - step up to the next BTU size.

Room SizeBTU
Sq. Ft.Sq. m
15014 up to 5,000
16515 5,200

Air Conditioner Tips
Air flow - Keep air filters clean. Do not block air flow areas.

Roomside view - J-models feature concealed power cord storage, this eliminates excessive cord exposure when receptacle is located close to unit.

Wall Opening for RAB46/47/48 Cases
A finished opening of 26 1/8" x 15 3/4", clear of intrusions, is required. Keep clearance of 4" from side walls. Brick veneer or frame walls should have wood studding surrounding case to provide firm anchoring with screws. Case can be fastened directly to brick or block walls with screws sunk in lead expansion shields. NOTE: units should be caulked on all four sides of case to the building exterior to assure building integrity.
Energy Info
This air conditioner has an Energy Efficiency Rating of 13.2 and has an estimated yearly operating cost of $45.37.

The estimated yearly operating cost is based on the 2011 national average cost of $.1109 cents per kWh for electricity and an estimated number of operating hours of 750 hours. Your operating cost will depend on your utility rates and usage.
Cooling BTUH (MIN): 7,000 BTU
Cooling BTUH (MAX): 7,200 BTU
Cooling EER (BTUH / Watt): 13.2/13.2
CFM Indoor Fan High: 340 CFM
CFM Indoor Fan Low: 194 CFM
Dehumidification: 1.7 Pts./Hr.
Heating - Reverse Cycle - BTUH: 6,400/6,200 BTU
Vent CFM: 50/40 CFM
Chassis Type: Slide-In
Control Type: Standard Microcomputer
Tactile Touch Pad: Yes with LED Display
Corrosion Treated: Yes
Discharge Grille: 2-Position
Electronic Micro Computer Control: Yes
Fan Cycle Switch: Yes
Fan Motor: 2
Fan Speed Control: Yes
Fan Speed Selections: Hi/Low Cooling; Hi/Low Fan Only; Hi/Low Heating
Filter Type: Rigid Frame; Slide-Out
Heat - Cool: Yes
Louver Style: Reversible
Manual Vent Control: Hidden
Rotary Compressor: Yes
Sound Transmission Class (STC): 29
Temperature Limiting: Electronic 7-Step
Vent Control: 3-Position
Temperature Range: 60° - 85°F
Zoneline Features
Control Door: Yes
Universal Heaters: Yes
Solid State Thermostat: Yes
Indoor Frost Control: Automatic
"Smart Fan" Fan Cycle Control: Yes
Freeze Sentinel: Yes
Heat Sentinel (85°F): Yes
Remote Control Compatibility: Yes
Central Desk Control Compatibility: Yes
Auto Power Recovery: Yes
"Sleep" Mode: Yes
Proportional - Integral ID Airflow: Yes
Random Twist/Length Segment Tangential Blower: Yes
Remote Control Disconnect Kit: Yes
AFCI/LCDI Power Cord: Yes
Weather Protected Electrical Components: Yes
Heat Pump with Resistance Heat Backup: Yes
Heat Pump with Supplemental Resistance Heat: Yes
Emergency Heat: Automatic
Electric Resistance Heat Lockout: Yes
Heat Pump Defrost System: Yes
Quick Heat Recovery: Yes
Self - Diagnostics: Yes
DC Indoor Motor with Phase Control: Yes
Power / Ratings
Cooling - Amperes; F.L. - Cooling: 2.6/2.8
Cooling - Amperes; L.R.: 19.0
Cooling - Watts: 545/530
Heating - Reverse Cycle - COP: 4.0/4.0
Heating - Reverse Cycle - Heater Amps: 2.2/2.4
Heating - Reverse Cycle - Heater Watts: 470/455 (Max. Connected Load)
Power Factor: 50/40
Voltage (MIN): 208V
Voltage (MAX): 230V
Parts Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance; Limited 5-Year Sealed Refrigerating System
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-Year Entire Appliance; Limited 5-Year Sealed Refrigerating System
Warranty Notes: See Written Warranty For Full Details
Dimensions and Weights
Overall Width: 42"
Overall Depth: 13 3/4"
Overall Height: 16"
Overall Width (Excludes Sleeve): 40"
Overall Depth (Excludes Sleeve): 19 13/16"
Overall Height (Excludes Sleeve): 15 1/2"
Net Weight: 100 Lbs.
Approx. Shipping Weight: 115 Lbs.
  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • 7,200/7,000 BTUH Cooling Capacity
  • 13.2/13.2 E.E.R.
  • 6,400/6,200 BTUH (Reverse Cycle Heat)
  • Electronic Touch Controls with LED Display
  • 1.7 Dehumidification (Pts/Hr)
  • 4.0/4.0 Cop
  • 340/194 CFM Indoor Fan (High/Low)
  • 50/40 Vent CFM
  • Electronic 7-Step Temperature Limiting To Prevent Overcooling or Overheating Of Room
  • Heat Sentinel
  • Reverse Cycle Heating
  • 29 Sound Transmission Class (STC)
  • Corrosion Treated
  • Warm Grey Beige
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Quick Specs
Quick Specs


  • Width : 42 Inch
  • Depth : 13 3/4 Inch
  • Height : 16 Inch


  • Type : Wall
  • Chassis Type : Thru the Wall
  • Wall Sleeve Included : No
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU) : 7,200 BTU
  • Maximum Cooling Amps : 2.6 Amps
  • Maximum Cooling Watts : 545 Watts
  • Heating Capacity (BTU) : 6,400 BTU
  • Maximum Heating Amps : 2.2 Amps
  • Maximum Heating Watts : 470 Watts
  • Heat : Heat Pump
  • CFM Room Circulation : 340 CFM
  • Energy Efficiency Rating : 13.2
  • Control Type : Digital
  • Remote Control Included : No
  • PTAC : Yes

Technical Details

  • Energy Star Rated : No
  • ADA Compliant : No
  • Voltage : 230/208 Volts
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