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Two SilKEN Silicone Mats for Induction Cooktops


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Founded in 1931 by Ted Kenyon, Kenyon Appliances began as a small manufacturer of precision instruments for aviation and marine. As business developed in the marine marketplace, the product line expanded to include wind and speed instruments, spars, rigging hardware, refrigeration systems, and finally marine stoves. Concerned about safety at sea, Kenyon led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic electric cooktops for the high seas.

The immense popularity of the ceramic cooktops led to consumer requests for shore side models for use in their homes. Now the same joy and satisfaction known in the finest galleys are enjoyed in homes around the world.

SilKEN Mats
SilKEN silicone Mats are engineered for quick clean up whether on a Kenyon Custom induction cooktop or the induction cooktop of your choice. The SilKEN Mats are a breeze to clean from splatters to boil overs. The silicone mats easily lift up and can be washed in the sink or simply placed in the dishwasher.

SilKEN high gloss Mats are constructed of environmentally friendly cooking grade silicone designed to fit any induction cooktop. Use the mats with any induction cooktop to protect and insulate the cooking surface. The silicone mats grip pots and pans firmly without impeding the cooking process.

SilKEN Mats come in a set and include one 7" (180mm) round mat and one 9 1/2" (241mm) round mat.
Round Mat 1: 7"
Round Mat 2: 9 1/2"
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