Miele 41996081D
STB205-2 Air-driven Turbobrush

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TurboBrush for S500 & S600 Series canisters. The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by air, which is drawn through the head to loosen dirt and to collect any fluff and hair. The buffer strip protects furniture from scuffing and the tool is ideal for cut pile and gives the carpet an excellent finish. Recommended for: Gentle cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap of low- to medium-height pile carpets with lighter densities.
STB205-2 Air-driven Turbobrush for S500 & S600 Series canisters:
  • STB205-2 Air-driven Turbobrush for S500 & S600 Series canisters
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  • Vacuum Type : Canister
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