Best ARP6
CFM reducer Kit

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Select 3 1/4" x 10" $35.00
Selected 6" Round $35.00
Select 7" and 8" Round $36.00
Specially designed airflow regulators limit high CFM range hoods to a maximum of less than 300 CFM, complying with most local codes for hood installations without the need for make-up air. As a result, these kits give access to a broader offering of styles and designs within the standard Best line of range hoods without the need for costly add-on systems in the home.
  • 6" Round
  • The individually packaged ARP CFM reducer kits come with
  • A reducer plate
  • Screws
  • Installation instructions
  • Everything you need to make installation effortless!
  • Best hood models tested for use with respective CFM reducer kits.
  • IS170 Series
  • IS23 Series
  • IS241 and BER02IS Series
  • IS502 Series
  • K15 Series
  • K273 Series
  • K29 Series
  • K30 Series
  • K3139 Series
  • K34 Series
  • K3500 Series
  • K41 Series
  • K7388 Series
  • K7788 Series
  • K8087 Series
  • P195IM Series
  • WC23I Series
  • WC26I Series
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